Oct 19, 2010

I found an ant eating my Powerade powder...

I just hope that it was well and truly re-hydrated. If it starts doing push-ups, I'm gonna break out my Zumba music...
It was a long day today. (hence my hyper-mood) Hubby had his cardiac appointment in the city, which is an hours’ drive away, 2 in peak hour. While hubby was at the hospital I took our son to do some shopping at one of the shopping centers’ in the area.  Gah it was so busy! Bloody Trinny and Susanna from “What not to wear” were there, pulling poor slobs out of the crowd and shamelessly poking and prodding and tearing down the poor victims’ attire in front of an enormous crowd. I, myself was not dressed in anything near what they would consider fashionable, so I grabbed my sons hand and slid ninja-like through the crowd until we were safely out of eyesight.
·         Had my first soy latte, and immediately regretted it.
·         Found some shoes I loved but unless I was willing to sell one of my sons’ kidneys on the black market, alas they would grace someone else’s lucky feet.
3 long hours later Hubby was ready to be picked up. The visit went ok. His infraction rate was the same as last time, not getting worse, which is good news. But he is going to need to have a de-fribulator put in. It’s a little mobile one that sits under the skin (about the size of a business card), and it regulated his heart beats and shocks the heart if it stops beating. Which it could do any old time. Only thing with the defrib in, he won’t be able to operate anything that gives off a lot of electrical charge, like the welder, or be near a car starter motor when it’s turning over, things like that. But that is just a small price to pay, if it means keeping him alive longer.
And heck, I love the guy, kinda want him to stick around…lol.


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