Oct 7, 2010


Well hello to anyone who comes across my little corner of cyberspace. I have been missing my old blog site (Yahoo 360) , so I thought I'd give this one a go.
While I have a few rare minutes to myself (hubby and son are at karate), I will just get the ball rolling, so to speak. What you will find on my page will be me. Honestly, I don't have time to make up some bullshit persona and fluff on about stuff I never really did. This is pretty much going to be my diary, with y'all listening in. (I love the word "y'all" don't you?. I have it stuck in my head after two weeks of reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels back to back. Everyone has their thing...). I digress... and do this (......) alot. I'll also throw in a poem or short story once in a while, as well as the ongoing, continuing saga of Betty. Who is a bus. A very old bus. One we were crazy enough to buy and decide we'd make her into a camper and travel around Australia in.
There will be pics, and possibly another page devoted entirely to Betty.

So tomorrow I have to go into the city to the hospital to get my dodgy left eye checked out again. I have lost about 60% of my vision due to reasons unbeknowest to everyone but my eye. But over the last couple of days it has been flipping out and now the bottom portion of sight has gone to. I'm scared to death that I'll completely loose my vision in that eye altogether, and my vision is crap to begin with! I've been wearing glasses for short sightness since grade one. Some...EHEM!..30 odd years ago. (*sigh*) I really..REALLY hate eye problems.

Anyway... My boys will be home any minute so I'll leave this first blog at that.



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