Feb 28, 2011

Lunch with the Sibs.

So yesterday I met up with my brother and sisters for lunch. It was a very rare get together that hasn’t happened since my wedding back in March 2009. At the lunch were myself, Hubby and our son. My little sister (who organised it all), her boyfriend and my big brother. Also my older sister, her hubby, twin daughters and son.  Firstly, we asked my sister not to book somewhere too expensive, because we don’t have much money at the moment.
So we go to this expensive place called “The Breakfast Creek Hotel”.  Which, although annoying and more so that it was my snobby older sister who wanted to go there (apparently they go there ALL the time), we actually didn’t spend too much. My son and I got kids meals and it was great. But yes, my request was ignored.
My older sister talked to me like I was some village idiot when I was telling her about our sons distance schooling.  Like she knew it all and I was, stupid. I was pissed but not surprised. She actually thinks it’s a great idea though.
My Brother is looking so much like my Dad. It’s funny. He and my Hubby got on well. Talking about cars, doing up cars, doing up our bus, and the proper solar thingies you need to put in it.
The Bitchy twins did not even talk to me, or hubby, or even my brother and my sister’s boyfriend. Snobby little so-and-so’s. They sat there texting on their iphones and talked to my sister who is “their FAVOURITE Aunty”. Oh and they left early. PPFT! Is all I can say.
My sister’s boyfriend doesn’t really talk much, and when he does he is really quite. He seemed nice enough. My sister is pretty smitten with him.
So I found out my older sister knew all about what I went through with the IVF and my eye and Hubby‘s health and just couldn’t be bothered to at least call me to see how I was.  Nice.
This is what really shocked us.... Talking to my older sisters son, who is only 7, we found out that his parents let him play 15+ rated video games and even online! We couldn’t believe it. He plays the same violent, graphic war games that my Hubby and brother-in-law play. We don’t even let our son WATCH these games let alone play them. And it was so apparent in his talking to. He was going on about shooting this one guy in the head and stabbing this other guy in the guts, and shooting civilians! One time, we were looking at a fake cows head on the wall of the hotel and he says “Yeah I killed that cow, I got a chainsaw and chopped its head off and then ate its ribs”. Does anyone else find this disturbing? I was beyond horrified. 7 years old. That kid is going to have problems. He was also running round the hotel unsupervised (where there are signs clearly stating not to let your kids do so), and it was so busy.  I am sure he has ADD or something, and I don’t think his parents realise how much of a problem he is going to be. And it’s going to be very soon.
My son was brilliant. He sat there the whole time even though it was really hot. I was so proud of him. My little Man :)
We did some photos at the end. I felt a little left out when all the females got up for a photo and I wasn’t invited. Guess I don’t fit into their tall, skinny and blonde mould. What do I care though? I really don’t anymore.
So all in all it was not too drama filled. A little eyebrow raising, but no drama. LOL.

Feb 27, 2011

Spring - A Poem

Well today I met up with all my siblings. It was interesting to say the least. But I am way too tired to tell you about it now. Believe me, I'll tell you about it...
Anyway, before my David Attenborough Doco comes on I thought I'd post this for all of my Northern Friends who are looking forward to the spring, which is just around the corner. Hope you like...

Winter has left her white mantle
Upon the frozen ground
I sit in my golden castle
Waiting for spring to come around

For with the spring comes new life
And hope for things to come
When tiny seed breaks through the frost
Kissed by the warming sun

A sweet and heady perfume
Wafts through on gentle breeze
As springtime flowers burst and bloom
Among dappled light of trees


Feb 25, 2011

Playdates, New Paints and other stuff.

Hubby is on a playdate tonight. NO, not with a playboy bunny (I would kick his ass if he was). He is at his Brother-in-laws place playing xbox. I really don't mind the boys getting together on Friday nights to let off a bit of steam and have a boys night. After the week my broIL had, he deserves it. All I can say is that he works for the RAAF and co-ordinated the flights of supplies, troops, machinery etc going overseas, and more recently, to all the disaster area of Australia. And recently New Zealand who is suffering after the shocking earthquake. So needless to say he has been working since the beginning of the year. Floods, Fires, Cyclones and Earthquakes. Australia (and our little cousin New Zealand) has seen it all.
As for my bitch of a sister-in-law (you know the one, the Drama Queen), she thinks the boys playing xbox is all just stupid and she sits there and bugs them and gets all shitty if they don't talk to her. Me? I leave them alone. Only time I bug them is when I make the BroIL a coffee from my super-duper coffee machine, and stuff him with his favourite coconut macaroons. (which only I make for him, cause his wife is a big nasty meanie..lol)
Anyway. I am home alone. Well, our son is upstairs sleeping, but that doesn't count...
I am home alone.....
AND enjoying a bottle of Cab-Sav :) *hic!*
I have just completed two days of gruelling home tutor seminars. Well, by gruelling I mean sitting around in the air conditioning, with coffee and bickies and stuff. While us home tutors were in our meetings, our kids were having a kind of mini-school. It was great. My son got to meet his teacher (who he previously had only heard on the phone and computor and seen in a little video she makes after he finishes each unit of work). He also got to meet the other students in his class, he had only heard in their phone group sessions. They did all kinds of activities and fun things. I got a lot of great tips on being a good home tutor. It was a great two days.
On the way home from it yesterday, I took a wrong turn and found the biggest Art supply shop. So I was determined to go back today after the mini-school was over. It's called "The Art Shed" and they primarily sell Mont Marte products, but it was a very cool art shop. They were a little unorganised today because they were still re-stocking their shelves because they went totally under water in the floods! Well I am excited because I picked up some NEW PAINTS! I am itching to try them out. They are a bit glossier than what I normally work with, but they are essentially the same colours as my acrylics I normally use. I also got some more water pens. These are fantastic to use with watercolour pencils.

I have a new crochet project. It involves one ugly white hat and these cuties:
I will be making more and Yes I am taking progress pics. You will definitely see the end result.
Tomorrow my hubby's dad is coming over to help us tidy up the yard, and we will be picking some, if not all of the pumpkins. Remember there are 8 of them! Apparently they can last up to six months after you pick them, as long as you don't cut them! We are going to give a few away though, because they are gigantic and since the floods, pumpkins have been really expensive to buy. Anyway, I'll be glad to get rid of that damned pumpkin vine! Its taken over everything. Come to think of it, I haven't seen our horrid neighbour from over the back for a while.....

On Sunday I will be seeing my little sister. I haven't seen her for quite a while. I will also be meeting her boyfriend and seeing my big Brother who I haven't seen since my wedding in 2009! I think maybe my big sister and her family will be there to. Which I am kind of nervous about because I really don't get on all that well with them and Hubby is disgusted at the way they have treated us. And my Hubby is not one to restrain himself. He will for me though. Oh he'll let it rip if I do, that's for sure..lol. But I'm not predicting any problems, unless one of her bitchy little twins says something horrid to my son. Then its ALL ON!! Or if they are rude to me or Hubby.
My husband is not someone people instantly warm to. He can come off as opinionated and loud and rude. And sometimes he is. But what people don't know is that he comes off that way because the heart attack he had ruined his short term memory, so he has to say what comes into his head instantly, or else he forgets it. So he might blurt out things, or cut you off when you are talking, or seem like he's not listening to you. But he can't help it., and he doesn't know he is doing it. And I notice people get annoyed at him. He is also partly deaf, hence the loudness. But once you get to know him, you would know he would give you the shirt off his back for you and has a (albeit dying) heart of gold.
Well I wasn't going for a tribute to my Husband for the end of this post (I think I'm frisky) but it seems like a nice way to leave it. I've had wine and now I am rambling and you have probably died of boredom. Your family will find you later with an impression of keys on your forehead.

Sorry for that :)

Feb 23, 2011

YOYO BAG (finally)

This is it! dbs wanted me to do something marvelous and creative and now I have some time to show you my Yoyo Bag I've been fluffing on about for a while. I know Poetess has been waiting to see it as well. I even have progress photos. Isn't THAT impressive? ;)

Firstly:  I made LOTS of these Yoyo's. They are just basic three-coloured single crochet rounds. I changed the colours they used in the pattern because I thought they looked boring.

Yeah, LOTS! 52 to be exact. Numbered 1 to 10

Then I had to crochet them all together, using single crochet.

Then I attached them to the base, which is one giant round, counting out to 150 single crochet. With a side of about 8 lines.

Then the top was croche'd onto the tops of the yoyo's. 150 single crochet again. About 8 lines up I made the eyelet holes for the handle with double crochet. Then a few more lines of single crochet. I made a simple calico lining and attached it to the inside of the bag. Then I made the handle with a long chain, single crochet and then attached a shoulder piece, which is single crochet for about 6 lines.
This is it! And yes I DID finish it on time to take on holidays with me. I thought I'd give it a nice setting so I took it to the beach for its final glamour shot. Isn't it cute? It is a bit messy as I'm not a great crocheter yet but I'm really loving it.

 I will tell you one thing for sure though.
I will NOT be making another one! I certainly won't be making them to sell. They take way too long, and I would have to charge so much just for my time! LOL!

Feb 22, 2011

NOT Wikipedia, though JUST as reliable! (honest!)

SO I was fluttering round my stats just now and had a look at the search keywords.
Apparently people got my page when they searched for these following things.
* Powerade Powder
* Tamiasphobia
* Worms in children
Hmm... OK well I really hope these people weren’t dumb enough to take my words seriously. Cause I don’t think they would have liked what they found.
Powerade Powder, refers to when I made the random remark of an ant eating my powdered sports drink, and if it was now back in its little hole, energetically teaching other ants to Zumba.
Tamiasphobia, well, that one may have been of help. Who else knows that it’s the fear of Chipmunks? Not Wikipedia. I was actually talking about the booming chipmunk voices I heard one night when they played a movie in the park down the road. I was standing at my fridge thinking...”I hear chipmunks!”
As for WORMS in children?  Well. If they came to my page after googling THAT? This is what they would have found..

*evil snigger*

Feb 21, 2011

BUGGER! POOP! CRAP!...A sprite rant.

Had a SHITTY day today. Thats as best as I can describe it.
Firstly, it begins as another sweltering hot day. I have had a crap nights sleep because of my (four fricken days early) "Monthly visitor" (as hubby calls it) I am tired, hot and sore and I havent even got out of bed yet.
My son and I slog through more schoolwork before we all have lunch, a shower and then are on our way into the city for my eye appointment. It is the HOTTEST day ever. Our aircon struggles and our gutless wonder of a car struggles even more.
Hubby drops me and the boy at the hospital and I walk into the eye clinic and it is FULL of PEOPLE! Naturally, they are having one of their busiest days today. Lots of emergencies. I don't really mind. I'm patient (lol). Get the dialating drop put in just my left eye. So I only look like half an E.T.
TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER... I get to see the doctor. Who pokes and prods, then consults with the head Doc, who also comes in and pokes and prods. They go over my notes, talking in medico jarg..
Eventually he says to me that they still can't tell what is wrong. What they DO know is that I have an eye disease. One that flares up and goes away and flares back up, etc. Each time it does, it leaves massive scarring in the back of the eye. causing me to loose my vision. Scarring that is NOT repairable. So no hopes of me regaining the vision that I have lost. And they don't know if I will lose more of if the disease is gone, or not. There is no treatment either, because they don't know for sure what it is. I later retell all this to Hubby who is furious and wants to get a second opinion and I say what could someone else tell us that this hospital hasent, and then we get shitty at each other.
So not the result I wanted. But I was expecting it anyway. Still, it sucks and I'm PISSED! So pissed I'm not even going to bother editing this post. THAT'S how pissed I am!
So I am now depressed over the results, sore, tired, blind, have a headache and my finger is giving me the SHITS!
My finger!
My right pointy finger is all stupid and tingly on the tip. Actually it's like it's asleep and every time I bang it, like NOW when typing, a hot stabby pain shoots through it. GRR! WTF???
So inbetween hubby dropping us off and him picking us up, all hell has broken loose outside. The biggest storm ever, complete with lightening and HAIL has swept over south east Queensland. The lightening is supercool, but a wee bit scary. Anyway we have to drive home in it, and it is pissing down raining, AND it's peak hour traffic. We have to drive down the buisest street in the WORLD. what should have been a five minute trip took half an hour! We finally get onto the motorway and it is raining SO heavy hubby has to follow the lights of the car in front of us just to keep on the road. Then it gets heavier! And the traffic has slowed to a crawl. It takes us two hours to get home, what is usually a 35 minute journey.  We couldnt even stop for dinner on the way home because of the rain. So we have beans on toast. 
Oh and guess what, we have to do the trip again in the MORNING!
*Eye twiches*

Feb 20, 2011


After spending a lot of time last night writing cover letters, filling out online applications etc, I felt like winding down. So I did this picture in my JASC Paint Shop programme. You know what it's about....


UPDATE: Ok so dbs pointed out my mango looked like an egg (and I can take constructive critique) so I redid it. There. One mango!

Feb 18, 2011

A Big Announcement

No reason, just amuses me.

Deep breath...
OK. Well for those of you who don’t know I am not working at the moment. Long story short, I was working in a so-I-thought secure job, when I had my hours dropped and then the boss was an asshole and so I quit. On principal. Well then we decided to do the next IVF and after that failed I was pretty devastated for a while. We had the holiday coming up in February and our son had started home schooling so I decided to wait until all this was over before I started to job hunt again. We aren’t that desperate for the money. Hubby is on a pension and so am I because of our sons’ special needs. So I don’t have to work if I don’t want to. But I do. So I have now started job hunting again. Hopefully I won’t have too much trouble getting another job. I have been in retail for years and am experienced in many areas.
Our main reason for me going back to work though is not for the money. Well it is, but anything I earn is going straight into our savings account. Because....
We are going to try IVF again!
Hubby and I talked and talked about this. For quite a while, and we have both agreed that we are going to give it another go. This time we know what to expect, how it all works, how all the drugs affect me, etc.
I know I said last year that I couldn’t understand how some people could just go back and do this time and time again. But this is the absolute last shot we have. So that is what has been on my mind lately. Job hunting and baby making. Getting the finance, getting fit, and getting “Mind” ready for it.
Yeah I know  I will have to face those emotions again if it doesn’t work. But I know that I will feel way worse if I don’t at least try.

And now for another poem.


The moon she doth shine so bright
On this bitter winters night
Oh how I long to spread wings and take flight
And travel upon her silver light

Where she will take me, I do not know
To the mountains where the wild heather does grow
Or down to the moonlit beach below
To watch gentle tides ebb and flow

As fresh breath of air draws near
She softly whispers in my ear
I hear those words I have longed to hear
"Lift up your wings and fly my Dear.."


Feb 16, 2011

The Truth comes out.

So before I left on holidays I was tagged and told some whoppers that I now have to explain. A few of you had a go at guessing and, guess what?
You’re all wrong!
Here is a recap:
1.       1 One of my previous jobs was working on a free range chicken farm.
2.      2  I once got horribly stuck when I tried to take my gym pants off without taking my shorts off, I had to hop out into the hallway and get my Dad to fix me.
3.      3  I am the proud owner of two, live, swords. A Samurai and a Katana, and yes, I know how to  use them.
4.      4  I used to get detention at school all the time, I was such a badass.
5.      5  Once when I was riding home from work late at night, a Bat threw a banana at me.

1 LIE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You know I am petrified of feathers. Can you imagine me working with chickens? With *shudders* feathers. BLECH!
2 TRUE! None of you guessed this as the true one. I am surprised. Yes, at times, even though it is hard to believe, I AM that unco. You know how we womenfolk can take off our bras without the removal of our clothes? Well for some reason I thought this day I could take off these stretchy gym pants without taking off my shorts. My foot got stuck. My leg was bent up, at an awkward angle above my knee. I had to hop out of my room, calling for my dad to come help me. He had to unstick my foot, while I leant against the wall. He and my sister thought it was hilarious.
3. Part LIE! I do own the swords. But they are not live blades and I do not know how to use them. Although if someone tried to attack me in my house I would certainly try to split them in twain! (While hollering like Xena) Heh.
4 LIE! I was a good girl. I got detention ONCE. When my friend grabbed me and dragged me across the road to get to the other side of our school, instead of going through the tunnel.
5. Part LIE! It wasn’t a banana. It was a MANGO! Seriously! No-one will believe me. A bat THREW a MANGO at ME! I was minding my own business, riding home from work, late one night and next thing WACK! Mango all over me and my bike, and I hear this evil bat screeching and flying off.  I’ve never trusted those furry flying “rodents” ever since.
So those are my stories and I’m sticking to them. See?  Even the lies were part truth cause I am so bad at lying!

Feb 15, 2011


Well hello everyone! I'm back! And to a nice shiny page I might add. Well done Ant for whipping the troops into action.
Holidays are great but it sure is nice to be home. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed with my own pillows tonight. Hubby and son are being energetic and are going to Karate tonight. I will be doing pretty much nothing :)

Anyway, here is a run-down of our week.
The first two days we had rain which we didn't really mind that much because it was nice and cool and we had air-con. After that it was warm and sunny and the Beach was nice to swim at, although the waves were a bit rough. I like a calm sea. lol.
Our son, who is not a very good swimmer yet, had his first go at boogie boarding. It was amusing to watch, but exhausting, seeing I had to be there with him all the time so he didn't drown or get carried out to sea :)
OK Ant, so I did a wee bit of rock climbing, but these were horizontal.

It's nice on a weekday, not too many people. The sand is so fine and white, when you walk on it, it squeaks!
 We walked home and jumped into the pool which was cold but so refreshing.
After every swim we always went for a shower. There are two bathrooms in our Unit. One main one, that is built for people in wheelchairs (remember the unit belongs to a charity org who help families who have people with brain injuries, most of them are wheel-chair bound). The other bathroom is attached to our main bedroom and it has the most awesome shower in it. With LIGHTS! I love the shower so much, and seeing we aren't paying for it we can use all the hot water we want. In our bathroom there is also a spa which I used on the last night we were there. (On our honeymoon I made the rookie mistake of putting bubbles into the spa. Bad idea. You couldn't see me for bubbles!)
Day three we took our son to the Air Museum. It was awesome. SO many different planes, helicopters, bombers, transports etc. I fell in love with a GIANT helicopter that had the most enormous rotors on it. We were allowed to go into a couple of the planes, one was a big Air Force carrier. So cool.

*Sigh* LOVE IT!
On the weekend we went to the markets that they have in the centre of town. They close off the main street and it becomes a long arts and craft and food market. I got Dutch Pancakes for breakfast. With maple syrup of course!
We went to our favourite RSL club for dinner on night four. I got the most gigantic plate of chicken parmigiana with veggies. It was so yum. (on our honeymoon we went there and hubby told them we were honeymooners and they gave us free deserts).
The rest of the time was spent lounging around, reading, playing ds, watching movies and sleeping. I finally got to watch "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" which was absolutely stunning and I am kicking myself for not going to see it at the cinemas. But I own it now so I'll watch it on our big TV with surround.
My Valentine Pressie. awwww

So that's pretty much it. We are home, Moby is still here (although a wee bit miffed at me), the pumpkins have not eaten the neighbours (although there are now EIGHT!) and I am BUGGERED!
I will TRY to catch up on some of your pages in the next couple of days but I wont get to all of the posts.
I'll post the answer to my Tagged blog tomorrow.

Feb 12, 2011

A quick hello on sticky keys.

We have no internet, so I jumped on one at the scary internet cafe'. There are some odd spots and one huge scratch down the whole screen. Not to mention the icky sticky keys and other various "things" in the corner of the booth. My headphones have wires exposed (I'm not using them).
Have been enjoying our holiday so far. At first we got a bit of rain but it's fined up and we are loving the beach and the pool. Took our son to the Air museum which we loved. Have gone for lots of walks and taken a few pics. No Ant, I have not been rock climbing. Anyway I only have 6 minutes left so I'll sign off for now.



Feb 7, 2011

I GOT TAGGED, and yes I am still going...

OK OK, I said I was going but I got TAGGED! Yes, thanks to the lovely Average Girl I am going to tell you some whoppers. Apparently I have to tell you 5 things about myself. 4 will be fibs and one will be true. This will be fun, I'll leave this open till I get back and let you know which one is true.

1.       One of my previous jobs was working on a free range chicken farm.
2.       I once got horribly stuck when I tried to take my gym pants off without taking my shorts off, I had to hop out into the hallway and get my Dad to fix me.
3.       I am the proud owner of two, live, swords. A Samurai and a Katana, and yes, I know how to use them.
4.       I used to get detention at school all the time, I was such a badass.
5.       Once when I was riding home from work late at night, a Bat threw a banana at me.

WOO! That was really hard because I really can't lie! LOL! I suck at it. It took me ages to think up these porkies! So that's it. I'll leave you to it. I wont follow the rest of the rules and tag people because that would be rude seeing I'm going away.  And well why have rules if they weren't meant to be broken?
Anyway, that's REALLY it. I'm going. Really...
See you in a week.
I mean it this time...
Look at post below, if you haven't done so.


I may or may not have internet access. If not, I'll be back in a week. I know you'll miss me. MWAH!

This is where I will be.

I had better not find any evidence of a party on here while I'm gone.

See you in a week.

Feb 5, 2011

"I hear Chipmunks......"

Sounds like an M .Night Shyamalaladingdong movie doesn’t it? But really it isn’t that sinister. Unless you have tamiasphobia. Down the street from our house is a park, and every so often they show a free movie. Everyone walks down there with their folding chairs and blankets and it’s a really nice night out. Tonight they are showing Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakuel. So the whole neighbourhood is ringing with the sounds of those annoying delightful little fuzz buckets.
I have nearly finished my yo-yo crochet bag, which I started a couple of months ago. I have only been doing a bit at a time, but I really want to take it on our holiday (2 days), so today I ignored the R.C.I (repetitive crochet injury) and crochet’d my little heart out. I will post pics soon as it’s not quite there yet. Also my fingers are kind of bent and gnarled like an old scary lady who lives in a candy house in the woods. Mmm.. candy....
There are a couple of exciting events coming up for me. Holiday in 2 days, my birthday on 5th march, our wedding anniversary on the 21st of March, but more importantly, the one I have been waiting for. The one that NO-ONE is going to keep me from, is THIS:

So excited. I’ve been saving my pocket money for a while now and I am determined to go there with at least $300. Yes, Hubby and I get pocket money. It’s one of the things we agree on. No matter what happens, we pay ourselves first. So he gets money to spend on whatever crap he wants and I also have money I can spend. Totally guilt free. Some of our friends thought it was weird but they were then the ones fighting over who spent what and then came to us to explain how our little pocket money plan works.
Well that’s it for now. Except for this pic I took of a dandelion flower, before it blew away. I’m sure the neighbours think I’m mad, kneeling down in the long grass taking photos of who knows what. Like I care J

Feb 4, 2011

Love is Left Expired

Love is left expired
Unheard whispered words
Flow by on a tireless wind
Carried to the ocean blue
Scattered upon the foamy waves
Left to drift the endless waters
Pulled by currents and tides
Until dashed upon the jaggered rocks
And left alone and unanswered

7th oct 2008

Feb 3, 2011


Yes! I went BACK to the Bookfest today. This time Hubby went with us, and I also took my little "Crate on wheels" with me so I didn't have to lug heavy books around with me. Hubby laughed at me at first, dragging my little wheeled crate behind me. He wasn't laughing after he went berserk with Ludlum books and asked if he could put them all in my crate. I picked up a few very old crochet pattern books. Some of the people on them were quite scary and Hubby and I had a laugh trying to outdo each other on who could pick the most hideous pattern out. I won with two men in bright checked knitted sweaters. Scary indeed.
So I got LOTS more Teddy books. Looking at making a few more miniature ones, and also my son asked me if I would make one for him. I have a beautiful piece of (fake) fur fabric waiting to be made into a Ted so I think I'll use it for his. But not until I have finished the one I am making at the moment. The one that has been sitting dismembered and forgotten for about three years now.
So most of you would have seen the news of the cyclone that is up in north Queensland at the moment. I have a lot of family and friends up there but thankfully all of them have fared well. This was one MASSIVE cyclone, bigger than the one that went through and destroyed everything in the same area, five years ago. It's now continuing towards central Australia, and has been downgraded into a depression. Well I'd be depressed sitting in central Australia to. Not much there but dirt and sticks.

Meatball scissors STILL have not arrived.


Oh and it seems we cant stop growing pumpkins. Remember how excited I was when the first one grew months ago? Well we picked the four that were ripe. Buy the way they are heavenly. Now there are FIVE more! And they are growing at an alarming rate, you can almost SEE them getting bigger. (like trifids) The vine has taken over the whole of the garden, down the lawn and is now threatening to go over the fence into two of our neighbours yards. I have told hubby he will need to pull it back into our yard.

Feb 1, 2011

Books, cars and holidays.

Well the car turned out to be way too rusty for us to fix. (YAY!) I say yay because I think my Husband was convinced he was going to buy it. Considering we have very little money, one already crap car, and a dirty big BUS in our driveway that we are doing up, then I think he was being just a bit ambitious. Anyway the old couple who owned the car were very lovely and we had a nice chat with them and the old guy gave my son a box of copper to recycle. Cause hubby mentioned our son is into recycling. Wasn't that nice? I think they were lonely. When we got back in the car we commented on how nice they were and if they would be creeped out if we asked them if they could be our grandparents.  Maybe a little creepy.

So I told Hubby about this noise I was hearing in the car the other day. He didn't really take me all that seriously. So the next day he goes out with his Dad to the timber yard to pick up some wood to make his work benches. He gets home and says "The car is F**ked". Great. It's not making a knocking noise any more, but a ghastly loud screeching noise. So that afternoon we have the car jacked up on car stands to see what the problem is. We are thinking we will have to cancel our holiday to the beach next week! Anyway, Hubby spots a spring inside the right break that came loose. OK. We fix that and put the wheels back on and Hubby takes it for a test drive. No luck. Still horrid noise. It's now too late to do any more work on it so we sleep on it. The next morning Hubby gets up early and grinds back the ends of the cv joints a bit to tighten up the nuts on them. YAY! That was the problem. All fixed. Holiday saved.

So, I'm excited about our holiday. A whole week up the coast in a luxury apartment right on the beach. BLISS!  The reason we can afford such a holiday is because the apartment is owned by the organisation we are clients of for our sons aspergers and they offer this unit to all of its clients for a very good rate. Also my Husband does work for them and is their IT guy so we usually pay it off with odd jobs anyway. We love it. We actually had our honeymoon there. This holiday will actually be the first one we've had there that I WONT be having my monthlys so I am going to be living in the pool, spa, and beach! dbs, I am going to do my best walrus impersonation on my boogie board!
While on the subject I don't know if we are going to have that well Internet connection. We are buying a good dongle for our laptops, and Hubby bought an antenna to boost our signal, so we shall have to see. It's dumb to be in a major touristy beach side area and not have wireless Internet! So in saying that I may be a bit scarce for a week. Starting next Tuesday.
Just so you wont be worried. LOL!
Went to the annual Lifeline Book fest today. Lifeline are a charity organisation and every year they have this humongous second hand book sale at the Convention Centre. Hubby dropped my son and I off and we plowed through the tables and tables of books. I picked up a few cheap craft magazines with the patterns still in them, a book about painting animals in watercolour, and a book on airbrushing. I got Hubby some service manuals for cars and engines, and for our son the atlas he needed for his school work. $2.50 second hand instead of $40 new? Bargain! My son got five more Guinness Book Of Records. All of them around $3 each, plus a big book on drawing just about everything. He is quite artistic my little one. He had to make a wax relief painting for school yesterday and he did the most beautiful rainbow serpent with a setting sun, on a brilliant blue and orange sky. I'm so proud of him :)
So needless to say with all of our purchases under our arms we were quite pooped by the time hubby came and picked us up. My legs are still sore :)
Anyway, thats about it for now. Boring blog I know but I'm too tired to be amusing tonight.