May 17, 2011


If you look like the Michelin Man, wave your hands in the air, like you just don't care!
Picture me in my red hoodie, with so many layers on underneath I looked like Santa, or the Michelin man dyed red. Anyway. That is how I spent my Saturday night at the show. I guess you guys would call it a carnival. But it has rides, sideshow alley, fireworks, bad deep fried food, creepy carnival folk, and various livestock. We decided to go for the evening, when there were more shows in the central arena. We got there early and had a wander. Looked through the arts and crafts pavilion. Decided I could SO totally win a prize doing something arty, or bakey. Hubby decided he would have won the best pumpkin prize had he entered one of our beauties. Oh well, next year.. Heh.
We even ventured into the bird pavilion. Hubby was looking at me funny, until he pipes up and says "I can't believe you are even in here". (you know, the feather thing) Anyway to show how brave I was, I started walking down one long, looong, alley with chickens to the left and right of me, just inches away, with all their feathers, and, and.... Nope, couldnt do it. Needless to say Hubby laughed at me.
So we then found great seats at the arena and parked ourselves there for the next four freaking hours. Four FREEZING hours. I mean, seriously FREEZING. I was an icicle. In my current unhealthy condition, not fun. I really didn't want to go in the first place, but our son had been looking forward to it for weeks and he had been so good that week. The things we parents do. Even if it half kills us. So I sat there, shivering, eating my bag of Fairy Floss. Hubby tried taking it off me at one stage..Clutching it to me protectively...I growled through chattering teeth...
"It's MY BAG OF SUGAR!"  A feet in itself I tell you.

It's MY bag of SUGAARRR!!!
So we watched camel races. yep.
And the demolition Derby parade
Then dirt karts..
Then I went inside for a bit to thaw out, missing the antique speedway cars.
Came back out to watch KAOS extreme motorbike stunt thingy. (A crew from Crusty Demons) Which was so cool. I'd never seen a stunt show like that before.
Then another bloody camel race,
Then a hypnotist
Then some old dude singing songs (another trip inside to thaw)
Then the fireworks. WOW! They were spectacular. Especially the finale, so big and loud and just glorious in the crisp clear (freezing) night sky. When I exclaimed "Holy Crap!" I couldn't even hear myself. May have been on a sugar high after consuming half a bag of floss.
Last was the demolition Derby, again, Id' never seen one so it too was great to watch, and funny.


  1. Sounds like a fun and freezing time out! ^_^ We call them Carnivals, or fairs, or Expositions (The Big E). And what you call fairy floss is what we call cotton candy. I haven't had any in years!!!..Flashback!!! ^_^

  2. Our family looks forward to the fair every year. The kids love to ride the overpriced and questionbly safe rides until they are too dizzy to stand. Cotton candy is also a big hit with them and us!

  3. Reading this brings back memories of years and years of going to the IPE (Interior Provincial Exhibition) with the kids and hubby. It was always way too hot, way to crowded, and there were way too many wasps!
    You're a good sport!

  4. Sounds like a fair. Where my wife grew up Independance Day is celebrated in a VERY similar fashion, only it's in the summer so you don't freeze your butt off. Good times. :)

  5. Too bad it was cold. Sounds like a lot of fun, it's not the sugar, it's a happy inner child:)
    Same reaction to fireworks, still.

    Doesn't hubby know better, not to take fairy floss from a fairy?

  6. Poetess It was freezing, but my boy is worth it.
    Leslie, We didn't go on any rides, but it was still fun :)
    Carole, Reminds me of the shows I used to go to as a child as well.
    Paul, Oh a summer one would be nice :)
    Ant I know right! Grrrr.. LOL!

  7. Camels, crabs, frogs, cane toads, cockroaches, whatever it is, us Aussies will race em.

  8. @Sprite, your last comment. "cockroaches...we'll race em". Too funny.
    Another classic line.

  9. Cold or not you little icicle, it still sounds like fun, our fall fair only comes in the fall, hence the name.. lol

  10. Love the good old fashioned dem derby. But I've never been to a camel race so I can't really compare.

  11. @Ant Hehe!
    @Tracy It was fun :)
    @Cheeseboy You aint seen nothin till you seen a Camel race... yes sir.


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