May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Vinny C

HEY ALL! Today(It's the 8th somewhere in the world)  is the birthday of a very cool blogger friend called Vinny C at "as vinnycs it" . I jumped at the chance at doing a post for him, to return the favour so to speak, as he did an awesome post for me on my birthday, and hey, that's what cyber Hommies do!

Now at first I was stumped. What to do...? But then, Vinny I found you this....

I remembered :) Please be patient with it, the last 30 seconds are WAY worth the wait!

I also wrote you this:

Vinny C

There is this guy called Vinny C
No finer blogger you did see
His stick figures are rather racy
Especially the big boobed Lacy

Their social interaction posts are
The most informative by far
Just don’t call Diane a skinny bitch
You’ll end up bloodied, in a ditch

But be aware when A-Bomb lurks
Along with all his deviant jerks
To watch your mobiles and your bags
Else he’ll perform a snatch and grab

If you have not already done so
To Vinny’s page you should go
His posts are funny as can be
We all love a bit of Vinny C

Thankyou for being part of my wonderful world of blogger friends. You Rock Vinny :)


  1. Glasblowing is so cool.
    Love the funny poem. LOL.
    Happy Birthday Vinny C.

    Happy Mother's day, Sprite.:)

  2. always make me smile.

  3. Thanks, Sprite. I'm saving that video as instructional material. Woohoo!!! I have a poem. Awesome!

  4. Love the poem and video and great to be a part of this wonderful blogging world that takes the time to do this for a fellow blogger.

  5. great poem.
    love watching glass blowers work...I don't get it though, what was it? and why the last 30 sec's? I'm slow ,I know lol did I miss something?

  6. @Vinny So glad you liked it. Feel free to take the poem to :) Hope you had a great day!

    @Ant I know isn't it? Love the end where he blows out the plattter. so cool. Thanks for the mothers day wishes :)
    @dbs likewise hommie :)
    @Nubian HI! Thanks for stopping by. I agree, arent there some wonderful people out there or what!

  7. @IWBY.. WHOA! You snuck in just as I was! It's a big round platter. Maybe it was longer than 30 seconds, I only watched the video! I'm refering to the bit he spins it and it forms into a platter.

  8. I have never seen that process all the way through, just the end. It is really cool.

  9. My birthday's in I get a poem too? :)
    Great video with a surprising finish!

  10. @Cheeseboy I know right? So talented...
    @Carole LOL! You may... What's the date? I know, it looked like it was going to be a vase until he spun it out.


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