Nov 22, 2012

miniature houses

I received the missing piece from the house printers tray in the mail today (along with some extra free goodies! The folks at Twiddleybitz are beyond amazing!).
Anyway I have finished the miniature project so I can start on the tray. Excited. I just hope my ideas in my head look as good in reality :) I'll keep you posted on how I am going.
Here are the houses. The pack is called Wisteria Lane, but I think I will call mine "Whimsy Lane" (thanks to Stephen and Ant for the compliments on my touch of "Whimsy" in my work).
2,4,6 Whimsy Lane. Which house would you live in?

No.4 has the black kitty. You can't see in this photo but he has sparkly yellow eyes.

Notice the little birdie perched on no.6's roof?

The kit comes with just the raw houses and the windows and doors. The rest is from various Scrapmatts laser cuts I have been collecting over the years.
Next project...the printers tray!


  1. I have to admit: I like the "Adorable" house! They're all super charming though.

  2. I'd love to create beautiful things like these miniature houses if I had the time, and the patience, and the skill. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Stephen. Oh we don't have thanksgiving in Australia.

  3. Just made me smile.
    Reminds me of train sets and the miniature things one could find.
    Another spriteous craft.

  4. Your happy place (as mentioned in the previous post) makes us happy too.


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