Nov 27, 2010


Depressed.  Confused.  Hormonal.
I'm all teary and girly and stupid at the moment. Stupid hormones.
Chucked a major hissy-fit before just cooking dinner. My poor hubby copped the brunt of it, and it was over the most stupid thing (how to cook the potatoes). I don't know how many more days of this I can take!
This sucks :(
It's amazing how many pregnancy symptoms there are that are similar to other things. I wish there was one all-telling symptom that made you go.. "AHA! Yep, I'm definitely pregnant!"
This Two Week Wait (yes there is a name for this hell) is the most frustrating time ever. You're in limbo. Torn between moments of absolute peacefullness, and then doubt and depression, and throw in a few irrational tantrums as well.
You're counting down the days, but they are going too slow.
Every little unusual tweak your body gives makes your heart race and your imagination starts running wild.
I'm over my hissy-fit. Think I'll go have a nice shower with my natural rose soap.


  1. I pray you get the news you are so hoping for! xoxo

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