Feb 23, 2011

YOYO BAG (finally)

This is it! dbs wanted me to do something marvelous and creative and now I have some time to show you my Yoyo Bag I've been fluffing on about for a while. I know Poetess has been waiting to see it as well. I even have progress photos. Isn't THAT impressive? ;)

Firstly:  I made LOTS of these Yoyo's. They are just basic three-coloured single crochet rounds. I changed the colours they used in the pattern because I thought they looked boring.

Yeah, LOTS! 52 to be exact. Numbered 1 to 10

Then I had to crochet them all together, using single crochet.

Then I attached them to the base, which is one giant round, counting out to 150 single crochet. With a side of about 8 lines.

Then the top was croche'd onto the tops of the yoyo's. 150 single crochet again. About 8 lines up I made the eyelet holes for the handle with double crochet. Then a few more lines of single crochet. I made a simple calico lining and attached it to the inside of the bag. Then I made the handle with a long chain, single crochet and then attached a shoulder piece, which is single crochet for about 6 lines.
This is it! And yes I DID finish it on time to take on holidays with me. I thought I'd give it a nice setting so I took it to the beach for its final glamour shot. Isn't it cute? It is a bit messy as I'm not a great crocheter yet but I'm really loving it.

 I will tell you one thing for sure though.
I will NOT be making another one! I certainly won't be making them to sell. They take way too long, and I would have to charge so much just for my time! LOL!


  1. I don't think it looks messy at all!!! It's great!! Oooo! Oh, I'd love to have one of these! What did you use for the lining?!...I'm so proud of you! Now I know what a yo-yo bag is!!...And I want one! :-)) See what you started!! ^_^

  2. That thing is the shit (I assume only American slang for super duper cool)! Sprite, you rock hard.

  3. WOW. That's awesome!! I wish I could crochet!! I tried to learn once a few years ago, but failed. lol I have zero coordination.

  4. I love that! You did an amazing job! I want to make one now! I may have to ask for help along the way though. :)

  5. You made that???? Yes, you did, there's evidence.
    Impressive. Sprite, you're sooooooo talented.:)
    Can you build me a spaceship?

    Check your mail.

  6. Whoa. Very impressive. And thank you for sharing and inspiring others with your talent. You rock.

  7. @Vinny THANKYOU!
    @Poetess Thankyou so much, comming from a great crocheter like you that means a lot! Hmmm.. I may have to see what I can do about making up a pattern for it.
    @Paul, I tend to go NewZealander... "It's fully sick bro!" :) and thankyou!
    @Sunny thankyou! Yeah I didn't know if I could do it either but I really wanted to give it a go, I found it a bit confusing at first, but I work it out.
    @Hannah, thanks! I would be only too happy to help. I am thinking of making a digital pattern for people to use. Maybe I could email it to them as a word doc or something...
    @Anty Yes! Are you proud? :) Thankyou so much. and yes, I can build you a spaceship. What colour do you want it?
    @dbs aww, thankyou, you rock to! I mean it!

  8. Yes, I am.:)
    A virtual spaceship? 'Copter colors ;)

    I know what you're reeeeaaaading...:)

  9. I'll be waiting for the pattern for the yoyo bag! :-)


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