Sep 26, 2012

Festivals and birds

Hi people! 
Well spring is in fine form here and it's now school holidays and the time of year when there are festivals galore around here. One now being the Fringe festival. 10 or so days of family fun, music, rides and most of it free. During this festival is the Music festival. Which has anything from headline acts to jazz bands to solo artists and even buskers. A small portion of it, one small beach stage is free, the rest is very expensive, but I'm not worried as we can hear the music from the main stage from our balcony anyway. Free music for us! 

I have been sketching the subject for my next painting. A Major Mitchell cockatoo. So far I am liking the sketch. Hopefully it will look as good in acrylics on canvas as it does in pencil and paper.
You will need to see a real photo of this colourful guy to really appreciate his beauty. It's odd that I can paint birds well..given my fear of Painting real life things is not my first love but Hubby thinks they will appeal to people better than anything else. I like a little bit of abstract in my work. Not too much..just a wee smidge. And texture... I lurve texture!

Hubby is healing well and is now able to drive again. He can't do full on training at karate yet but he has gone back to help out with the lower belts. 

I have decided I do not like acoustic guitars. Hubby says he prefers them so he said I can play on his Fender.. woohoo! It's just so much easier...the smaller body, the easier strings... A full bodied guitar is way too hard for someone like me with ample...assets. :)

And that is about all that is going on in my world at the moment. 

Sep 12, 2012


Poor Hubby has had a little bit of a set back.. nothing serious, but he has haematoma very badly. Basically a lot of bleeding and swelling under the skin at the surgery site. It has put such pressure on that area that he is in unbearable pain. He was in so much pain he woke me up at 5am to take him into the hospital. We were worried he may have had an infection or pulled out one of the leads.
Good news is that the leads are fine and there is no infection, which could have been very bad. Very, very bad.
Basically there is nothing he can do but keep resting and taking the pain medication. It is very hard to watch though. He is in so much pain, and there is nothing I can do to alleviate it. The pain meds work sporadically. He is not getting much sleep either. The doctor is certain that it will start getting better now that the swelling has gone down. I just wish it would go quicker.
One thing we are a little pissed off about is that they were a little misleading at how brutal this procedure was. Everyone said it was in and out and paracetamol at the most. Hubby said it is the worst pain he has ever been in and he has an insane pain threshold. He is literally black and blue and yellow with bruising. It looks shocking.
I just feel so helpless.

Sep 8, 2012

Thank you

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.

Hubby is home. All be it very sore and booboo'd, but ok.
The surgery went fine, and the device is working as it should. It doesn't stick out as much as we thought it would. He is currently sleeping as he is all drugged up on really strong pain meds.
I now also know exactly how my Mum felt when she was waiting to hear from the hospital when my Dad had his surgery. It really sucks. A couple of times when the phone did ring it was only people ringing to see how it was going. I suppose their intentions were good but it kind of scared the crap out of me, every time it rung.
Anyway. At least I have him home now and my parents are bringing my boy home tomorrow. I missed him so much!

Thanks again for your support. It was very much appreciated, and helped a lot.

One very happy Sprite :)

Sep 5, 2012

This is it.

Tomorrow we drive into the city for Hubby's pre-admissions clinic. The next day is his operation. On Tuesday our son went off with his grandparents for the week. This will be the longest I will have been away from him and I am missing him already:( He is having a mini holiday. He did two weeks of school work in one week so he deserves it, the clever little dude.
As we are staying in the city tomorrow night we decided to go out for dinner. Haven't decided where yet but it will most likely be our favourite Japanese restaurant where we like to go for special occasions. 

Totally unrelated to this post but I thought I'd lost something dear to me, but it has returned, and I am glad. Sorry for being cryptic but just wanted to say that.

Anyway, I don't know when I will be able to post next but I will update you when I can. Thank you for all your thoughts and well wishes.
We will be OK.

Sep 2, 2012


So we are nearing the date of Hubby's surgery. I will admit that I am more than worried. Hubby said to me this morning that he was scared. I said I was to and I didn't want him to leave me.
I am trying to be as positive as I can, but it's human nature to also have those doubts creep in and settle in ones mind. I mean every time we do something I think "Could this be the last time we do this?". "Is this our last Sunday drive?". "Is this his last Fathers day?".  "Is this the last time we kiss on this beach?"...
I know I should try to stay positive, but sometimes the bad thoughts overcome me and I feel overwhelmed.  And more than a little scared.
It's like we are both trying to make an effort to do as much as we can. We haven't said so out loud, but it's what we are doing.
It's a scary feeling. Thinking that the one you love could be taken from you too soon. I know that one day, eventually, I will loose him to this disease, but I don't want it to be from complications arising from surgery.

It's just too soon.