Nov 21, 2012

My art space and more crafty things..

Hi there. 
Just thought I'd show you a couple of projects I've finished. One is the Advent Calendar and the other is a cute little mixed media canvas I whipped up late one night. 
Oh and also I have included a photo of my art table, in case you were wondering where I create all these
So here is the Advent Calendar... (oh, apologies in advance for the horrendous quality of the photos. I am yet to find a spot in my house where I can take good pics)

Now I just need to decide what to put in all those little drawers!

Here is the canvas..

Isn't it super cute? Not normally my type of style, but I thought I'd give it a go and now I am kind of in love with it. It's all paper layers and paint, watercolour crayons, pitt pens, stamps, and rub-ons. Something like I do in my Art Journal, but on canvas. Oh and I know the saying is one of the most clich√© out there "Home is where the heart is" but I like it and I think it is totally true.

So here is what you've been waiting for (lol) my art/craft space. Not everything is in this photo, I have a couple of little shelves down on the right side of the table filled with stuff, but you get to see where I work anyway :) I know it's cluttered, but that's how I like it, because everything is within my reach. Handy for when you are working with wet and drying things. 
As you can see, my art journal is there open to my latest page, which is actually a re-do on one I made earlier which I hated, so I stuck one of my poems over it and drew in the waves with my watercolour crayons. Then drew in some bubbles and spray with white pen. I wont explain what everything on the table is, it would take too long..but the table is really cool. We found it at a second hand shop. it can be raised and lowered and tilted! 
So that's my space. My happy place :)
My painting place is was down in the dungeon garage which is in the process of being sorted out so I will have my painting place back again soon..yay!

My next project was supposed to be the printers tray house but when I opened it I discovered a missing piece essential to the putting together of it. So I am waiting for the makers to send me a replacement part. In the mean time,  I am working on some miniature houses.


  1. Love. The advent calendar and the artwork. I've been feeling the need to be creative, but lack work space right now. I've been knitting instead. Your calendar is amazing. Looking forward to seeing your houses.

    1. Meg that's my problem as well.. My little art table sits behind the couch. and as for my painting space..well.. who knows when I'll get back down!

  2. I love the whimsy in your work. I wish my own artwork was as marketable as yours.

    1. Stephen your art is fabulous! Start painting again and I know there will be people out there wanting to buy.
      It's actually hard to make things whimsical so thank you for the compliments!

  3. I think they're all amazing! You are one talented sprite.

  4. Ant no do whimsy or cute. ;)

    I'm incredibly impressed though. It really looks like something that would go on display in a store.
    Wow, Sprite.:)

    1. aww thanks Ant.
      I guess because I am whimsical and cute it is just second nature to me hehe ;)


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