Nov 17, 2010

How I Met Your Father...

Yeah I borrowed the title from one of my favourite shows, and tweeked it just a tad.

Photo taken by me :)
Listening to “The Wedding Singer” soundtrack (I am an 80’s freak) , I thought of how much I loved the movie, and then I realized why. I can totally relate the plot of the movie to my own life.  No I don’t mean tragic hair (although back in the eighties I probably did).
When Robbie and Julia first met they were involved with other people. Julia, with a complete schmuck who didn’t appreciate her,  and Robbie to long-time girlfriend who left him at the altar. When my hubby and I first met we were going out with different people to. We were both on the same online dating site and found each other through our interest of writing. So we exchanged a few friendly emails. Meanwhile his relationship with the female schmuck who didn’t appreciate him ended, and mine with the creep who told me I was “Bigger” than what he was used to going out with, quickly ended as well, when I told him to not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.  (Meanwhile he complained that these stick thin bimbos he goes out with either had too much baggage or no personality. I told him if he was ever going to find someone he needed to look beyond physical appearance and get to know a girl)
So our emails turned into phone conversations that lasted well into the night, and we decided a date would be the logical next step. The date was on the night before Mothers day, and we had arranged to meet at Sizzlers. Which, if I had given it any forethought, would have realized it would be packed out. So we got beer and pizza and headed back to my place to watch a movie. Yeah I know, stranger danger and all that, but I KNEW him. Like I’ve said before I can read people and I knew he was a good guy. Believe me I was careful. I was a single Mum. I didn't want any creeps in my home. The date went well, and no he didn’t stay the night. I had to work early the next day.  (He has since told me that all the way home that night he thought I didn’t like him and kicked him out cause I just wanted to get rid of him).
Long story short and we quickly fell in love and were married not long after, like Julia and Robbie. When you meet that person. The one who you can see living out the rest of your life with. Doing all those boring day to day things with. The one person you want to hold you when you are upset. The first person who comes to mind when you have something to tell. The one you wake up with and spoon in the mornings. The person you pour your heart out to.
When you meet THAT person, why wait I say.


  1. beautiful post!!

    I met my husband online as well (not in a dating site though) and YES you just KNOW!

  2. Thanks for writing, it was nice to hear and well written.

  3. My wife and I met doing something very Canadian: curling. Even though she was wearing yellow MC Hammer pants, I knew.

  4. @ Caren. I read something like that on one of your posts and you mentioned you'd like to hear how my hubby and I met so I thought I'd blog it for you.

    @ Jules. Thankyou very much!

    @ dbs.. hey! Don't knock the Hammer! I'm sure they were very alluring hammer pants. Every time I hear someone say "Stop" I mentally say "Hammer Time!" lol... Now I want to listen to M C Hammer......

  5. Glad to hear there is someone else out there that knows how to "read people". I met my husband at work when I was 18 and he was a manager to the store I was working for (a little candy shop, we were kids). It's been 11 years together, 8 married. A hard road but we knew when we met each other that we didn't have to keep looking anymore. We just knew. LOVE THIS POST!!

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