Sep 26, 2012

Festivals and birds

Hi people! 
Well spring is in fine form here and it's now school holidays and the time of year when there are festivals galore around here. One now being the Fringe festival. 10 or so days of family fun, music, rides and most of it free. During this festival is the Music festival. Which has anything from headline acts to jazz bands to solo artists and even buskers. A small portion of it, one small beach stage is free, the rest is very expensive, but I'm not worried as we can hear the music from the main stage from our balcony anyway. Free music for us! 

I have been sketching the subject for my next painting. A Major Mitchell cockatoo. So far I am liking the sketch. Hopefully it will look as good in acrylics on canvas as it does in pencil and paper.
You will need to see a real photo of this colourful guy to really appreciate his beauty. It's odd that I can paint birds well..given my fear of Painting real life things is not my first love but Hubby thinks they will appeal to people better than anything else. I like a little bit of abstract in my work. Not too much..just a wee smidge. And texture... I lurve texture!

Hubby is healing well and is now able to drive again. He can't do full on training at karate yet but he has gone back to help out with the lower belts. 

I have decided I do not like acoustic guitars. Hubby says he prefers them so he said I can play on his Fender.. woohoo! It's just so much easier...the smaller body, the easier strings... A full bodied guitar is way too hard for someone like me with ample...assets. :)

And that is about all that is going on in my world at the moment. 


  1. I had a Fender Stratocaster that I liked when in the 1980s. I have a Gibson les paul now which sounds wonderful but is quite heavy to carry.

  2. I hope we get the chance to see and admire your acrylic painting when it's completed.

  3. @Laoch...a les paul? cool.. Hubby is drooling! We bought our son a stratocaster.
    @Stephen Will post a pic when it is done.

  4. The cockatoo is looking great. I hope you post pics when it becomes a painting

  5. The drawing is looking good, can't wait to see the painting! I haven't painted anything since finishing my last turtle at the end of May. My son has a Stratocaster HM, and loves it. Glad your husband is feeling better and things are going well!

  6. That is beautiful!!!! And I'm so glad you all are on the mend. That's good news indeed.

  7. I canz pets him?

    Noice. And lol to the guitar comment.

  8. @Meg thank you! Yeah our son loves his Strat to. It's really nice to play. You should get back to painting.. oooo! Or find some classes over there in Japan... that would be cool taking a class from an old Japanese master... omg.. *faints*
    @Lizbeth thank you! yes things are finally looking up.
    @Ant lol.. he would bite your fingers off!

  9. Happy your hubby is improving.


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