Mar 10, 2011

Under the Weather

I love the cold months. It's my favourite time of the year. I love my winter clothes. My jeans, the cosy knitted cardis', my favourite crochet'd jumper, and my "little red riding hood" hoodie with the fluffy white lining. I love how crisp and clear the air is, and snuggling down under my ultra warm doona.
What I don't like about the cooler months, is that I seem to be sick. A lot.
Last year wasn't as bad. But the year before I wanted to rip my head off and replace it with someone elses. I was sick the ENTIRE winter. I am serious...the WHOLE season. I went to the doctor, who did blood tests. Nothing abnormal showed up. Except for a slightly lower iron count than usual. But he couldn't tell me why I was just constantly sick. "Just having a bad run" was his explanation to me.
Honestly I fell so ill, I was exhausted from the lack of sleep. Most nights I went down to our spare room and stayed proped up in bed, struggling for breath, not able to fall asleep. And even if I did I was afraid I would choke or stop breathing. It was very distressing. I would eventually cry myself to sleep from being so tired and so fed up. The only relief I seemed to get was driving around in the car with the sun on me to warm me up. We got a heater for our bedroom and turned it on before I went to bed. That seemed to help a bit. This was when I was still working to. It was one of the worse winters.
Now I have a cold and it's only the first few days of Autumn. I couldn't bear another winter like that one. I don't want to go through that again. I am trying everything to get healthy again.
* Lots of vitamin C
* going to the gym
* Clearing the house of dust
* Eating healthy
* getting enough sleep

Do you know of anything else that can help? I'll try anything lol!


  1. Keep hydrated. Considering that we human beings are mostly water, I think this is an important strategy to deal with everything.

  2. Yup. You've got most of it covered and I'll mail you some more if you want.
    Sage tea-pretty good antiseptic, but don't have more than two a day.
    Kale for iron and I know gross, but chicken liver.

    Check your previous post. Rest and feel better soon.

  3. P.S. Gaaaaaarlic. Copious amounts of it. You won't be able to smell it right now. Moby won't care, hubby might.

  4. @dbs I do drink a fair bit but probably could do with more.. Thanks.
    @Ant Ew! Ew! Chicken liver!
    I have Broccoli for the iron. Might get some lemons, and we have REAL honey to.
    Garlic, ok,, swallowed whole? (a friend of mine used to do that)
    I'm thinking ginger as well?
    I have an awesome juicer, might go make some awesome

  5. There are several yogic exercises that I do to keep myself healthy. They're relatively simple, not too difficult, and most importantly they WORK. I avoided the flu all together this past winter. :) I also take organic multivitamins and get a lot of sleep.

  6. Thanks Sunny, I'll check out Esther Eckhart on youtube :)

  7. Oh dear...I hate being sick too. Not sure I can add anything useful. Hope you feel better soon :-)

  8. Seeing the acupuncturist as soon as I feel like I might be getting a cold. At the end of the treatment she gives me a back and neck rub to die for! Mmmmm!

  9. @ChocAngel thanks, me to :)
    @Carol I've had acupuncture for my back once, it wasn't terrible. If the cold gets bad I might look into that.

  10. drink plenty of water
    vitamin c
    zinc for immune system
    selenium...Selenium helps white blood cells to make cytokines-proteins which help remove flu viruses from the body
    elderberry....inhibits neuraminidase, the enzyme used by the virus to spread infection to host cells
    garlic ...anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-fungal and an immune booster
    Echinacea..immune booster

    from this list and some reading i did if you take a mix of garlic and enchanea you more than halve your chance of catching the flu.

  11. @IWBY WOW! Thanks for the info :)
    I've got the garlic and vitamin C covered and I'm trying to eat foods high in zinc as well. I will see what others I have...

  12. If it's a cough - strepsilsssssssss! I know how you feel, first week of uni back, and half of us have colds. It isn't autumn, winter is early!
    Hope you feel better soon :)

  13. I take an acidophillus every morning, to keep my immune system strong. And at night...Vitamin C, E, a multi-vitamin, garlic, B-6, etc... I'm fighting to keep my immune system strong all the time. So's working! I haven't really had what I call a "bad" cold in about 3 years! :-)

  14. Start lying in the sun now where it comes in your windows. That always helps me anyway. :)

  15. Like the others said, get plenty of vitamin C & stay hydrated. Avoid being in the cold as much as you can & like Paul said stay in the sun.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  16. @Ruth Thanks. Never liked strepsils. BLECK!
    @Poetess I think I'm going to have to get serious about it over the colder months.
    @Paul, good advice :) thanks.
    @Vinny I will, and I hope so to :) thankyou.

  17. Pretty soon you'll feel like a holistic pharmacy.;)

    How are you and son feeling?

  18. love that graphic! Please take care of yourself, get some rest and feel better soon!

  19. @Caren, thankyou (HUG)
    @Ant Nose feels better at the moment, but I am all achy and my neck and head is killing me.

  20. Increasingly scientists seem to be finding that Vitamin D deficiency is linked with chronic illness. As such I would suggest having your levels checked and supplementing as necessary to raise them to healthy level.

    Vitamin D is not really a vitamin but in fact a hormone and as such it can have significant impact on overall boy processes.

  21. Hey, I tagged you. I know it was mean of me to take advantage of you being sick, and therefore not being able to run, but I did it anyway. So, have fun with that.

  22. @Loach hmmm.. that's really interesting...
    @Paul oh you fiend! LOL!

  23. 1. Select one medium size orange.
    2, Roll across counter top to set the juices flowing.
    3. Take a sharp, clean (naturally!) knife and remove peel.
    4. Place orange in pulper and extract approximately 1/2 cup of juice (with pulp).
    5. Pour juice into ice-filled tumbler.
    6. Fill tumbler to rim with tequila.
    7. Repeat. A few times. If you run out of oranges, you can pulverize a few orange (or tangerine) Smarties and mix with water.
    8. After several "Uncle Al's Tonics," shove orange peel in mouth and chase young children around the house.
    9. Fall asleep in front of TV.
    May not cure a cold, but with the hangover you'll have the next day, you'll forget all about sneezing and that runny nose.

  24. Al, no drinking before noon. You've been sleep-walking on my lawn again.

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  26. You got tagged too? Poor sprite, with the headache and not running away. Can you still fly?

  27. @Ant, nope. Wings are out of action at the moment.

    @Al "He said hands in the air and hand over your keys..."

  28. BTW Ant, I've already done MY 19 questions... Have you?

  29. OO! cool. I've been creative too. Bear making, and gift tags.

  30. Is that what you'll be selling? Wait, now I'm confused, the tags were for an art fair right?

    Just saw: "Uncle Deebs". Awesome.

  31. Are you back to fluttering around? Am I now having a conversation with myself on 3 posts?

  32. The gift tags are the size of a business card. I got a packet of 50 plain white ones at the last craft show. I've been doing all sorts of stuff to them. Yeah I probably will sell them. I do cards to. I took pics, so I'll post it some time.

  33. I had coffee and painkillers....
    Do you think Deebs will like it? Heh...

  34. Love to see them. Haven't made cards in a while, takes too long because I use calligraphy. Miss it though plus I have boxes of blank cards and envelopes. Mmmh.

  35. Hyper and painfree? Oh, no....

    We'll find out *evil grin*

    Seriously though how are you and little man feeling?

  36. I stamp them, and also colour them with chalks, or the watercolour pencils. I also like to use those detailed lazer cut stickers.
    I like doing calligraphy to, though I don't have any pens at the moment.
    Not relevent, but,
    listening to Jona Lewie. HEHE! He is so weird...

  37. We are feeling better, have both been getting into the

  38. Handmade stumps (made myself laugh), I mean stamps?

    laser cut stickers (gotta look that up)

    Glad to hear, garlic is pretty amazing, just don't burn your mouth. Poor hubby, though. Strange how it doesn't bother the cats.

  39. Well I don't kiss my cat, so it wouldn't. :D

    I almost knocked Hubby out before.... LOL!

  40. Just make him eat some too.:)

    Spritey, signing out (have work to do on the weekend whine) and someone needs help with something;). See you later. (sooner probably, I excel at procrastinating)

    speedy recovery!

  41. Scroll, scroll, scroll...hi. The other post is too sad to be silly on.:(

  42. I thought the same about your Tsunami post :(


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