May 30, 2011

Where do Balloons Go?

A beautiful little video by my now favourite directer,  Yoann Lemoine. You will love it.

May 29, 2011

The Perfect Wren.

As I may have told you, my little family of Wrens are one of my favourite photo subjects. Although actually getting a good photo of one is near impossible! The critters never stop long enough! Yesterday I was sitting in my car, waiting for Hubby. I had my camera out as I heard the Wrens on the other side of the bush they live in. I managed to get this shot. It's through the car window, so may be a touch frosty, but just look at it! The BEST Wren photo I have taken so far. Isn't she gorgeous? Now all I need is to capture the male.

I have downloaded Google Chrome and so far so good. No problems on Blogger  and it seems to have fixed my Facebook problem to. Oh and automatic spell check? NOICE!

Oh and if you are a Windows XP user, don't bother upgrading to I.E9, because Microsoft didn't make it compatible. It's only for Windows 7 and Vista users, as XP is being fazed out eventually.

May 27, 2011

Trouble posting Comments? try this...

I know it may not help everyone but this worked for me when I couldn't post comments....

When you sign into blogger, make sure you DON'T have the "Keep me signed in" box checked. Apparently blogger does not recognise you as signed in when you go to someone else's blog and if it even lets you comment, you will leave an Anonymous comment.
so UN-check it!
Hope this helps some of you :)

May 25, 2011

"The Plastic Bag Incident" and other random stuff.

First of all I was inspired by Ant HERE, to write this post.

"The Plastic Bag Incident"
Years ago, I was working on a building project and had to buy some MDF board from the local hardware store. I got out to my car and popped open the boot. It was a very windy day and while I struggled with the awkward piece of MDF, half a dozen plastic bags escaped out of the boot and then went on a wild rampage through the car park and out into the street.
As I had both hands full there was nothing I could do, but shove the board into the boot and beat a hasty retreat. While waiting to pull out of the entrance driveway, I witnessed one car being pursued by two of the feral bags, another wrapped around someone’s ariel, one had flown high off to distant buildings and I swear I saw a couple graffiting a nearby wall.
Well not really, but the other ones I did.  It was forever then known as "The Plastic Bag Incident"
Never trust plastic bags. Environmentally damaging and prone to wild rampages.

Hubby doesn’t believe me when I insist that I.E is plotting to make me upgrade. Ever since I.E 9 got released my I.E has been playing up.
Messing with me.
But I’ll show it.....
I highly recommend saying a random word while you sneeze. For example..
Today, Son and I were sitting quietly, while he wrote a sentence for school. I could feel a huge sneeze brewing, and then, as I did so, blurted out:
Highly amusing. And liberating.

May 23, 2011

Being a supportive Wife

After apparently sleeping through the Rapture and finding out that all is still right and wrong with the world, I found myself sitting facing Hubby today while he obsessed over our Bus, Betty.
Because Hubby’s health has not been very good lately, and because this bus is just way too far gone for us to keep at it, we have decided that it is time to get rid of it and look for something else. Well, by that I mean Hubby has finally listened to me when I told him WAY back that this bus was too big a job for him/us. I decided to stand back and let him go, because he was happy and had something to occupy his mind. He is also a dreamer.
But now we have come to the decision that old Betty has to go. But, we are still going to buy a bus. Just a newer one. Which may take some time. But there you have it.
Anyway back to my story. Hubby was sitting at the end of the table, obsessing about bus stuff. Rambling away like he does, his inner monologue spilling out for me to hear as well. While I sat there half listening, concentrating on my morning coffee (which I loved more at the time).
He then looked at me and asked “What do you think?”
I am very supportive. I like to give my opinions when I have one to give. So I answered...

“You need to shave. You’re starting to look creepy”


May 20, 2011

Project: Beanie

Well today I made the easiest and cheapest Beanie ever. Just two small balls of super soft .99c wool and treble (double) crochet and voila! One pink beanie to cover this frozen fairy's head. (wish I had had it on show night)
Hubby and son have put in their orders to. Just not in pink. :)

On my noggin.

Close up. It's actually a bit pinker than the photo. Stupid lights.
Have had my parents staying for a couple of days. My Dad got the all clear from the specialist so they are going to be off on their travels again towards the end of next week. They are going to head north this time and visit my little sister and big Brother in our home town. It was nice having them here for a while. I do miss them terrible some times.
Apart from that life in general has been rather slow. I am still not feeling well. I have started taking Olive Leaf Extract and I am feeling a little better, but then today was a warmer day. I think I have simple gotten allergic to winter, which is ironic because winter is my favourite month. Hubby wants me to go back to the doctor for tests and chest xrays. I've never been officially diagnosed with asthma but I have the ventalin inhailers the doctor gave me when I had broncitus. I really don't feel like going back to the doctor but I guess I should.

Hubby has been able to do a few hours to our bus. Remember Betty our bus? yeah I would have forgotten about it to if it wasnt sitting in our driveway like a big broken down....well... bus! We got some proper etch primer for it and hubby has been sanding and spray painting away. Its looking better and better. We still have a ton of work to do on it, but we've hubby has made a start on it again.

I have been working on a few arty projects that have taken up my time when I'm not running round doing everything else. I will show you when I am done. Oh and Hubby finally finished his bloody massive and weighs a tonne work bench :) So I will take pics of it to.

Today was a very dewy morning, I  found some weeds that had captured some dew drops in between their fluffy little flowers and they sparkled in the sunlight so prettily. SO I want to share with you my dewy morning..

The Bees loved it to
Have a great weekend everyone.

May 17, 2011


If you look like the Michelin Man, wave your hands in the air, like you just don't care!
Picture me in my red hoodie, with so many layers on underneath I looked like Santa, or the Michelin man dyed red. Anyway. That is how I spent my Saturday night at the show. I guess you guys would call it a carnival. But it has rides, sideshow alley, fireworks, bad deep fried food, creepy carnival folk, and various livestock. We decided to go for the evening, when there were more shows in the central arena. We got there early and had a wander. Looked through the arts and crafts pavilion. Decided I could SO totally win a prize doing something arty, or bakey. Hubby decided he would have won the best pumpkin prize had he entered one of our beauties. Oh well, next year.. Heh.
We even ventured into the bird pavilion. Hubby was looking at me funny, until he pipes up and says "I can't believe you are even in here". (you know, the feather thing) Anyway to show how brave I was, I started walking down one long, looong, alley with chickens to the left and right of me, just inches away, with all their feathers, and, and.... Nope, couldnt do it. Needless to say Hubby laughed at me.
So we then found great seats at the arena and parked ourselves there for the next four freaking hours. Four FREEZING hours. I mean, seriously FREEZING. I was an icicle. In my current unhealthy condition, not fun. I really didn't want to go in the first place, but our son had been looking forward to it for weeks and he had been so good that week. The things we parents do. Even if it half kills us. So I sat there, shivering, eating my bag of Fairy Floss. Hubby tried taking it off me at one stage..Clutching it to me protectively...I growled through chattering teeth...
"It's MY BAG OF SUGAR!"  A feet in itself I tell you.

It's MY bag of SUGAARRR!!!
So we watched camel races. yep.
And the demolition Derby parade
Then dirt karts..
Then I went inside for a bit to thaw out, missing the antique speedway cars.
Came back out to watch KAOS extreme motorbike stunt thingy. (A crew from Crusty Demons) Which was so cool. I'd never seen a stunt show like that before.
Then another bloody camel race,
Then a hypnotist
Then some old dude singing songs (another trip inside to thaw)
Then the fireworks. WOW! They were spectacular. Especially the finale, so big and loud and just glorious in the crisp clear (freezing) night sky. When I exclaimed "Holy Crap!" I couldn't even hear myself. May have been on a sugar high after consuming half a bag of floss.
Last was the demolition Derby, again, Id' never seen one so it too was great to watch, and funny.

May 14, 2011

Withdrawals and Arty Things

Hi everyone! Have we all recovered from our Blogger withdrawals yet? I see some of you still cowering in the corner there. Come on.. you can come out now.. Blogger is all better. I hope. No! Don't run away.. It's all good..maybe.
Yes. Definatly yes!
While blogger was on "holiday" I was being busy myself. I had to take my son into the city to his school for a test for three days. Its a big nation wide test that schools have to do each year for the government to see whats going on with our childrens education. It's called NAPLAN. So because our son is home schooled, we had the option of sending him to the nearest school to do the test, or bring him in to the distance school. We opted for the distance school, as there is no way he would have coped in the mainstream school. Unfortunatly it is quite a drive away. Through lots of peek hour traffic to. First day we drove in, and I went to the nearest shopping centre to do lots of shopping wait. Second day we took the train. Final day we drove again.
On the second day, we caught the train back to a station where you get off to access the Museam, the Art Gallery, the State Library, the Performing Arts Centre, the Science Centre, the Convention Centre and the Modern Art Gallery. They are all in one big area, that has lots of gardens, parks, sculptures, and water features. It's a great area. You always see people with canvases set up, or camera equipment, or even just lying around on the grassed areas, reading and stuff. I love it. So arty :)
We went to the Modern Art Gallery to see this exhibition that we have been wanting to see for a while. But we were too late! It had finished and they were packing it up. While walking past the Library I saw a poster of an interesting exhibition in one of their halls. So we went to have a look. It was called LUMINA and was so, so pretty. The room was darkened and only lit buy the various works of art made by two artists. There was a chicken made up of shards of glass and fibre optics who changed to the colour of the scarf you waved in front of him. There was a nest of soft white fluffy orbs that glowed in pretty blues and greens. You walked through a forest of trees that were strings of tiny mirrors that reflected lights onto the ground. In the middle of the forest were three glowing blue towers that were made of glass that looked like water drops. There were insects that looked like computer chips that lit up in green and red and blue, and had little LCD displays on their backs with random words running across them. Some of them were on the ground and others were running up the walls. It was an excellent exhibit.
After, we walked across the bridge back into the city centre which was buzzing with people. I love the mall, open-aired, full of different people. Performing, going to their jobs, shopping... We went to our favourite book store, which is set up in an old bank. Everything there is discounted, and then discounted again 50% off. They have everything from art supplies, to books, stationary, and gifty things. Very cool place.

It's been quite a week. Tonight we are off to the show! (Carnival I guess you would call it) We decided to go in the evening to see the fireworks, and the demollision derby.
I am also determined to get some fairy floss!

Here is a beautiful music video for you to enjoy. Load it while you read the post. I apologise for the stupid ad at the beginning.

May 10, 2011


I had to make a decision that I really didn't want to make, but it was necessary for me, to be able to get on with my life, even though I didn't want the path my life was taking by making that decision. It meant I was admitting defeat. Giving up on something I had been through so much to achieve. But not reaching my goal was tearing me apart. I had to do something. I had to make the decision to either carry on and loose myself, or put an end to it and live life as I should, without this heartache.
Making the decision myself, was in some way easier. But it still hurts, deep down, when I think about it.
Its gut wrenching, throat clenching, and eye watering.
But necessary.

Post inspired by dbs at think.stew 
p.s sorry if I bummed anyone out :(

May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Vinny C

HEY ALL! Today(It's the 8th somewhere in the world)  is the birthday of a very cool blogger friend called Vinny C at "as vinnycs it" . I jumped at the chance at doing a post for him, to return the favour so to speak, as he did an awesome post for me on my birthday, and hey, that's what cyber Hommies do!

Now at first I was stumped. What to do...? But then, Vinny I found you this....

I remembered :) Please be patient with it, the last 30 seconds are WAY worth the wait!

I also wrote you this:

Vinny C

There is this guy called Vinny C
No finer blogger you did see
His stick figures are rather racy
Especially the big boobed Lacy

Their social interaction posts are
The most informative by far
Just don’t call Diane a skinny bitch
You’ll end up bloodied, in a ditch

But be aware when A-Bomb lurks
Along with all his deviant jerks
To watch your mobiles and your bags
Else he’ll perform a snatch and grab

If you have not already done so
To Vinny’s page you should go
His posts are funny as can be
We all love a bit of Vinny C

Thankyou for being part of my wonderful world of blogger friends. You Rock Vinny :)

May 6, 2011

Hello again...

Well life is back to normal now. My little sister is back home after spending the week here. She had a couple of days spare at the end to spend more time with us. We shopped, visited our parents, and shopped some more. Boy can she shop! She was buying things for her New Zealand skiing trip in a few months. Gee, thermal underwear is not cheap! LOL...
We had to take her hire car (An Audi A7!!) back to the Airport on Sunday night. I followed in my car. Had a good run until we got to Airport drive and then the traffic was massive. There was seven lanes with big signs directing traffic to the places they needed to go. Luckily I took the right lane and pulled up to pick my sister up, just as she left the hire car place. This is the Zentangle I made of the experience..

So I have been slowly catching up on your blogs when I can. That's about it from me at the moment. I promise I'll have something exciting to say next Have a great weekend everyone.