Apr 10, 2011

Mermaid - Visual Poetry

OK so I WAS going to publish this poem with the picure I found for it, but NO.... Stupid side bar got in the way and then when I redused it, I couldnt read it. Even on my 21" wide screen..LOL! So here is the normal copy, and the visual is on my NEW POETRY TAB up the top.
Look up, see it?
All my poems will be stored there as well from now on. I will make some more pages soon. For craft projects and Photos.
This is not really a poem so to speak. More just some descriptive writing that popped into my head last night. I liked it. Hope you do to.


While dappled sunlight streams through the aqueous blue
The cold briny water captures her form.
She feels the blood in her veins cool and quicken.
Every muscle stretching, rippling through her shimmering body,
As she leaves the warmth and light from above
To travel down towards the darkening deep.
She is home.


  1. I think it's poetic and wistful. Beautiful, Sprite.

    Makes me want to go swim in the ocean.

  2. Ant, thankyou!
    I've had "Aqueous blue" written down for ages begging to be put into a poem.

    Me to :)

  3. In love with it :) I love the simplicity of 'She is home.'

  4. I mean it, I'm being really random maybe but I love 'She is home'!!!! :D

  5. Ruth I know just what you mean. I think it finished it nicely. Like a contented sigh...

  6. This is beautiful! I will be back to read some more. ~Judy =^..^=

  7. Hi Judy! Thankyou for commenting, and following! I saw your lovely kitties on Carens page. So beautiful. Would love one of my Moby:)

  8. I knew you would like this Caren, xxx

  9. Mermaids always make me think of the submarine ride at Disneyland. But this poem was nice. Very nice.

  10. I agree with everything above. This is a very beautiful poem. "Aqueous blue" really caught me.

  11. Aww.. thanks Cheeseboy :)

    Back at ya Ant..

    Thankyou Al, Yes I've had that written down for a while just waiting to be put into a poem. Glad you liked it :)


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