Apr 29, 2013

Gym Junkie

Hi people! I know it's been ages since I last did a proper post, and not just went the lazy way with a cute youtube video...

Anyway, just haven't really been inspired to write anything. Not that there has been anything inspiring to write about. Life is pretty mundane right now and that is a good thing. No nasty surprises to ruin my little world of sparkly calmness. :)


To coincide with our new healthy eating regime I have joined a gym again. YAHOO! The gym I joined is one of those cool 24 hour ones where they give you a swipe card to gain entry and you can pretty much go whenever you want.. like even in the midnight hour.. not that I would.. that would be spooky :( But it's open every day which is cool, even public holidays.. so I could ditch the family on Christmas day if I wanted to...not that I would.. that would be rude ;)
Anyway...I have my new Addidas runners and I am hitting the gym every day.. well except for those two days I had that migraine... but I am hitting the gym every other day! WOO! GO ME! yesterday I did weight machines and today I have sore muscles all over my body.. like even my BEWB muscles are sore! I didn't know I even HAD bewb muscles..... I do now... stupid bewbs. (don't tell my husband I said that).

Been doing lots of paintning, and crafting. Have finished my very first art journal which I will make a video of and post on youtube so I can put it on here for you guys to look at and ponder.

Finally bought myself an Xbox and have been slightly obsessed with Skyrim. We now have three Xboxes in the house.. so bad :) We even send each other messages on them.. um.. hello, you are in the next room, just shout it...lol. 
oh... maybe not THAT.. 
"sex?" (from Hubby) lol!

 We have decided we are sick of living here in this tiny unit and it is time to move back into a house.. So we are making plans.

and that's pretty much it for now :)
p.s. photos of my latest art projects coming soon.