Dec 9, 2012

First art showing

Hi there.
Well I now have all my art work in a shop in a ritzy part of the city. I attended a function there the other night and it all looked so good. My paintings up on shelves and my little steampunk pin cushion, miniature houses, and Curiosity shoppe in a class cabinet. 
Anyway, fingers crossed I sell

Here are some pics of the Curiosity shoppe. I spent so many hours on this thing.. finishing it only hours before I had to take it to the shop. There are hand made miniature leather books, bottles filled with mysterious substances, hand made toys, a pretty dress, a butterfly display, hand made shadow boxes and a parasol. Each and every corner, nook and cranny is filled with something. turn it one way there is something new to see. I love it.
Locked section

Hand made butterfly display and parasol.

Those front doors open.

The writers corner


  1. Wow, Sprite! This is fantastic! I absolutely love your work. I can't believe how amazingly artistic you are. I would think such a piece would fetch a pretty penny, indeed. I just love all the layers of intricate detail here. And I like the butterfly display best of all! :)

    I would imagine this will be snatched up pretty quick. I wish you could keep it for yourself, though. It's s shame to think of it potentially going to someone who doesn't appreciate your steampunkish sensibilities.

    But, good luck all the same! It truly is a work of art.

    1. aww.. thank you so much David. I would have loved to keep it but I can't keep everything I I also had to part with a painting I wanted to keep as well.. but decided to sell it to.

  2. What David said and I want those miniature books and journals.

    This could totally belong to a Harry Potter character.:)

    1. The leather book in the spell corner is a real book that can be opened... each page is aged. Did you see the ring? the precioussss... ? lol. That was my sons suggestion.

  3. Love it Sprite! I've got my fingers crossed for you as well, but I don't think you will have to worry about it selling.

  4. Wow. Impressive. I hope a film art director spots your work! You could make the most interesting film sets.

  5. Wowzer, Alittlesprite, you're amazing! xo


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