May 24, 2012

Good news and Bad news

First the good. Remember my bad tooth? that looked like this:

Well today I went back to the dentist and after some drilling, they were able to tell the cavity wasn't near the pulp so they just filled it for me. YAY! now it looks like this:

Such a load off my mind. Except my mouth is SO numb right now and I am so hungry... all I can eat is soup.. nom nom nom... I have a bit of a drool thing going on, on the right side of my mouth.. it's not pretty. And dang if they aren't a tad on the rough side at this dental clinic.. feel like I got punched in the mouth, my lips feel all bruised. Tried to kiss hubby but I couldn't feel it and all he got was drool.

Now for the bad news. Both my Hubby and Dad are soon to be going in for some major surgery. My Dad is getting an aortic aneurysm removed, and Hubby has to have the AICD put in. Which is an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. Basically it's a mini defibrillator that keeps the heart beating regular. The AICD is one step away from getting a heart transplant. But there is a small chance that once this device is implanted, hubby wont be needing the transplant for a while, and in some cases patients haven't needed a transplant at all. We are not that hopeful though as HUbby's heart is pretty stuffed.

So both Hubby and Dad are just waiting for the operation dates. It's frustrating, not knowing. I want to plan things. Hubby is going to be laid up for a few months, while things settle down. He isn't allowed to do much at all. He can't even lift his arms above his shoulders.

Because of all this, we have to put off our little trip in Anna Cabana for a while.. just until all this is over, and we can get some things done to the car and the caravan.

We have started a little store at the local markets. We are selling bits and pieces we no longer need, and also some new things. I am making a few crochet things and hubby is importing stuff like guitar accessories. So far my crochet tea towels have proved to be very popular. I think people like the nice bright colours I use. I am including some new things next time. I made some vintage look crochet rose rings, and some crochet wriggle book worms for the kids. They are a lot of fun to make and are pretty quick to whip up. I give them big googley eyes to.

How cute are these?!

I love making these cuties :)

I've also done some nice little original paintings to sell. I have taken over the garage and it is now my studio/girl cave... Hubby is not getting it back... MUWHAHAHAHAHAAA...!

Anyway...must go.. try to eat something.. soup time :) And it's starting to hurt like a SOAB.. pain med time...

May 14, 2012

Not your typical mother..

Well my boys know me well. The other day they went off shopping for my Mothers Day present and when I caught up with them later they both seemed very pleased with themselves. 
"It's something you really need" they said.. Slippers? I had no idea.
Anyway, Sunday morning my son comes out holding something I never expected, but totally love! And it's not your typical Mothers Day present, but then I am not a typical mummy..:)....
It's a TOOL BOX!

How cool is it? It's to put all my new leather work tools in it. Not only did I get this box but they also found some little storage containers for the little bits and pieces to go in.. 
That actually fit into the tool box PERFECTLY.. like they were made for it.
As well as all my leather working tools...

Also in the box were my very best favourite chocolates of all time...
white gooey coconutty almondy goodness right there.. oh Yeah.
I also got a giant box of Cadbury Favourites from a friend...mmmm...
Finally, my son loves to hand make my cards, so this is what he came up with this year.. his first attempt at a pop up card.. it is so darned cute...

I hope all Mummy's had a great mothers Day, especially to the "Super" mummy's out there who care for special needs kids. WE ROCK!

May 8, 2012

Meet Anna..

Native bee hive. 

Recently we acquired a new member to our family. Her name is Anna. 
We bought her off a family who didn't want her any more. 

She is an old girl, who has had her share of knocks in her lifetime. But in saying that she is neat and clean and just perfect for our family. 

We took her for a drive the other day and she didn't mind one little bit, happily riding along with us. She is a little cutie and we are all quite smitten with her. 

We are all looking forward to having many happy times with her in years to come.

I know you are all dying to see Anna now, so here she is...

Meet Anna CABANA! 

This is Anna Cabana. (Cabana is the brand of caravan.

Anna all opened out. The white pods on either end are the beds. She has a full annex as well but we didn't put it up at the time I took these photos.
She is parked on my father-in-law block of land at the moment. While we were there I took some photos of his little native bee hive. (He is a bee keeper) These native bees don't sting and they are tiny black things, and so adorable. They were all very busy when I was trying to photograph them. Probably enjoying the nice warm sunny day, and all the clover flowers growing around their hive.

I have also sorted out my medical worries. So I have allergic sinusitis, Vitamin B12 deficiency and a slight liver problem. A couple of these are permanent, but all are treatable. 
So all is good and right in Sprites world again.

May 2, 2012

Recently I have found out that....

.....When life gets you down, wait. It will most likely want to kick you a little more.

I am having a hard time dealing with some news we received yesterday. Let me paint the picture.
I am sick, I also have my period, so I am extremely hormonal at the moment. I have not mentioned this but we recently tried and failed another IVF cycle. Our last attempt at trying for a baby ended in heartbreak. So I am still a little sensitive on the subject. And to rub it in there appears to be a plethora of babies everywhere. It's hard. With every period I have I am thinking I shouldn't be having this, I should be enjoying being pregnant. Growing a new life inside of me. But I was dealing with it in my own time. 
Then the other day I see a facebook friend, who has only just had a baby, is pregnant again with number 6. I am happy for her but my human nature also makes me want to scream. Then yesterday, with the most perfect timing, my horrid sister in law rings to tell us she is pregnant. 5 weeks. I totally lost it. I mean, really lost it. 
I cried so hard and so much my eyes were blurry for the rest of the day.
Thoughts rushing through my head. I am not a horrible person, we are great parents, why is this happening to us? What have we done? Where is the justice? Stupid thoughts but I can't stop them.
In her defence, she didn't know about our latest IVF failure. It's just the timing makes me feel like I am being punished for something. For what?
With all the shit my little family has had to deal with, why can't we catch a break? 
Life is a cruel, hard bitch.