Oct 28, 2010

I could make props for sex Ed classes.

I didn't mean to! It just turned out that way!...Honest.
So as you know we are having a party for my son's tenth birthday on Saturday. Firstly in the morning we are going to let him open his presents, then make him go on a sort of treasure hunt to find the big one we are hiding in the workshop under the house. For months now we have had a new bike on lay buy. It's a seriously cool bike with just as serious price tag to. I can't wait to see his face!
All the game and loot bags are prepped. Hubby and I have been frantically constructing a Pinata. It's supposed to be one of Ben 10's aliens, but at the moment it looks like a giant sperm with legs and big pointy teeth. I could make a joke hear about a giant sperm pinata and whacking, but I won't. I must admit we have both been having alot of fun making it. Papermache sure brings back some fond childhood memories. Well actually I have done some more recently, when I constructed a giant dinosaur head to lean over the fence for my sons seventh party. Yeah I'm one of THOSE mummy's. The kind you eye jealously as she wafts in with perfectly cute, iced cupcakes at the school fete. Who's kid has the best home made costume, and who throws the most awesome birthday party's ever! My son is far from spoilt, but it is fun to do stuff for him like this.

On a note entirely not related. I received a text message from my mum today that left me a little disturbed. I am hoping her phone got some weird virus thing, because it got sent to me 4 times, or she sent it accidentally to me instead of my Dad (*shudders*), but it read thus : "hello sexy, fancy a kiss?"
I know, disturbing.
*sticks fingers in ears* "LA LA LA NOT LISTENING!!!..."
Here are some progress pics of said sperm/alien....

OK the teeth aren't on it in this pic but still... giant sperm right?


  1. Yup. That's a sperm. It's also hilarious.

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