May 29, 2013

A little research goes a long way.

I am so sick of people posting things on facebook without doing a little bit of research first to see whether it's true or not.
 I mean, it only takes one or two clicks to search the website. It's ridiculous and stupid. 
There. I said it. 
I get so annoyed when I see these things in my news thread, because they are from people I know.. even family. Some times I let it go, but other times, when the post is potentially harmful I need to say something and just politely point out that the post is a proven hoax.
People who click and share these "READ THIS! THIS IS REAL!..." type posts are just adding to the masses of unnecessary hysteria, and making more stupid people too scared to leave their own homes for fear of  having their organs harvested, knocked out by Ether laced perfumes, or my favourite, contracting Leptospirosis from a soda can that some rat peed on.
 Just the fact that it says "THIS IS REAL!!" in capital type, and followed by many exclamation marks no less, should give them a clue that this post may not be entirely true. Some of these hoaxes are so old, they have even had some editing done to them to bring them up to date with the times. So before you share these crap posts please, for the love of all that is left sane in this world, please do some research.

End of rant.

May 16, 2013

Dancing to your own tune.

Today I was stuck in peak hour traffic. Annoyed at being delayed and frustrated at the slow stop and start motions of the traffic. As I stopped at a set of lights I noticed a man at a bus stop tapping his foot.
 "How odd" I thought. But then as I continued to watch this man, who looked like he'd just been for a jog, he suddenly broke out some funky dance moves, right there on the busy street in front of countless passers by. He wasn't wearing a MP3 player. There were no visible signs of headphones either. He then proceeded to walk/dance down the street, stopping periodically to dance on the spot. The dancing man instantly made my day and lifted my spirits. He had some moves.
He didn't care who saw him. He didn't care if anyone thought he was odd or off his rocker. He was just dancing. Dancing like there was no tomorrow. 
Dancing to his own tune.
 I could do that.

May 9, 2013

Moby went to the farm.

No don't worry! He REALLY did go to a farm.. a real farm.. 
Here is the story:

You all know that Moby was staying with a friend of mine until such a time we were in a place we could have him. Well my friend had to go down south to be with her dying mother, and so the next door neighbour was looking after Moby.
Yesterday I got a frantic phone call from her telling me that Moby had gone feral. Ripping up screen doors and windows and annoying the neighbours. Also a man who lived across the road was threatening to kill him. He had already thrown pots and things at him.
It was typical anxiety behaviour. He was used to being inside and suddenly he was outside and he is getting old and the weather is starting to get cold.  He is a very sociable cat so he was also lonely. It wasn't his fault.

We didn't know what to do. None of the refuge centres would take him, and the RSPCA would only take him if he went on the TBE list (to be Euthanized)!! None of our friends would take him either. My son and I pretty much spent the day crying, and I made a few sobbing phone calls to Hubby. 

Then son had a brainstorm.. what about his friends place? they live out on a farm, they have heaps of animals, cats, dogs, mice, turtles, snakes, ponies, sheep...cows.... perfect!

Only trouble was, me and his mother kind of had a little bit of a falling out, and I was hesitant to ask her such a huge favour. But I was desperate and needed a home for my kitty. So I sent her a text and nervously waited for the reply.

"Sure!" she said.."no problem!"

Massive relief.

So today we collected Moby, gave him a flea treatment and took him to his new home. He has his own little section of the house, where he can see outside, look in through the window at the kitchen, and when he feels more settled, wander around the farm. They will have him there until we find a new place to live. Which needs to be in at least three weeks. We are looking at a place tomorrow so fingers crossed for us!

And what's also cool, is that we are all friends again. Which I feel really good about. 

So Moby went to the farm, but it's not because he met with an untimely demise. He is on holiday! a Farmstay holiday!

May 7, 2013

My first arty video

So here is my first arty video uploaded on to youtube. It's of my first art journal, and the beginning of another. Hope you like.. oh it's 7 minutes long.. sorry.. :) The first take I did I was talking, but I felt a bit silly and said "Um" a LOT, so I edited music over

feel free to like and comment on it over at youtube if you want :)

More videos to come...