Nov 1, 2010

R.I.P Alien

The awesome bike

For those who read my previous blog you will know that I was in

a dilemma about the piñata we were making for our son’s tenth

birthday party. Well do not fear! The giantsperm/alien, finally got

 Well and truly.
After attaching some creepy arms and me giving it a wicked paint
 job, it thankfully looked more like the alien it was supposed to be.
The kids had a great time bashing it with child-friendly-padded
-sticks, and when all the goodies had fallen out of it, my brother-
in-law stepped in to put the poor thing out of its misery with two
very efficient hits. (He’s a second dam karate- RAAF soldier and
could kill you with one finger. But he is a big teddy bear really,
unless you pissed him off)
The rest of the day was good, the children were actually not feral
at all, and behaved well. The parents weren’t sure we would last
 the entire three hours we’d allotted for the party but it all worked
 out fine.
A sperm no longer, now a scary alien dude

The final end of my pinata R.I.P Alien dude.


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