Oct 11, 2010

Heads and eyes...

As you can see I have a new header, which I made myself. I used a combination of windows paint (for the basics) and Jasc Paint Shop Pro8. I am just learning how to use Jasc so I kind of just bumble around the programme at the moment. But all in all I am pretty pleased with today's effort. Hubby told me I was quite talented, and he doesn't give out the praise too often (being an IT geek and very adept at computers), so I think it's not to bad.
Saw Despicable Me with the family today completely free! It was a great movie. Very kid friendly.

I had my eye appointment Friday, and they still can't see what is wrong, apart from a blockage in some of the vessels near the optic nerve. So I have to have more tests. Another Florescien Angiogram, and some weird electrode-flashy lights-thingy, and more vision field tests. They are thinking it's some type of  "White Spot Syndrome" but none of the pictures of my retina match any of the typical ones shown for white spot. Plus, WS is supposed to fix itself, not get worse. It's really quite scary because they don't know why I'm losing my vision, and so they can't treat it, and it's getting worse. I really don't want to go blind in that eye!

I should probably mention that Hubby and I are doing IVF. Due to unfortunate circumstances that is the road we have had to take to have a baby. Our first egg collection and fertilisation only resulted in two useful little embryos. Sadly three died :(. The first attempt wasn't successful :( and so we now only have one left. But we decided that we would wait a few months while I got into better shape and better health. We are all on a healthy food kick, and so far its going good. Ive lost 30cm of my body. I joined the gym which is just a walk down the road and I absolutely love it. I do lots of cardio and weights as well. I can tell that I've gotten alot more fit, 5 minutes on the treadmill when I first started has now turned into 20 to 30 minutes at quite a speed. Go me!
We are going out to dinner tonight for my Hubby's birthday. To an all-you-can-eat buffet.
there goes the diet!



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