May 25, 2011

"The Plastic Bag Incident" and other random stuff.

First of all I was inspired by Ant HERE, to write this post.

"The Plastic Bag Incident"
Years ago, I was working on a building project and had to buy some MDF board from the local hardware store. I got out to my car and popped open the boot. It was a very windy day and while I struggled with the awkward piece of MDF, half a dozen plastic bags escaped out of the boot and then went on a wild rampage through the car park and out into the street.
As I had both hands full there was nothing I could do, but shove the board into the boot and beat a hasty retreat. While waiting to pull out of the entrance driveway, I witnessed one car being pursued by two of the feral bags, another wrapped around someone’s ariel, one had flown high off to distant buildings and I swear I saw a couple graffiting a nearby wall.
Well not really, but the other ones I did.  It was forever then known as "The Plastic Bag Incident"
Never trust plastic bags. Environmentally damaging and prone to wild rampages.

Hubby doesn’t believe me when I insist that I.E is plotting to make me upgrade. Ever since I.E 9 got released my I.E has been playing up.
Messing with me.
But I’ll show it.....
I highly recommend saying a random word while you sneeze. For example..
Today, Son and I were sitting quietly, while he wrote a sentence for school. I could feel a huge sneeze brewing, and then, as I did so, blurted out:
Highly amusing. And liberating.


  1. So...Now I know where those plastic bags came from!! LOL

  2. Gave up on IE ages ago. Now Firefox gives me grief lol.

  3. @Loach ;)
    @Poetess It was ME!
    @Mynx Hi! thankyou so much for visiting and following my page:) I tried firefox once for all of five minutes. Could not work it

  4. We've got those green cloth bags - but we keep forgetting to take them to the supermarket!

  5. I don't trust plastic bags either. One got stuck under my car and as the car got hot it smelled like my engine was melting! I drove to the service station afraid that my car was about to explode and they looked under it and told me it was just a plastic bag - embarrassing.

  6. Plastic bags and umbrellas... very entertaining.

    Banana Phone, I will be using it in the future.

  7. Will tell my youngest (now 21) about banana phone. She likes to talk while she burps. She can burp most of the way from A-Z. We are so proud of her!

  8. Hahaha. "feral bags".Brilliant!!! Time to trap.neuter.release the...bags.

    You are right big competition among the giants, they are trying to make you install the new one. Resistance is futile.

    Thanks to you I now have the "Banana" song in my head.LOL. Sprite is bananananas.:D

  9. @Ruth we have them to, and forget to take them as well :) I hear they recycle them into lawn furniture..
    @laughingmom A plastic bag can wreak havoc on a car engine.
    @Nubian oh do so! It will make your day :)
    @Carole that is quite an achievement indeed!LOL!
    @Pearl Thanks!
    @Ant or gather them and make them into lawn furniture..
    They canna gets me I tells ya!
    Boop-be-Doop-be Doop!

  10. ~home, home on the range...where the plastic bags roam all dayyyyy~ lol! ;-)

  11. @Chocolateangel LOL!
    @Ant I saw a pic on google, someone had stuffed one of those blow-up lounge chairs with plastic bags.

  12. A plastic bag can suffocate small children, puppies, and slow people. All plastic bags must be melted.
    BANANA PHONE-Sneezing Tourettes.

  13. Ant is inspiring, isn't he?


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