Dec 22, 2012

Moby says...

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New years. Thank you to all who take the time to visit my blog. See you in 2013!

Dec 20, 2012

Art and Christmas and a baby.

HI! well guess what? The Curiosity shoppe? It SOLD! on just barely a week in the shop and someone has snapped it up.. I am so happy. (And kind of smug now seeing that THAT was the first piece to go and Hubby thought I was wasting too much time on it.. heh) I showed him..
It has inspired me to get stuck into another project.. but not until the new year because...

We are going away for Christmas!
Never done it before, but we are mega excited. We are throwing the pressies into Anna Cabana and heading up north a little to a beach side town where my parents are, to spend the week with them. It's going to be so good. We are actually driving up there on Christmas eve..yeah I know crazy huh. But that's the way it's got to be because...

My horrid sister in law had her baby. Today apparently. A boy and both mother and bub are doing fine. So we are going to see them all before we go. To exchange gifts etc. Don't quite know how I am going to handle seeing her with the baby, but I will have to just grin and bare it I guess. *sigh* Did I tell you that she conceived that baby the exact time I lost mine? I know, it's not her fault.. I know it's irrational.. but I still kind of hate her right now.. Hate is a strong word...I don't like using it, but I can't help it. I know I will get over it and I slowly am, but it still hurts a little. So many friends I know announced they were pregnant at that time (my birthday as well), and I guess she was the last straw for whatever rational feelings I had left in me.
I'm getting better.

Lastly I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a safe New years. (We are driving back home New Years eve.. I know! We live on the edge of crazy here! lol!)  I love this time of year here. We live a few streets back from the beach, up a hill, and spread out around the area are more apartment blocks, and everyone has lights strung up on their balconies. It's so pretty. You walk out on to our balcony at night and it looks like a giant twinkling christmas tree. Just magic. Anyway... until I post again.. Merry Christmas everyone.
Love Sprite.

Dec 18, 2012

I love my Aspie kid.

So after the tragic events in America recently. people are now playing the blame game. The media is  jumping on every little fact be it truth or not and spewing out these untruths like a noxious gas. They are saying that the shooter may of had Aspergers, and that is why he went on this killing spree. They are linking Aspergers with other mental illnesses.

Aspergers is NOT a mental illness!!

My son has Aspergers.

 He recently graduated from junior school with mainly B’s on his report card. He successfully completed another karate grading last night with glowing reports. He is artistic, highly intelligent, sociable, cheerful, and empathetic. He does have his angry moments but does that make him want to go on a mass killing spree? NO it does not.

To say that all people with Aspergers are capable of this is ridiculously insulting and extremely uneducated. I am absolutely livid at the thought of people now seeing my beautiful, sensitive son in a new light.

My husband and I will now have to be extra careful when we talk about our son and it's all because of the stupidity of today’s media. It shouldn't be like that. We shouldn't have to defend and justify our son.

I am proud of my son. I love my Aspie kid. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Dec 9, 2012

First art showing

Hi there.
Well I now have all my art work in a shop in a ritzy part of the city. I attended a function there the other night and it all looked so good. My paintings up on shelves and my little steampunk pin cushion, miniature houses, and Curiosity shoppe in a class cabinet. 
Anyway, fingers crossed I sell

Here are some pics of the Curiosity shoppe. I spent so many hours on this thing.. finishing it only hours before I had to take it to the shop. There are hand made miniature leather books, bottles filled with mysterious substances, hand made toys, a pretty dress, a butterfly display, hand made shadow boxes and a parasol. Each and every corner, nook and cranny is filled with something. turn it one way there is something new to see. I love it.
Locked section

Hand made butterfly display and parasol.

Those front doors open.

The writers corner