Feb 1, 2011

Books, cars and holidays.

Well the car turned out to be way too rusty for us to fix. (YAY!) I say yay because I think my Husband was convinced he was going to buy it. Considering we have very little money, one already crap car, and a dirty big BUS in our driveway that we are doing up, then I think he was being just a bit ambitious. Anyway the old couple who owned the car were very lovely and we had a nice chat with them and the old guy gave my son a box of copper to recycle. Cause hubby mentioned our son is into recycling. Wasn't that nice? I think they were lonely. When we got back in the car we commented on how nice they were and if they would be creeped out if we asked them if they could be our grandparents.  Maybe a little creepy.

So I told Hubby about this noise I was hearing in the car the other day. He didn't really take me all that seriously. So the next day he goes out with his Dad to the timber yard to pick up some wood to make his work benches. He gets home and says "The car is F**ked". Great. It's not making a knocking noise any more, but a ghastly loud screeching noise. So that afternoon we have the car jacked up on car stands to see what the problem is. We are thinking we will have to cancel our holiday to the beach next week! Anyway, Hubby spots a spring inside the right break that came loose. OK. We fix that and put the wheels back on and Hubby takes it for a test drive. No luck. Still horrid noise. It's now too late to do any more work on it so we sleep on it. The next morning Hubby gets up early and grinds back the ends of the cv joints a bit to tighten up the nuts on them. YAY! That was the problem. All fixed. Holiday saved.

So, I'm excited about our holiday. A whole week up the coast in a luxury apartment right on the beach. BLISS!  The reason we can afford such a holiday is because the apartment is owned by the organisation we are clients of for our sons aspergers and they offer this unit to all of its clients for a very good rate. Also my Husband does work for them and is their IT guy so we usually pay it off with odd jobs anyway. We love it. We actually had our honeymoon there. This holiday will actually be the first one we've had there that I WONT be having my monthlys so I am going to be living in the pool, spa, and beach! dbs, I am going to do my best walrus impersonation on my boogie board!
While on the subject I don't know if we are going to have that well Internet connection. We are buying a good dongle for our laptops, and Hubby bought an antenna to boost our signal, so we shall have to see. It's dumb to be in a major touristy beach side area and not have wireless Internet! So in saying that I may be a bit scarce for a week. Starting next Tuesday.
Just so you wont be worried. LOL!
Went to the annual Lifeline Book fest today. Lifeline are a charity organisation and every year they have this humongous second hand book sale at the Convention Centre. Hubby dropped my son and I off and we plowed through the tables and tables of books. I picked up a few cheap craft magazines with the patterns still in them, a book about painting animals in watercolour, and a book on airbrushing. I got Hubby some service manuals for cars and engines, and for our son the atlas he needed for his school work. $2.50 second hand instead of $40 new? Bargain! My son got five more Guinness Book Of Records. All of them around $3 each, plus a big book on drawing just about everything. He is quite artistic my little one. He had to make a wax relief painting for school yesterday and he did the most beautiful rainbow serpent with a setting sun, on a brilliant blue and orange sky. I'm so proud of him :)
So needless to say with all of our purchases under our arms we were quite pooped by the time hubby came and picked us up. My legs are still sore :)
Anyway, thats about it for now. Boring blog I know but I'm too tired to be amusing tonight.


  1. Love second hand books! I discovered an amazing second hand bookstore in Melbourne (there are probably heaps, but they hide) and Mum found the next two books in her series and I found this lovely book of Walter Scott poetry which is probably far beyond me, but I look having books like that. An attempt to read it will begin soon. Enjoy your holiday!!! You deserve it!!!

  2. Potential grandparents adopted, car problem found, a planned vacation to the beach, and a good deal on books! Boring?!....NAH!!!! Sounds like a pretty full day, going into a pretty relaxed week next week to me!! :-)

  3. I love second hand book sales! You can find some really great books and they cost next to nothing.

    Have fun on your vacation. Sounds like the perfect getaway!

  4. Enjoy your vacation :-)

  5. Oh my! As I sit in my house surrounded by ice and snow, the beach sounds like a beautiful dream!


  6. @Everyone, I love it when I come across a first edition thats selling for like $2...JACKPOT$$$
    My magazines were;
    Teddy Bear Making
    Soft Toy Making
    Folk Art - Australian Animals

    6 days till holiday time!

  7. Sounds excellent. Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!

  8. You had me at BOOKS. There's nothing like finding those unexpected treasures and BOOKS.

    More Teddy Bears? I expect Pics. Or the chanting will begin...

  9. Enjoy your holiday! A week at the beach sounds wonderful!

  10. we've got a huge second hand book store here where you can get credit for trade-ins & we go there all the time. it's like we get to shop for free because we've always got some movies, books or music to trade in. how cool to find drawing instruction books for your son! my daughter loves to just draw & draw & draw too.
    your vaca sounds awesome!

  11. @dbs WOOHOO! I intend to

    @ANT I know, I dared not look in the "rares" section.
    Now I have my mothers indestructible sewing maching I will get to finishing this bear Ive had cut out for a few years now..lol

    @Sunny D Thanks!

    @Sherilin He's real arty, like his Mum :)

    @Ruth, it's nice to have that one special book you treasure.

    @Poetess, we had a busy day! LOL!

    @Hannah I really feel like going there again.
    it's on for another 4 days.

    @Loach Hopefully I wont be red with sunburn!

    @ChocAngel I will, thanks:)

    @K9friend I know! I feel bad for everyone in the world having crap weather right now.

  12. That's so cool that your hubby is handy. Sounds like a rockin' awesome vacation to me. And aren't cheap books the best? I love them...

  13. Hi! I just found your blog through Average Girl's party post! I hope you will have the chance to stop by my blog sometime.

    I love your blog!


  14. @ Paul.. AHEM! I am handy to you know! I used to build houses and I can use any tool an man can, probably some better..LOL! I know alot about cars and I can Mig weld. I'm no princess.. Hehe!

    @FriskyVirg Hi and Hello! Welcome to my page, I will make sure to stop by.

  15. @Paul.. why is it everything I say to you sounds a little on the smutty side..? I go back and read it and think "OMG!"I really don't mean it.. LOL!


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