Aug 28, 2011


As I mentioned in my previous post, we were lucky to see the Baby meerkats on both days we visited the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. Here are a few photos I took and a short video of these adorable little critters.

and no that is not me talking in the video.

Aug 26, 2011

Sprite is Back.

Physically (not so much) and mentally( even less). 
Things I learnt while travelling...

  • Driving for 24 hours straight does things to me. And not in a good way. Stabbing Husband seems like more fun.
  • I realised that the fluffy bits of brown and white road-kill were once bunnies :(
  • Kangaroos wait until you are coming right at them before they decide to jump across the highway.
  • Being stuck in a freezing cold car, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere for 2 and a half hours while they clear the highway of a truck accident does things to me. And not in a good way.(btw the driver was fine)
  • Having to drive through...feathers....after the truck in front of you has mowed down a bird is not fun.
  • Sleep is good. It is your friend.
  • Being in a confined space after having a coffee is not good, for two reasons 1) when you need to pee while being stuck on a highway, in the middle of nowhere (re: truck accident), your Hubby is mortified when he has to hold a towel around you while you squat beside the car. (uncontrollable giggling on your part does not make him any more impressed). And 2) The extremely putrid fart you do later is enough to lay a whole town to waste. (my lactose intolerance) Immediate evacuation is required. No matter how cold it is outside.
  • Never EVER use a truck rest stop toilet. Ever.... never ever. (The story is too horrible to tell)
  • There's no place like home...There's no place like home....

Aug 23, 2011

Crushing on Melbourne.

Hey there, thought I'd check in.. :)
Things are going good so far. The trip to our half way stop in Dubbo went off well. left at 5am in the morning, got there about 4pm. Caravan we stayed in was bigger than I thought, but had to use the parks toilet and shower block. Yucky in the cold cold winter. Stayed for three nights. Went to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Ticket gave you two days. First animals I saw were Lemurs!!!! They are actually in the part before you enter the zoo. Zoo was so cool, you drive around it and get out to see the animals. OMG! Saw BABY MEERKATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently that day was the first day Mum took them out of their den. so so cute. 
Am loving Melbourne so far, it's so pretty with all the old buildings, they have preserved their heritage beautifully.
As for eye appointments..GGGRR!!! went to the first appointment on Monday and the lady was like.. "I don't know why you are even here at this general clinic...". not happy! Anyway they have rescheduled my appointment tomorrow because apparently THAT one was wrong as well!! So who knows what will happen.
Strolled around the Queen Victoria Markets today, bought a leather jacket. Found one of the best art shops and only spent $50! LOL! Bought watercolour supplies. Tomorrow after my appointment we are going to Lygon Street, famous for it's restaurants. then we are going to the observation on floor 88 of Australia's tallest building.. (Hubby is not, the big woos)
We are staying in a little cabin, much like a mini house...
Anyway, got to go.. Hope you are all well.

Aug 17, 2011

Tally ho!

So I love sharing things with my family. It's wonderful and such a bonding experience.
feral cold mutated germs!

Where is it written in the mothers handbook that you must catch every cold your child gets but then  it must be ten times worse in you?
I wrote that my son got a cold after his karate grading. I did everything I could to keep his feralness away from me, baring quarantining him to the garage. I still caught his germs. And yes they mutated in me. I honestly felt like I wanted to die on Sunday night. I dosed myself in Olive leaf, and hubby made me honey and lemon drinks and it appears that I have gotten over the worse of it.
But I will be heading off to Melbourne tomorrow all snotty and coughy.

So tomorrow morning we head off at 5am (hopefully) our first stop, Dubbo, is 10 hours drive away. Can't wait really. I have no idea when I will be checking in here but I will whenever I can.  So see you all later...take care.. and happy blogging :)

Aug 13, 2011

Fayophobia: Fear of elves.

Fayophobia: Fear of elves.
So where were these said elves, that someone was so frightened of them that the medical community felt obliged to invent a word for that fear? I mean, in case anyone out there suddenly discovered that they had also developed a fear of these fae.  It’s not like you would be walking down your average suburban street and be set upon by a pack (is that even the right word for them? Group? Mob? Gaggle?) of elves. You’d more likely be attacked by a band of marauding space monkeys.
Take this news story in 2010:
 A man charged with uttering death threats on Facebook armed himself with high-powered weapons because he feared he was being stalked by elves, a Montreal court was told Wednesday.
Quebec provincial police told David Abitbol’s bail hearing that he told a friend on the Internet that his .12-gauge shotgun was just what he needed to kill the mythical creatures.
Someone should have informed this poor deluded man that elves did not make stalking people a hobby, because they were too busy defending Middle Earth from the clutches of Saruman the White and his evil pet eyeball, Sauron.
I’d be more fearful of being mugged by some Orcs. Given that there is a surplus of them in Middle Earth. I would think that jobs would be a little more harder to come by. Idle Orcs could not be a good thing. Next you will see them loitering in shopping malls, Graffiting trains, and mugging old ladies of their pension money. That’s the more likely scenario if you ask me. Make a phobia for THAT one medicos!

Personally, if I came upon an elf I would promptly ask him if he knew Legolas and where it was I would find him.

Am I right Ladies?

Aug 12, 2011

Movie Remakes.. what's with that?

OK, so I am all for them remaking a good old classic movie. Especially one that is like 100 years old and they can really take it to another level with today’s technology. That fine, I say, I’ll watch it, see how it measures up to the original. Then again, if it ain't broke, don’t fix it. Countless good old classics were ruined with modern remakes.
But seriously.. Spiderman? Really? The first Spiderman was made only back in 2002 and they are talking about remaking all of the Spiderman movies. Why? Because they didn’t suck enough the FIRST time around?  They have rehashed so many bad story lines they have none left? Leave them be. I beg you.
Oh and don’t even get me started with “Dirty Dancing”
Dirty Dancing = Patrick Swayze. 
You can’t change that. It’s about as impossible to change time it takes the earth to orbit the sun.
It just can’t be done. I’m sorry but I’ve got to put my foot down on this one. Poor Patrick would be turning in his grave after hearing this one. Who could they possibly get to play Johnny, and Baby? If they put some prissy little Glee/High School Musical type freaks in it I think I will spontaneously combust on the spot.

I’m warning them....

Aug 8, 2011

Piggies! and Head Lice!

So my parents are totally enjoying their stay on the Cattle station. Apparently my Dad has been hooning around on the quad bike with the young farm hand, feeding cows, fixing fences and fishing in the dam in their spare time. He is loving it. Mum is enjoying her time as well. The other morning she discovered the big sow had delivered 10 piglets during the night. She said there were little pink things running everywhere. Well 10 soon became 15! (all I can say is... OW!)

My son got something else at Karate the other night other than a new belt.... A COLD! Poor little man is not well. Sniffling and coughing :( Don't you hate it when your kids get sick? And of course I have to be extra careful I don't catch it, so I'm not sick while in Melbourne. I am dosing both of us with Olive Leaf Extract. At least he doesn't have head lice. Our Bro-in-Law came over the next night for "Xbox game night" and informed me that his daughter was infested with them! EEP! Instantly my own head started itching. (No I don't have them thank god! My hair is SO SO long, can you image trying to get rid of those evil little suckers from long hair? Believe me, it HURTS like a SoaB!) I went throughout my ENTIRE childhood without once getting Head Lice. When my son was 8 he brought them home from school and BAM! I couldn't believe it. I actually rang my mum in a panic..... "MUUUUM! I've found this thing in ***'s hair!"
"That's Lice dear"
Damned feral children....


Oh BTW do you like my new look?

Aug 6, 2011

My Karate Boys

Karate Kittens Pictures, Images and Photos

Well Hubby and Son had their Karate Grading on Thursday night, and they both passed! My son in particular did very well and it was said he showed "Outstanding" commitment. I am so proud of him, given that he was freaking out just a tad. There was another club there with more people and parents, and it was different and team that with an Aspergers kid and you get instant anxiety attack. But he pushed through it and won his next belt. Which is yellow. He practically bowled over the person giving them out when it was his turn to go up, grinning from ear to ear. (later I saw him lovingly stroking the belt whispering "Myy Prescioussss...")

Anyway, I don't know what I was more proud of, that he got his next belt, or that he overcame his anxiety and did his very best. Hubby said he got a little teary-eyed to. aww...
Very proud of my boys:)

So we are going to have to move from this place as the owner is intent on selling it. He is actually going to be doing some work on the house when we get back from our Holiday in Melbourne. So after we do get back we are going to have to pack and look for another place to live most likely. We have decided to stay in this area. No caravans, no buses, just a house. We are going to start something in the new year that requires a fair wad of cash (won't go into it just yet), so we decided to put travel plans on the shelf until a little later on next year.

So Melbourne is in a couple of weeks. In the mean time I am going to be pretty busy, so I wont be on here much. I won't be on a lot in Melbs either. Maybe just a check-in once or twice. So I'm not going to be able to visit everyone while I am so busy and away, but then you get that.