Nov 14, 2010

Creepy Cats and Pimping Pumpkins

I love cats. But the cat next door is starting to freak me out! Every time I see it, it stares at me! And I don’t mean the normal cat stare they do long enough to make you feel like an idiot and then they eventually look away. I mean this cat STARES. Yesterday I was out in my garden and happened to look up to the neighbors’ second story window. There was the cat, sitting on the window sill. Staring.  It didn’t move a muscle. It was as still as a statue, and just kept up its creepy wide-eyed staring.  It was like a scene from one of Stephen Kings’ horror movies.
Eventually I was so creeped out I walked back inside and all the way to the door the cat just stared. And stared. Not moving an inch. It was like a fricken Mona Lisa, I could feel its eyes on me everywhere.  If I hadn’t seen it walking around the yard before I could have mistaken it for a stuffed one. I’m telling you this cat is freaky!
So we have this sort of rambling veggie garden in our back yard, and we have managed to nurture a pumpkin vine through the winter into a now thriving giant man-eating-day of the Trifids-like beast.  I swear I can SEE this thing growing while I watch it! I'm not letting any children or small animals near it. Anyway we had no pumpkins growing despite the abundance of flowers. We found out that there are in fact, male flowers and female ones. (like Trifids) Also, because we have no bees, the girls weren’t being pollinated. (been there girls) So I googled it and found out how to pollinate them myself. I can now proudly say I am the Barry White of Pumpkins. I have to get down there early in the morning (who doesn’t like it in the morning eh?), pick a male, strip him of his petals and, well you know the rest. Hubby laughs at me and asks if I would like some mood music. I have had a few failures, but then not everyone is going to get along are they? I have successfully pimped out one boy flower and we now have a pumpkin growing! It’s so exciting. The little bugger grows so quick to, it almost doubles in size each day.
We are still without a car, and probably won’t be getting it back for at least two more days. We are all getting cabin fever.  
Tomorrow I start the daily blood tests to see when it will be the best time to implant the last embryo. It’s all down to timing now. And luck and any other good vibes/mojo  out there I can take.


  1. where is the photo of the cat staring? I was hoping to see it! lol

  2. @dbs We've got another one! Damn I'm good!
    @ Caren I'm sure I'll get one, it does it to me all the time.

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