Jun 25, 2012

well Hi!

hello all. Yes I know it's been over a month since my last post. All sorts of things happened that just didn't allow for me to give blogger any attention. First I got sick, then my son, then we passed it on to hubby as we got better... it was not a good couple of weeks. I was horrid looking. not that you would have seen me.. so I thought I'd do a pictorial representation of me..
So within a few hours I went.....
There WAS rain and lightening in my room.... I swear....
I am now mobile.....
It took a couple of days backing up and reorganising, but I have finally ditched the PC and upgraded to a laptop. It's only a refurbished one, but it's pretty smicko.. and zippy with it's i5 processor. After a bit of an argument with it about my speaker cable.. we finally settled and are working harmoniously together. Poor Hubby has not even opened his up yet.. he is still backing up his GAZILLION hard drives off his old PC.

Meanwhile.... Moby has his winter weight fur and is as fat as a whale. He likes to plonk his enormous bulk down on my friends lap. Especially at night, which, unfortunately is the time when she likes to get all her knitting done.. sometimes he is a little frisky and bats at the wool. One night she was knitting away when all of a sudden she realised the wool was getting really wet and sticky.. she looked down onto her lap and here is Moby fast asleep with the wool threading through his mouth, getting cat slobber all over it! I laughed so much when she told me. 

So my Dad's operation is on Friday. He has to be at the hospital pretty early so I am going to drive them there myself.. and so I can be there waiting with Mum. I think they are getting a little nervous about it. It's a BIG operation. It's supposed to last for 2 - 2 1/2 hours without any complications. He will be in hospital for a week if all goes well. I admit I am getting a little nervous myself. I took my son to see him today... you know.. just in case.. (I don't even want to go there). We haven't heard anything about when Hubby's operation is supposed to be as of yet. At least they weren't scheduled at the same time.  

We have been to another market, to see what it was like.. didn't like it much as it was ridiculously windy. But we did sell a lot of my crochet tea towels.. people love em for some reason... Oh! I've sold a painting! It's one I did of a Lorikeet. I didn't sell it at the market but I showed a pic of it on my phone to my friend and she loved it. I am a selling artist! WOOT WOOT!!!

I've been a bit of a Betty Home Maker lately and have been baking lots of yummy things. Jube lolly biscuits and bread.. 
This was one of them.. fabulous Soy and Linseed Bread.
I also made more of the cute crochet rings. This one I put a nice pearl button in the centre...I think it's my favourite so far..

And this is the Lorikeet painting I did...
Isn't he gorgeous? I wanted to keep him!
sorry about the crap photo..I haven't worked out how to take a good pic of my art yet.. 
Well I think that is it for now.. I did go to a book fair but I'll talk about that another time.. I am sure I have bored you enough. Bye for now, Sprite.