Mar 18, 2013

So Freaking Excited!!!

After being on the wait list for pre-sale tickets for months...

exactly 9am I refresh the page and the [BUY TICKETS] tab comes up.. 

it directs me to the floor plan and I click on a seat...

it's gone! click..

Gone! click..


the next seat...YES! the seat next to it?
NO! It's gone to..

seats are disappearing right before my eyes..

Hubby is hovering behind me.. "Go to the next balcony!"

quickly click on that page and click on a seat... yes..

the seat next to it??


hurry up, click on [PAY NOW]...



Crap! quick! type.. type.. hands shaking..panic!   finished.. go back to booking..

OMG seats are still there!!!!!!!!!

click [PAID]

"Congratulations, Your booking has been confirmed. Your tickets will be sent to you via mail.......etc.."

YAY! YAY! ok.. breathe now... calm down...

(now off to dentist appointment that started 5 minutes

Well that was nerve racking. But the look on my sons face when I told him we are going to see our Idol Sir David Attenborough in June...


Mar 14, 2013

Miniature project

As you know I am a sucker for anything miniature, and since my other little projects (the curiosity shoppe, steampunk pin cushion, and whimsy lane) were so well received at the shop (they all sold at Christmas) I have been inspired to do more. This is my latest. It's another fabulous mini from Twiddleybitz. They market it as an ATC (artist trading card) hinged box, but, you know me..I like to think OUT of the box! 
I decided this would make a perfect miniature perfume cabinet. Hope you like it :)
first, this is how it comes, in pieces with instructions:

 and this is my interpretation. A beautiful little perfume cabinet!

 The shelving I added in..
 the perfume bottles I hand made from beads and metal bead ends, and miniature glass bottles.

 This bottom shelf has a recipe book in the back, a jar of rose petals, and a jar of lavender sprigs, all hand made by me. The lavender sprigs are so tiny. It's my favourite part of the whole piece.