May 20, 2015


Hey everyone.

Well I have good news and not so good news..
The not so good news first.

Hubby had his annual Heart check-up and the results were not good. Basically, without boring you with details, his heart is not doing so well.. we are looking at transplant. He is supposed to be taking it easy..not so simple with the business. Anyway, he took it pretty hard. Freaked him out a bit. And I am freaking out a little as well. But then it wasn't like it was unexpected. Still... it's not nice to have to face reality when you're not ready for it.

My Dad is doing ok. After he and Mum have finally moved into a house they are both a lot happier. And my little sister is living there to now. Not with them, in a place of her own. She is so cute. She was all excited on the phone to me about how she has to budget her money now. LOL.. Welcome to the adult world little sis.

Business is doing pretty good. My little coffee bar is slowly gaining it's regulars. We have customer loyalty cards now. Every 5th cup free. Yes I am that generous.. haha.

I was able to build myself a kick-ass gaming pc and I have re-discovered Skyrim...with MODS! Never thought I'd be a PC gamer, but I am hooked. Oh I still use a controller, so I haven't completely conformed.

Been getting into my art again. When I have time to do it that is. Just a canvas, a tag and a little mixed media book. I will post pics when I can..

I've been thinking of creating a new blog page dedicated to my art work. I have my name registered now, under our corporation, so I need to start promoting. What do you guys think of another blog here on Blogger? It means I will be around here more as well..