Jan 4, 2013

Good news, tidbits, and some funny s**t

Well hi!
I was going through my emails after we got back from holidays when I came across this one from YouTube...
Hmm.. I thought.. what did I say? must investigate. So I clicked the click here link and prepared myself to scroll through the comments to find mine, when, low and behold... I had hit the holy grail of YouTube commenters everywhere...

TOP COMMENT!! OH YEAH!! Exciting stuff there people.

...is it sad I screen snipped it?
moving on..
Well I have sold FIVE..that's right F.I.V.E!! paintings at the shop.. Hubby is so proud he is ringing everyone..lol. He is so cute.. So I need to get cracking and paint, paint, paint!

Holiday was a great get away, but we have arrived at the conclusion that holidaying in a tiny caravan in SUMMER is NOT fun. Good thing my parents had air-con in their little cabin. And the pool was great as it is always covered. It even comes with it's own pool ducks.. yes you heard me.. POOL...DUCKS. well I never saw them in the pool, but everyone else did. I only saw one and it was standing beside the pool, watching me creepily as I walked past it to the bathrooms.
For chrissy I got a sony bloogie which is a little pocket cam corder thingie..so be prepaired for some more videos. (when I get around to it) I love it and it goes with me everywhere. I think Hubby loved his gift from me just as much.. I got him a "ten piece Kinchrome single wave metric spanner set" (try saying that before your morning coffee). Gee I am a good wife, buying him tools. You should have seen his little eyes light up. lol.

lastly I wanted to share something for all you gamers out there. My son shows me some funny things on Youtube. I have discovered a guy called Tobuscus who does these literal interpretations of previews for movies, and, games. Here are a couple of my favourites...


THE ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM (OMG I am totally addicted to this game!!)

anyway... I'll leave it to you if you want to watch more.. he's done "Iron man", "The Hobbit", "COD" and many more.