Oct 28, 2010

I could make props for sex Ed classes.

I didn't mean to! It just turned out that way!...Honest.
So as you know we are having a party for my son's tenth birthday on Saturday. Firstly in the morning we are going to let him open his presents, then make him go on a sort of treasure hunt to find the big one we are hiding in the workshop under the house. For months now we have had a new bike on lay buy. It's a seriously cool bike with just as serious price tag to. I can't wait to see his face!
All the game and loot bags are prepped. Hubby and I have been frantically constructing a Pinata. It's supposed to be one of Ben 10's aliens, but at the moment it looks like a giant sperm with legs and big pointy teeth. I could make a joke hear about a giant sperm pinata and whacking, but I won't. I must admit we have both been having alot of fun making it. Papermache sure brings back some fond childhood memories. Well actually I have done some more recently, when I constructed a giant dinosaur head to lean over the fence for my sons seventh party. Yeah I'm one of THOSE mummy's. The kind you eye jealously as she wafts in with perfectly cute, iced cupcakes at the school fete. Who's kid has the best home made costume, and who throws the most awesome birthday party's ever! My son is far from spoilt, but it is fun to do stuff for him like this.

On a note entirely not related. I received a text message from my mum today that left me a little disturbed. I am hoping her phone got some weird virus thing, because it got sent to me 4 times, or she sent it accidentally to me instead of my Dad (*shudders*), but it read thus : "hello sexy, fancy a kiss?"
I know, disturbing.
*sticks fingers in ears* "LA LA LA NOT LISTENING!!!..."
Here are some progress pics of said sperm/alien....

OK the teeth aren't on it in this pic but still... giant sperm right?

Oct 26, 2010

The Funk, and Betty

Ok, first of all, "Normal" font size isn't NORMAL.  Large is NORMAL. "Normal" is... well, just there to mess with my head, and make me pull a squinty face at the screen.
I’m still in my funk. Things are just determined to piss me off lately.
We got our car back from the mechanics, and the damned thing still isn’t fixed. I told hubby to find another mechanic, and he has finally agreed with me (like he should have in the beginning because I am female and therefore: Right)
Also hubby is going in for his surgery in less than a month. He will be recovering for about 6 weeks after. Any surgery is worrying, but hubby has a heart condition so it’s even more stressful.
So I don’t know when we are doing our last IVF. What with hubby’s surgery… I don’t know. It’s actually quite depressing to think about. I was sad when the first one didn’t work. Now I have this part inside of me that doesn’t want to try this last one, for fear it won’t work. If it stays there in its frozen little vile, it’s still a chance isn’t it? You know what I mean?
We decided at the last minute to give our son a birthday party and invite some of his school friends as a “farewell” for him. It’s theme is “Ben Ten”. I got my fingers working and churned out eight cool “Omnitrix” invite cards in about two hours.  Hubby and son are making a spikey alien shaped PiƱata. When they are finished I’m painting it all alien-y.
Son has started home schooling. So far it’s been ok, he seems quite happy and we have adjusted to the routine quite well.  Hang on….
Was listening to Jona Lewie and given the mood I’m in I opted to turn it off, instead of shooting my speakers. Replaced him with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Just about the coolest  swing band ever and always lifts my mood.
So we have now got all the steel we need to start on the chopping and raising of the roof of the bus. Hubby is fabricating up some jigs to sit the roof on while we fill in the gap with flat steel. I say we but I mean “Me” as I’ll be doing the welding.  And we are making new steel bases for our bus seats to sit on. We are having a bench seat in the front and two single ones behind, on either side of the engine bay cover. We took the two single seats out of our old ford falcon (R.I.P Rambo) before we sold it for scrap. They are great seats. We haven’t found the bench seat yet, because we want one with a dickey seat (fold down) in the middle.

Floor removed, derusted, and primed

The Forman, asleep on the job. Typical
From the bowls of hell.... it rises! Old 172 Holden red we affectionalty nicknamed "Mother F**ker"

New 202 Gem engine. We love her, isn't she pretty? lol..

Oct 22, 2010


I know some people, by whom I mean men, think that PMS is just a myth, or a story evilly concocted years ago by a woman who just wanted another excuse for those seemingly irrational bitchy tirades aimed toward her poor man. But no, it’s real. Very, painfully real for me.
I’m not having a good one this month. Hence my writing this in yucky red. My lower stomach feels like it wants to burst, all the muscles are tightening, I look like I’m 5 months pregnant, my back is killing me and my boobs have grown at least two cup sizes. (No not yay, I already have ginormous  joombies to start with).
Not to mention the mood swings. I can go from happy-I-want-a-cuddle me to I-am-so-going-to-stab-you me in about two seconds flat. I love my family. I really do, but. I just want them to go away. For their safety as well as my sanity.
As for Periods, Oh don’t even go their girlfriend.


Oct 20, 2010

The Twins

playing in the washing basket.
Here are just a few pics of my boys. I got Moby (the cat) when my son (O) was just 5 months old so they really have grown up together. You could bet if one was doing something naughty the other wasn't far behind!
Are they planning a breakout? O- 8 1/2 months, Moby 3 months

Moby today

Yes, this is how he sleeps. Look at that big fluffy belly...

Oct 19, 2010

I found an ant eating my Powerade powder...

I just hope that it was well and truly re-hydrated. If it starts doing push-ups, I'm gonna break out my Zumba music...
It was a long day today. (hence my hyper-mood) Hubby had his cardiac appointment in the city, which is an hours’ drive away, 2 in peak hour. While hubby was at the hospital I took our son to do some shopping at one of the shopping centers’ in the area.  Gah it was so busy! Bloody Trinny and Susanna from “What not to wear” were there, pulling poor slobs out of the crowd and shamelessly poking and prodding and tearing down the poor victims’ attire in front of an enormous crowd. I, myself was not dressed in anything near what they would consider fashionable, so I grabbed my sons hand and slid ninja-like through the crowd until we were safely out of eyesight.
·         Had my first soy latte, and immediately regretted it.
·         Found some shoes I loved but unless I was willing to sell one of my sons’ kidneys on the black market, alas they would grace someone else’s lucky feet.
3 long hours later Hubby was ready to be picked up. The visit went ok. His infraction rate was the same as last time, not getting worse, which is good news. But he is going to need to have a de-fribulator put in. It’s a little mobile one that sits under the skin (about the size of a business card), and it regulated his heart beats and shocks the heart if it stops beating. Which it could do any old time. Only thing with the defrib in, he won’t be able to operate anything that gives off a lot of electrical charge, like the welder, or be near a car starter motor when it’s turning over, things like that. But that is just a small price to pay, if it means keeping him alive longer.
And heck, I love the guy, kinda want him to stick around…lol.

Oct 18, 2010


So this is Betty the old '76 Toyota Coaster my Hubby and I are turning into a motor home. We paid $800 for her and got her towed to our house for $200, by the biggest, coolest tow TRUCK I've ever seen. Betty was, to put it lightly, dirty. The previous owner said that she had gone "through" a flood at one time.  After watching the pile of mud that we washed out of her grow and grow I came to the conclusion that not only had she gone through a flood, she had sat smack bang in the middle of a raging torrent.
This is how we first saw her. Everything still pretty much attached except for one bench seat, and of course you couldn't start her, and even if you did, there were no breaks, mirrors, seat belts or anything that remotely made this bus roadworthy. Hence the big-arsed tow truck. She needed to come down a mountain range, so you can see why we opted for the truck.
So far we have, hosed it, stripped out all the seats, hosed it, ripped up the flooring and side walls. Hosed it again. Realised that a hose wasn't going to cut it, so bought a high pressure water cleaner. Took out the windows and back windscreen, and cleaned up the window spaces. Took out the dead motor (which was epic in itself, involved some tricky maneuvering, lots of swearing, and the use of some ancient Egyptian techniques in moving heavy objects over soft ground.) We have a brand new engine, ready to be put in and bring the old girl back to life. The radiator is off being fixed. The floor  joists are all de-rusted, primed and painted. The outside have been de-rusted, bogged, primed and ready to paint.  Our next big job is to cut the top off the roof, raise it up about 30 to 40cm, and fill in the gap with steel. I will be doing the mig welding, having been more experienced at it than hubby :) So that is where we are up to at the moment. She is coming along, not quite as fast as we wanted to due to hubby being sick, and other stuff going on. Our plan was to head off at the beginning of next year to co-inside with our son starting his new year at home schooling. But since we are starting him sooner we don't really have a time table now. Just working on it when we can.

Oct 14, 2010

Electrodes, and Random acts of Kindness

Well the night before last, I found myself sitting in a small room surrounded by diagnostic machines with electrodes stuck to my head and electrode wires actually strung across my eyeballs. Touching my eyeballs! It was so uncomfortable and horrible. I had to keep them in for about half an hour while I did some more eye tests. These ones were testing for retinal miss function. I have no idea on the results yet. I got the readings but can’t make head or tale of them.  I had to do another vision field test yesterday and in a couple of weeks I have to have another fluorescene angiogram. Which  involves having my pupils dilated, florescene injected into my veins and photos taken of the inside of my eyes.
I am so sick of my eyes being poked and prodded, having lights flashed in them, drops…well…dropped in them, I have had a massive headache for the last week.

On the way home from the city yesterday, a truck passed us on the highway and threw a rock up and hit our windscreen.  Scared the hell out of hubby.  It made a massive crack in the middle.  It’s way to big to fix so we are up for a new windscreen.  Like we are rolling in money at the moment! Geez!!   And this car is starting to be a major pain in the butt. I feel like rolling it off a cliff.  It would be so nice to be one of those people, who could just go out a buy a new car.  Money is always tight for us.  Hubby cannot work due to a major heart condition, so he is on a pension. I lost my job due to lack of hours, and I am also on a pension because my son is a special needs kid. Even if I did get another job I am limited to the number of hours I can work a week. So, yeah, money is tight. But we are sensible, and our son doesn’t want for anything, we always pay the bills, have wonderful food on the table, and we are happy, so what more could you want hey? There is no point in bitching and moaning about how unfair life is, like the saying goes, there is always someone worse off.

 Which, when I think about it, is a really horrible thing to say. What, there is poor old Joe there and he is so worse off than me, wow that makes me feel so much better, har-dee-har!.. No of course not. A decent person would not think like that at all, I know I wouldn’t. I’d want to help Joe out, even with my limited resources. Hubby is like that to, would give you the shirt off his back. I am a firm believer in practising random acts of kindness every day. It really doesn’t take that much of an effort to help out someone in need. I don’t mean anything major, little things, like taking some old ladies shopping trolley back to the store for her, or opening a door for a mum with a stroller. That sort of thing. It takes no effort, but it feels great, even if you don’t get any thanks for it. Although most people are so stunned that someone did something nice for them they are quite grateful. That’s the sad world we live in today.     

Oct 11, 2010

Heads and eyes...

As you can see I have a new header, which I made myself. I used a combination of windows paint (for the basics) and Jasc Paint Shop Pro8. I am just learning how to use Jasc so I kind of just bumble around the programme at the moment. But all in all I am pretty pleased with today's effort. Hubby told me I was quite talented, and he doesn't give out the praise too often (being an IT geek and very adept at computers), so I think it's not to bad.
Saw Despicable Me with the family today completely free! It was a great movie. Very kid friendly.

I had my eye appointment Friday, and they still can't see what is wrong, apart from a blockage in some of the vessels near the optic nerve. So I have to have more tests. Another Florescien Angiogram, and some weird electrode-flashy lights-thingy, and more vision field tests. They are thinking it's some type of  "White Spot Syndrome" but none of the pictures of my retina match any of the typical ones shown for white spot. Plus, WS is supposed to fix itself, not get worse. It's really quite scary because they don't know why I'm losing my vision, and so they can't treat it, and it's getting worse. I really don't want to go blind in that eye!

I should probably mention that Hubby and I are doing IVF. Due to unfortunate circumstances that is the road we have had to take to have a baby. Our first egg collection and fertilisation only resulted in two useful little embryos. Sadly three died :(. The first attempt wasn't successful :( and so we now only have one left. But we decided that we would wait a few months while I got into better shape and better health. We are all on a healthy food kick, and so far its going good. Ive lost 30cm of my body. I joined the gym which is just a walk down the road and I absolutely love it. I do lots of cardio and weights as well. I can tell that I've gotten alot more fit, 5 minutes on the treadmill when I first started has now turned into 20 to 30 minutes at quite a speed. Go me!
We are going out to dinner tonight for my Hubby's birthday. To an all-you-can-eat buffet.
there goes the diet!


Oct 7, 2010


Well hello to anyone who comes across my little corner of cyberspace. I have been missing my old blog site (Yahoo 360) , so I thought I'd give this one a go.
While I have a few rare minutes to myself (hubby and son are at karate), I will just get the ball rolling, so to speak. What you will find on my page will be me. Honestly, I don't have time to make up some bullshit persona and fluff on about stuff I never really did. This is pretty much going to be my diary, with y'all listening in. (I love the word "y'all" don't you?. I have it stuck in my head after two weeks of reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels back to back. Everyone has their thing...). I digress... and do this (......) alot. I'll also throw in a poem or short story once in a while, as well as the ongoing, continuing saga of Betty. Who is a bus. A very old bus. One we were crazy enough to buy and decide we'd make her into a camper and travel around Australia in.
There will be pics, and possibly another page devoted entirely to Betty.

So tomorrow I have to go into the city to the hospital to get my dodgy left eye checked out again. I have lost about 60% of my vision due to reasons unbeknowest to everyone but my eye. But over the last couple of days it has been flipping out and now the bottom portion of sight has gone to. I'm scared to death that I'll completely loose my vision in that eye altogether, and my vision is crap to begin with! I've been wearing glasses for short sightness since grade one. Some...EHEM!..30 odd years ago. (*sigh*) I really..REALLY hate eye problems.

Anyway... My boys will be home any minute so I'll leave this first blog at that.