Sep 29, 2011

still alive..... I think...

I may be running on auto pilot now. I am sore in so many places I can't count. I think last night was the first time in three weeks I got some sort of decent sleep. Thanks to a brand new mattress, and Hubby sleeping at the old place. All the days are rolling into one now. I can't wait till this move is all done with and we can finally settle down to our beach bum life on the coast. The view from my apartment is lovely. Can't see the beach, but can see the ocean and the never ending horizon beyond.  It's a little cloudy today so I wont take any photos for you until it is a nice sunny day.

During one of our epic car trips (new place is 3 hours drive away) we had to make a stop to pick up our new mattress. Hubby bought it off Ebay. It looked like a giant roll of red waxed cheese and it weighed a tonne. Apparently all of the major furniture places get their mattresses delivered like this. Anyway we get it into our room and take off the outer plastic and it starts to unroll. I put a air hole in the plastic covering it and it goes "SHEEEEEOOOOMP!" pops back into its original shape. It's one of those fancy individual coil pocket ones. Quite comfy.

The baby birds hatched on the night of our move. We hired a moving truck for 24 hours. So from 7am to 7am we were flat out... no sleep, just moving, moving.... We got back to the truck depot with an hour to spare. Anyway, I peeked into the nest, expecting to find two eggs but instead there are two baby bird. Ugly but so cute. Well in the week they have doubled in size and are nearly too big for the nest. We saw Mum and Dad feeding them yesterday. Such good little parents. I have taken progress pics, but can't upload them for you until I have my pc, and internet set up. right now I am typing on my little netbook and using a wireless modem.
8am this morning two people came round to tend the garden, clean the pool and take out all the bins.... I like this apartment life !
Anyway, I'd better get back to it. I will catch up with you when I have a chance to. Miss you.
p.s We gave Moby to my old neighbour to look after. We lived next to her when I first moved to the area and she is actually looking after my parents cat to. So it's way better for Moby. He is back with his kitty friend, and he knows the house.
I popped Moby into his kitty carrier and set him in the front of the truck with us. at my feet. He meowed maybe twice then curled up to sleep. Except for when Hubby drove over a bump, Moby would then raise his head and meow. Like he was complaining about the bumpy ride.. LOL! It was so funny. Now every time we go over a bump we go "Meow!"

Sep 20, 2011

Two days to go!

Have I mentioned how much I hate moving before?
I'm sure I have...
Well it's two days till moving day. We are nearly on track here. My feet are so sore, and I am so over packing. Not to mention al the dust! My allergies are going haywire. There are also bush fires all around south east Queensland and the smoke is heavy everywhere. Lungs are screaming at me. Can't wait to move to the lovely beach with clean cool air.
Moby is going to be looked after by my next door neighbour while we find somewhere better for him. There is  an animal shelter where we are moving that keep older pets instead of rehousing them. They keep them there and volunteers come and play/love them. I could volunteer and go see him and others whenever I wanted. Not to mention how cool it would be to work at an animal shelter. They DON'T euthanise. At all. Plus you are able to take your pet back. So maybe in six months time we will find a place that allows pets and I can get Moby back again.
The Honeyeaters are still sitting on their eggs. Hopefully they will hatch before our last day in this house, which is the 29th. I will bring my camera each day we come back here for garage sale and cleaning just in case.
anyway... back to it I guess :(

Sep 16, 2011

Awards with a touch of nostalgia.

Thanks to two lovely bloggers I have two awards! And pass them on I shall once I get the other stuff done with. 

The first is the 7x7 link award given to me by  Nubian. This award had me all nostalgic. I had to go back to my previous posts to fit the following categories:
Most Beautiful:
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Most Helpful:
trouble posting comments? try this (so I took this literally)

Most Controversial:
Umm... I don’t really have anything for this....

Most Surprisingly Successful:
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Most Underrated:
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Most Prideworthy:
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I then pass this onto seven other bloggers I think are worth your time to check out because of their awesomeness.  And these are:

The next award I received was from IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY (THANKYOU!) and it’s the LiebsterBlog. Basically it is awarded to those who have less than 200 followers. Just to show and spread the love. I also get to pass this one on to! I decided to roll my picks into one list.. Hey it’s my blog..
So click on their links and take a look at their pages, each one is different and unique in it's own way, but they are all great.

Sep 14, 2011

I'm going to be a Beach Bum...

We received a call from the real estate today. We got the unit we applied for, and it is just a short walk from the beach. So short that you wouldn't even break out in a sweat. It's a lovely two bedroom apartment, on the end of the complex, so we also have side windows, and a nice balcony to watch the waves. It also has a secured, garage underneath, where we can store most of our stuff. Even so we have had to downsize considerably. 
And we also can't have Moby. I'm pretty devastated, but there is strictly no pets allowed in the complex and Hubby and Son really wanted this unit. We are looking for a good home for him. There are a couple of things we are waiting to hear from. I've had him for ten years. Granted over those ten years he was living with my parents for some of that time, but he was still my kitty and I could visit him whenever I wanted. I wish my parents were still here so I could just hand him back to them. I can't give him to the lady that took my parents cat because then she'd be looking after two cats and a dog.  There is one lady who lives in the hinterland behind the beach who is animal crazy who may take him. She is the sister of a very good friend of ours.
Anyway...we are moving in just over a week (yeah that's how close we were getting), and having a mega garage sale on the weekend. The house is full of boxes, and I hate it. 
On the flip side, I discovered that giant rolls of bubble wrap are FUN.

In other news...
The honeysuckle, that is actually a honeyeater, is still sitting on her two eggs. I'm not sure if they are going to hatch before we leave though. I found out that they are a little family who live in this area and apparently they nest in that particular bush every year. Damned crazy birds! I am going to miss my little wren family as well. I haven't seen any nice birds at the beach except for crows, Ibis's and seagulls. And while crows are sometimes amusing to watch, they aren't the same as my cute little twittering wrens. Ibis's are ugly and seagulls are basically rats with wings. 

So that is my story at the moment. Happy but sad. 

Sep 9, 2011

Probably the most annoying thing ever...

And the Award goes to....
Yes. We found out the other night that we have just three weeks to find a new place to live, and then move into said new place. GAH! 
We knew we would have to move eventually. As the owner of this house wants to sell it. And we knew that he was coming here to do some fixing up and renovations before he put the place on the market. We just thought we would have a wee bit more time to organise things. But three weeks?! Freaking out. 
We have changed our minds about where we want to move to a dozen times. Stay here, go to Melbourne, move closer to Brisbane..... 
In the end we had one decision.
Cold and arty, or
Sunny and Beachy.
I am going to live here! Well not exactly THERE, but you know what I mean...

Sunny and Beachy won. YAY! We are moving to beautiful Caloundra. Our favourite holiday spot which we always say we want to live at when we are there. Yes. We are going to be beach bums. Pretty much true as it's going to be a little more expensive, but worth it for the life style. Moving to the beach feels like going home to me. I grew up at the beach when I was little. I think I could pretty much swim before I could

Anyway.. I am going to be super busy. And then have to sort out all the new internet things, and so on. So if you don't here from me for a while please don't write me off. I am still alive.. hehee

Stupid honeysuckle has laid two eggs. I had convinced myself one night to go down the next day and destroy the nest before any eggs were laid. Because I couldn't bear the thought of the owner and all his workers clumping past the nest and destroying the eggs, or even worse, the chicks. Well I was too late. I looked in the nest the next day and Mum is sitting on two eggs. DAMMIT! AND it rained all day today. Dumb Assed Bird! Hopefully they will be hatched before we go. 
Well that's it for me...back to packing..

Sep 4, 2011

Hair brained Honeysuckles and Randy Wrens...

September has brought me my favourite season. SPRING! and it has well and truly SPRUNG.
You all know of my love of the gorgeous Male Splendid Fairy Wren and his little harem of females. Well imagine my surprise yesterday when I was hacking away at a bush with my new loppers and got caught in the middle of a rumble between not two but THREE male Wrens. Imagine the fat cats excitement too as they swooped close enough to him to be plucked out of the air. Luckily Mum (me) was watching his every move. So now I have three of these beautiful little blue guys to run after with my camera. 

To top that my little honeysuckle has decided to build a nest in a smallish Daisy bush perilously close to the ground. In fact its fat cat jumping height. If said fat cat was so inclined to actually "jump". I am wondering if I should build some kind of barricade around it. Hubby also runs into this bush as well. I really, really don't want anything happening to the nest and I really, really want the honeysuckles to breed there. What should I do? I don't want to scare them away with too much scaffolding around them...but I want to protect them. Or do I just leave it alone?

I shall leave you with an extract from one of my poems...


...with the spring comes new life
And hope for things to come
When tiny seed breaks through the frost
Kissed by the warming sun

A sweet and heady perfume
Wafts through on gentle breeze
As springtime flowers burst and bloom
Among dappled light of trees

Sep 2, 2011


So the first day we arrive at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, we are let through the gates a little early, before the safari drive part of it is opened. We parked at the main building, and, walking over to it I see a lake with two little islands in the middle of it. On one island are Spider Monkeys and on the other are... LEMURS! they are in an area where you don't even have to pay to see them! 
Family forgotten, and with the hugest grin on my face I make for the Lemurs, one hand in my bag digging my camera out. There they are. Sitting in a perfect little line, warming themselves in the morning sun. I am complete. 
I have seen Lemurs.