May 29, 2011

The Perfect Wren.

As I may have told you, my little family of Wrens are one of my favourite photo subjects. Although actually getting a good photo of one is near impossible! The critters never stop long enough! Yesterday I was sitting in my car, waiting for Hubby. I had my camera out as I heard the Wrens on the other side of the bush they live in. I managed to get this shot. It's through the car window, so may be a touch frosty, but just look at it! The BEST Wren photo I have taken so far. Isn't she gorgeous? Now all I need is to capture the male.

I have downloaded Google Chrome and so far so good. No problems on Blogger  and it seems to have fixed my Facebook problem to. Oh and automatic spell check? NOICE!

Oh and if you are a Windows XP user, don't bother upgrading to I.E9, because Microsoft didn't make it compatible. It's only for Windows 7 and Vista users, as XP is being fazed out eventually.


  1. What a gorgeous picture. Today we released a Pine Siskin after it had been rehabilitated. I picked up the wrong camera so the only shot I got was the little Siskin in the trees, you really have to look for it. Oh well, better luck next time.

  2. Thanks Nubian. They are hard to capture, I think you just have to be in the right spot at precisely the right time.

  3. Very nice picture! :-)

  4. She is perfect. Beautiful picture Sprite.
    Can't believe you managed to capture her.

    I'll hold still for 1 second and then I'm flying off, human.

  5. Thanks Chocolateangel.

    So funny Ant, I've got another picture of the same branch, minus a wren, just a second!

    Apparently I did. Hubby is not sold on Chrome though. Every time his internet does something slow, I say, you need Google chrome... hehehee

  6. stunning pic. Birds are so difficult to capture.
    Have one photo I call the invisible pigeon.

  7. WOW!!!! That is just a BEAUTIFUL photo!!! He looks like he posed for you! :-) Good capture Little Sprite!

  8. "Noice" = hilarious.
    Amazing photo too.

  9. Thanks Mynx, the next day that flower was in blossom but I think it would have taken away from the wren.

    Poetess this is the female. The male is a gorgeous vibrant blue and black fellow. He is impossible to take a photo of.

    Thanks dbs. Yes I noticed the irony of that to :)

    Ant... cheep cheep!

  10. It seems the male in all species are hard to capture!

  11. HAHA! Carole, very true, although I captured mine.

  12. that photo is AMAZING!! You should make greeting cards with it! It is superb!!
    YAY!!!! So glad your computer issues are getting straightened out! xoxoxo


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