Nov 15, 2010

Love beyond Control - A Poem

Love beyond control.

What is this burning inside of me?
Is it the stain you’ve left on my soul?
The inner turmoil of love beyond control,
that grows deeper with every minute,
every second you are close to me?

How can I stand to feel this way?
This writhing, twisted agony
will send me beyond all that I know
All that I have ever cared for before,
has vanished from my blinded eyes

How can I stand to feel this way?
I can’t.
But it feels so damned good.
I can’t stop it.
I don’t want to.


 ©Copyright SWestlake 2009


  1. Powerful, glad that I came to your page. I am going to put you down as one to follow...nice to meet!
    I look forward to reading more.


  2. @ Caren THANKYOU!
    @ Jules You are so very welcome to my page. I, likewise look forward to reading more on yours.

  3. I hope you gave this to the person who inspired it.

  4. @ dbs, yep and we were engaged not long after!

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