Feb 27, 2011

Spring - A Poem

Well today I met up with all my siblings. It was interesting to say the least. But I am way too tired to tell you about it now. Believe me, I'll tell you about it...
Anyway, before my David Attenborough Doco comes on I thought I'd post this for all of my Northern Friends who are looking forward to the spring, which is just around the corner. Hope you like...

Winter has left her white mantle
Upon the frozen ground
I sit in my golden castle
Waiting for spring to come around

For with the spring comes new life
And hope for things to come
When tiny seed breaks through the frost
Kissed by the warming sun

A sweet and heady perfume
Wafts through on gentle breeze
As springtime flowers burst and bloom
Among dappled light of trees



  1. I enjoy your poetry muchly :) I am...intrigued about your day, hope it wasn't a bad day!

  2. The poem is a nice reminder that Spring will return...Spring WILL return!!!...You'd never know it with our weather!! We got 2 or 3 more inches of snow overnight!!...UGH!...WHATEVER!!!...By the way, I can't wait to hear the entire famiy saga! LOL

  3. :). Love it. The birds have started announcing it too.

  4. Thanks for thinking of us. It's -33 Celsius today with the wind chill! But I know it's coming because all this light again foreshadows my absolute favourite season.

  5. Delightful! Oh please let every single word be the case where I live very soon!

  6. @Ruth thanks, Hope you are feeling better :)
    @Poetess, saga posted! :)
    @Ant My little birdies go nuts all year round..
    @dbs E GAD! that's cold!
    @Sandra Thanks! I'm hoping for you to :)


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