Mar 30, 2011


Machu Picchu is on my Bucket list

For more years than I can remember, I have loved everything to do with the Andes. The land, the ancient Incan ruins, the people and their culture, and most especially their music. Something happens to my very soul when I listen to this music. One band in particular I have followed for many years. They call themselves Illapu.
A little background info:
Illapu (pronounced ee-YAH-poo), are a Chilean folk and Andean musical ensemble that was formed in 1971, in Northern Chile. Illapu comes from the Quechua word meaning "Lightning Bolt". Their music was Andean folk. In 1981, because of the repression under the Pinochet regime, they were forced into exile - going first to France and later Mexico City. In 1988, due to the improved political climate, they returned to Chile. Their 1993 album (En Estos Días), which contained the hit single "Lejos del Amor", won 7 platinum records. Their novel musical approach and aesthetics on stage gained them the recognition from music critics and praise from the general public.
Here is one of my favourite instrumentals.
The Atacameños (also called Atacamas or Likan-antay) are a Native American people who inhabited the Andean portion of the Atacama Desert, mainly in what is today Chile's Antofagasta Region. Their language is known as Kunza.

Mar 28, 2011

News on Knut

According to doctors, Knut died of an epileptic fit. An autopsy or necropsy was performed, and a cat scan showed abnormalities in his brain. Zoo staff and neurologists have confirmed that Knut suffered from the disease, likely inherited from his father, Lars.

Knut was hand-raised by zoo staff after his mother rejected him and his twin, who later died.. The cub became an overnight sensation in Berlin and around the world.
The first public appearance of Knut attracted camera crews from everywhere.
As he grew, animal welfare groups worried all the attention was causing him to behave abnormally.
He would sway to and fro, and imitate fans taking photos by lifting a paw to his face.

I am wondering now if this was a sign that something was not right with him physically, and maybe he was experiencing small fits, lifting his paw to his head in pain, swaying to and fro? It seems quite obvious this is the case. He was not alone in the enclosure as well, but lived with two other female bears. So it's not like he didn't KNOW how to be a bear..

I am also wondering if this is why the mother rejected her cubs in the first place. Animals have the ability to detect disease in others. They even have dogs that can detect an oncomming epileptic fit in their owners. I know it sounds cruel to humans but in the wild it is survival of the fittest and maybe their mother was just acting on instinct.

A crown of 600 or more people witnessed Knuts final moments, gasping in horror as the polar bear plunged into the water. One visitors home video has now been released and I have watched it. It is a very distressing thing to watch and I don't recommend it. 
It is sad that he didn't live out his life to his fullest potential.

Mar 24, 2011

CRAFT SHOW! and some other things...

Boy I have been so busy the last few days. I have had no time for blogger, and you all have been blogging away like mad. I will try and catch up at some stage, but I may miss a few.
I have had to juggle a few things the last couple of days. Looking after Broken Hubby, taking him to the hospital for a re-plaster, making meals, cleaning house, washing, mowing, home schooling, grocery shopping, visiting my parents etc..
I have barely had time to scratch myself!

But today was ME DAY!
The craft show has finally arrived and I made a BIG dent in the $300 I'd saved.
Got some bear making supplies, along with a new pattern. (With a free amethyst glass beaded necklace)
More awesome laser cut stickers.
Laser cut chipboard to make lots of pretty stuff. (I'll post pics of what I do)
A cool bag pattern.
Beaded handles for another bag.
Owl die-cuts (Owls were everywhere this year)
A pair of gorgeous half priced gold embroidery stork scissors.
looms for making fabric yoyo's (round ones and flower ones)

I'm sure there is more but I can't think right now. Anyway, here is my "loot"

Hubby nearly fell over (again LOL!) when I told him I'd spent all my money. But then it was my money so he doesn't care. He was just happy I was happy.  I was also pretty pleased with myself for successfully navigating my way through the city and back home again without getting lost.

My ebay parcel arrived a couple of days ago. It is the David Attenborough book "Amazing Rare Things". It was recommended to me by Ant and I want say a BIG thankyou to him. The book is simply wonderous! There are no photographs in this book but is instead full of beautiful hand painted and drawn pictures of plants, animals etc. If you are a fan of ecology, evolution etc then this is an awesome book to have. David Attenborough is my all time hero so I cherish this book. What I wouldn't give to have it autographed by him!

So that's about it for now. I'll drop by your page when I can, in between RL and crafting! LOL!

OH! Btw, I have not seen anything more of the freaky grey thing. I have heard it, but no sightings. I am thinking maybe it was just an extra springy mouse and I simply startled the crappers out of it......

Mar 20, 2011

R.I.P Knut.

  I was sad to learn of the death of the polar bear named Knut, who caused much controversy after he and his twin brother were violently rejected by their mother. Knuts twin died, but Knut survived, living in the Berlin Zoo.
Witnesses say that Knut was sitting on some rocks, then his leg started shuddering violently. He got up and started walking in circles before plunging into the water, where he floated to the surface, dead. The Zoo staff quickly erected a screen around the enclosure and later the Zoo was closed early. But not before one visitor captured the sad image of Knut, face down in the murky green water. I will not post the pic because it is too sad. If you want to see it I found the news story on the ninemsn site.
R.I.P Knut, your poor disturbed tragic life is now at an end. Be at peace little one.

Mar 18, 2011

RANTY SPRITE, Oh and Broken Hubby

As the title suggests, yes Hubby is broken and booboo'd. He did it at Karate. But not WHILE doing karate. Before it even started. He fell down some steps and broke his foot. On his "good" leg. The one that isn't full of titanium. So we spent the next day at Doctors and xrays and then the hospital. The last three nights we both haven't had near enough sleep, and I am tired and cranky as hell.
To add to my crankiness, it is that-time-of-the-month which resulted in me curled up on my bed in agony. It started while I was out grocery shopping so you can imagine how I was feeling driving home. I almost got out and throttled a boy I saw smoking. SMOKING! He was barely 12. Little shit. Stupid parents.
I got home and nearly threw a pack of toilet paper at my son. And discovered the checkout chick squished my lettuce. GGRR!
SO I'm tired, cranky, hormonal, and sore, and all cleany. Re-arranged the kitchen and cleaned it top to bottom. Stupid hormones.

There is a weird freaky grey thing in the room downstairs. This downstairs room runs the whole length of the house, and serves as the second lounge room, guest room, computer room and storage room. The other night I was watching some TV, and then decided to turn my computer off. As I got up off the lounge I saw some movement and this freaky grey thing kind of jumped and bumped and bashed into boxes and then sort of tumbled away out of sight. Leaving me standing there saying out loud "What the F**k was that?!!" Needless to say both son and hubby do not believe me. It's the mango throwing bat story all over again. No-one believes me! But I saw it dammit! I told my Mum, who believed me straight away. She thinks it may have been a native hopping mouse. So I don't want to hurt it. But it can't stay inside either.
 I will capture it and then they will see I wasn't imagining it.


Mar 15, 2011

A Princely Visitor.

I say! We are receiving a Royal visit from Prince William on Sunday. Apparently our very own Major wrote to the Prince himself and asked if he would visit our poor flood ravaged town before making his way up to Toowoomba. The Prince said he would. Our Major said Jolly good 'Ol chap we'll have a Barbie!
Yes. A BBQ.
Apparently Wills loves to BBQ. I found a number of pics of him on the net of him doing just that.
Although I have no idea WHAT he is BBQ-ing in this pic.

Looks to be the hind quarter of a Muttaburrasaurus (Australian Dinosaur, still alive and roaming the land today. Aapparently. Don't quote me on that :)

He is quite excited in this one. 'Avin a laff wid Bazza. (Don't know if that's the mans name but he looks like a Bazza (Barry)

He will be landing at our RAFF Air Base at 11:30 and having a big 'ol barbie with some of Australia's leaders and some people who were greatly affected by the floods. He said he doesn't want any POMP and ceremony, he just wants to be casual and talk to the people.
Well, Wills, that's what an Aussie Barbie is all about! Long as you BYO your own Grog then it's all good Mate!

This Lamb is a little too under done Wills! SHEESH!

I can just imagine another scenario at the RAAF Base. He will see our totally cool Black Hawk Helicopters and want to take one for a spin.

Wills to the Aussie RAFF Dude :"I say, can I take this 'ol bird up for a bit of a flutter?"
.........*awkward silence*..........
Aussie RAFF Dude : "Umm... I don't know..."
Wills *Pouty faced* (see below)'"Granny would let me!"
Aussie RAFF Dude *sighing*: "OKAY! Just for a bit"
Wills : "WEEEE!" *claps hands*

He is also touring Cyclone ravaged sites up north, which I think is tops! Good on ya Will.

Mar 13, 2011

It Paynes me to say...

Sitting there admiring how my new paints fit perfectly into my brush box, and thinking about my conversation with Ant about Paynes Grey, I decided to open it and have a look. I took off the foil lining and smudged a bit on some white paper only to find......



(I realise some of you may now be saying "Um, yeah, it's called Paynes grey isn't it?"

Like my Hubby did when I shoved the paper at him later.
"Look at this!" I cried.
"It's grey" Hubby replies.
"It's SUPPOSED to be a deep blue!" I say rolling my eyes. Uncultured hillbilly....
"Why is it supposed to be blue if it's called Grey?" the uncultured one asks.
"Cause that's what it's called" I say.

I will have to MAKE the Paynes Grey. So now, a little LESS happy with my new paints.

Hubby came back from the "Nuts and Bolts place" with a heap of storage containers he got for free. They were being thrown away after they went through the floods. There is nothing wrong with them. They are only covered in mud and muck from the flood water. So guess who washed each one, by hand? They were gross, and smelly. I used commercial strength germ killer on them to. I am having the little red ones and any of the blue ones Hubby has left over after he sorts out his workshop. There are also a heap of rectangular containers we can use for all sorts of things.
In other news...
We are moving.
That's right. MOVING!!! GGRRR!!!
We rent privately and the landlord wants to put the rent up by $100 a fortnight! Which is well beyond our means. So we have decided to move (Unless he can come up with a better amount).
What we have been thinking about though, is leaving this town altogether and settling in a small town further up north. It's a nice country town with lovely older houses (which Hubby and I both adore) and REALLY CHEAP RENT! Also, Hubby's dad has a block of land there, with a large shed on it. So we can store stuff, and have the bus there and work on it. Way more convenient. We have gone into moving mode and have been sorting things into what we are keeping, what will be sold in a garage sale, and what's for the bin. I emptied six boxes while Hubby struggled through his Bottomless box of computer cables.
So we are going to be super busy for the next few weeks. Unless the landlord comes to us with a better offer.

I was tagged some time ago from my  Ant who gave me this: I Count on you Award. I am supposed to answer this question:
"Do your witty answers pop instantly into your head when you read the post with an immediate urge to hit the comment button or do you have to sit and ponder?"

Well, it all depends. Honestly, most times I just comment and click the button. But in a situation which garners more of a thoughtful reply, I do sit and ponder. Sometimes I might even go research something before replying, so I get my info right. Other times, if I'm supped up on painkillers or a little vino then whatever pops into my head is what you're going to get, be it weird, silly, stupid, insane, or plain disturbing.

Mar 12, 2011

For Sherilin.

I came on here tonight to catch up on some tags but I first read a heart wrenching post from my friend Sherilin at laughingmyabsoff about the recent loss of two of their most beloved family members. Golden Retrievers Belle and Rosie.
I am blubbering all over my keyboard now. It reminded me of my beautiful fur baby's I have lost over the years. Funny how they wrap themselves so tightly around our hearts. We feel their loss as of a family member, and indeed that's what they are.

Sherilin, I am truly sorry.
My thoughts to you and your family.

Mar 10, 2011

Under the Weather

I love the cold months. It's my favourite time of the year. I love my winter clothes. My jeans, the cosy knitted cardis', my favourite crochet'd jumper, and my "little red riding hood" hoodie with the fluffy white lining. I love how crisp and clear the air is, and snuggling down under my ultra warm doona.
What I don't like about the cooler months, is that I seem to be sick. A lot.
Last year wasn't as bad. But the year before I wanted to rip my head off and replace it with someone elses. I was sick the ENTIRE winter. I am serious...the WHOLE season. I went to the doctor, who did blood tests. Nothing abnormal showed up. Except for a slightly lower iron count than usual. But he couldn't tell me why I was just constantly sick. "Just having a bad run" was his explanation to me.
Honestly I fell so ill, I was exhausted from the lack of sleep. Most nights I went down to our spare room and stayed proped up in bed, struggling for breath, not able to fall asleep. And even if I did I was afraid I would choke or stop breathing. It was very distressing. I would eventually cry myself to sleep from being so tired and so fed up. The only relief I seemed to get was driving around in the car with the sun on me to warm me up. We got a heater for our bedroom and turned it on before I went to bed. That seemed to help a bit. This was when I was still working to. It was one of the worse winters.
Now I have a cold and it's only the first few days of Autumn. I couldn't bear another winter like that one. I don't want to go through that again. I am trying everything to get healthy again.
* Lots of vitamin C
* going to the gym
* Clearing the house of dust
* Eating healthy
* getting enough sleep

Do you know of anything else that can help? I'll try anything lol!

Mar 7, 2011

Mermaid Hair.

taken from one of my poems...

Do you have a childhood fantasy that you have been able to somehow live in your adult life?
When I was a little girl, I loved to swim. I can’t remember back to a time when I didn’t know how to. I was in swimming club and surf life-saving club. Winning trophies when I was only seven years old.  Needless to say I spent a lot of time in the water, be it sea or pool, salty or chlorinated.  I spent more time under the water then above it. Because when I was little, I wanted to be a Mermaid.
I remember swimming under the ocean waves for as long as my little lungs could endure, pretending I had a long fishy tail, and flowing wavy hair. The movie “Splash” absolutely fascinated me and I loved Daryl Hannah. She was THE Mermaid.  And I wanted to be her.

But sadly I came to the conclusion that, eventually I would have to come up for air, I was never going to grow my fish tail no matter how many birthday cake wishes I made,  and that my hair would never be as blonde and wavy as Daryl Hannah’s.
The other night, while we were out to dinner for my birthday, I wore my hair out and my little niece commented on it. She called it... “Mermaid Hair”!
I was thrilled to bits.
Like how I tastfully smudged her butt?

Ok, so it’s not blonde, it’s brown, but it IS very long, and forms itself into beautiful wavy ringlets after I wash it. It’s one of my favourite things about me (there are not that many). And for her to comment on it, and for my sister in law to look enviously at it, it really made me think back to the days when a little girl splashed through the waves, so desperately wanting to be a Sprite of the Sea.

I have Mermaid Hair J

Mar 6, 2011

A BIG THANKYOU! Birthday ambush!

I got the best surprise yesterday. Some of my wonderful blogger friends had co-ordinated a strike attack  and I found some lovely birthday posts just for me! I was blown away! It ended what was a pretty good day just perfectly. Although, I WAS very full with two helpings of White Chocolate Mud Cake..... which made fluttering from one post to another very difficult.. LOL!
Anyway.. firstly I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, in particular these guys... (who I pretty much adore

antarescryptos , or as I affectionatly know him, Ant, wrote me a lovely post and made me this:
Thankyou so much Ant, your friendship and thoughtfullness is so very much appreciated more than you know.

I even had a wordfuse made for me by dbs at think.stew . dbs' wordfuses are famous and I was honoured to have one made about!

Thankyou, homie for being the best cyberfriend I could ask for.

I was next ambushed at VinnyC's who wrote a laugh out loud post and drew this:

I nearly fell off my chair after seeing this! I am still wondering how he managed to get her so anatomically correct, AND wearing a dress in one of my favourite colours..... Thankyou Vinny! You make me laugh every time I go to your page.

Thankyou for the birthday wishes from the always thoughtful, and thought provoking Loach, It was extreemly nice of you to mention me on your Friday post :)

finally the lovely paul reminded us that we all should have a little sprite in our lives, and to believe in the magical.
Paul, you are one of the nicest people I have the good grace to know. Thankyou for being who you are.

Thankyou to you all again, from the bottom of my heart. You guys totally rock!

Now I am all guessing you want to know what else I got for my birthday?. well, naturally I took pictures...
my son got me the pack of fine lined artist pens I've been wanting:

And because he knows I love Hello Kitty and buys me something of hers for my birthday and christmas every year, he got me a new gym towel...

Hubby, being the wonderful man he is bought me this!

A Sunbeam Cafe Series Mixmaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is so cool. All steal, no plastic bits, three different beaters, 850 watt twin motor, steal bowls. It's just like the one my Mum had when I was little. Except hers was green. These are usually around $400 but hubby found it for less than half the price! I love her. (her name is Felicity, yes I name EVERYTHING)

I also bought myself a pressie. I found this journal, and, because I love writing, this book just suited me to a tee! It's called "Vs" and on every page are two examples. you choose one and then write about your choice underneath. After, you turn the book upside down and they have analysed your choice for you. Some of the V's are,
Love Vs Lust
Viking Vs Samari
Healthy Vs Wealthy
Clothed Vs Naked
Nirvana Vs Pearl Jam
Denial Vs Acceptance
and so on, there are heaps. I can't wait to start filling it in..

We went out to dinner at my favourite all-you-can-eat place called "Mihi". My sister in law and her family came to. Thankfully Hubby's mother did not. They gave me a cool coffee eco mug, and a boxed tea serving set with cute cupcake motifs on it.
All in all it was a nice day, made all the better because I had my parents there, and because of all of you wonderful people here on blogger.

Thankyou for making my birthday a most enjoyable one indeed.

Mar 3, 2011


I started out writing about how it’s my birthday on Saturday, and how it makes me feel a bit sad and how dumb my siblings are and how much I miss my parents. Blah blah blah...
But you know what?
I’m over it!
Over having them make me feel like crap.
Over being depressed about getting older.
Yeah I still miss my folks but it’s not a big thing.
So you won’t be reading any sookie la la posts from me!
Hubby and son are off to Karate tonight where they will be taught buy a special visitor from Japan. A sensei who is an eighth Dan black belt. It’s super cool. They have a session with him tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday morning. (Yes the morning of my birthday but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity). Our son is a little nervous. Apparently this old dude speaks very little English and you aren’t allowed to speak to him anyway. Unless spoken to. I know, that because it is such a big deal, my son will take note of everything this guy says and teaches.
I’ve been working on a picture for the tags I’m going to put on my things we sell at the markets. It’s a cat that I made to look like Moby. It’s taken me quite a while to get it to this point and I still don’t know if I am happy with it. It will only be small so whatever I do on it, it needs to be clear. This is it so far. What do you think?
It will be much smaller than this, but you have to work big for it to look good small scale.

It’s time to harvest some of our pumpkins and so far the ones we have got have been huge. We have two and gave another one to the neighbours for looking after Moby while we were on holidays.
Apparently Moby is quite loved by the neighbours. On both sides of our house. When we leave on our trip around Australia we are going to have to give Moby away. I am sure the neighbours will take him. I’m not going to give my furbaby to just anyone. We may just give him to them to look after until we return, I’m not sure yet.
So just now I received in the mail a birthday present from my parents and also one from a lady who we used to live next to who I love like a grandmother. She sent me this beautiful book mark that just made me cry.

Isn't it beautiful? *sniff!*

And then...
My parents rang me to tell me that they will be HERE TOMORROW! WOO! So HERE for my BIRTHDAY!! I’m SO HAPPY!

(*does happy dance*)