May 14, 2011

Withdrawals and Arty Things

Hi everyone! Have we all recovered from our Blogger withdrawals yet? I see some of you still cowering in the corner there. Come on.. you can come out now.. Blogger is all better. I hope. No! Don't run away.. It's all good..maybe.
Yes. Definatly yes!
While blogger was on "holiday" I was being busy myself. I had to take my son into the city to his school for a test for three days. Its a big nation wide test that schools have to do each year for the government to see whats going on with our childrens education. It's called NAPLAN. So because our son is home schooled, we had the option of sending him to the nearest school to do the test, or bring him in to the distance school. We opted for the distance school, as there is no way he would have coped in the mainstream school. Unfortunatly it is quite a drive away. Through lots of peek hour traffic to. First day we drove in, and I went to the nearest shopping centre to do lots of shopping wait. Second day we took the train. Final day we drove again.
On the second day, we caught the train back to a station where you get off to access the Museam, the Art Gallery, the State Library, the Performing Arts Centre, the Science Centre, the Convention Centre and the Modern Art Gallery. They are all in one big area, that has lots of gardens, parks, sculptures, and water features. It's a great area. You always see people with canvases set up, or camera equipment, or even just lying around on the grassed areas, reading and stuff. I love it. So arty :)
We went to the Modern Art Gallery to see this exhibition that we have been wanting to see for a while. But we were too late! It had finished and they were packing it up. While walking past the Library I saw a poster of an interesting exhibition in one of their halls. So we went to have a look. It was called LUMINA and was so, so pretty. The room was darkened and only lit buy the various works of art made by two artists. There was a chicken made up of shards of glass and fibre optics who changed to the colour of the scarf you waved in front of him. There was a nest of soft white fluffy orbs that glowed in pretty blues and greens. You walked through a forest of trees that were strings of tiny mirrors that reflected lights onto the ground. In the middle of the forest were three glowing blue towers that were made of glass that looked like water drops. There were insects that looked like computer chips that lit up in green and red and blue, and had little LCD displays on their backs with random words running across them. Some of them were on the ground and others were running up the walls. It was an excellent exhibit.
After, we walked across the bridge back into the city centre which was buzzing with people. I love the mall, open-aired, full of different people. Performing, going to their jobs, shopping... We went to our favourite book store, which is set up in an old bank. Everything there is discounted, and then discounted again 50% off. They have everything from art supplies, to books, stationary, and gifty things. Very cool place.

It's been quite a week. Tonight we are off to the show! (Carnival I guess you would call it) We decided to go in the evening to see the fireworks, and the demollision derby.
I am also determined to get some fairy floss!

Here is a beautiful music video for you to enjoy. Load it while you read the post. I apologise for the stupid ad at the beginning.


  1. I know what you mean...still waiting for them to "restore" the it safe yet???

    The vid, stunning, beautiful, moving. That's an oil tanker isn't it? I think I'm a new Lemoine fan. Thanks for sharing this:)

  2. The light show at the Gallery sounds like it was beautiful! Wish I could have seen it...but you described it nicely. Thanks for mentally taking us along. :-)

  3. Thanks for the music to read your post by.
    In NZ we only had our kids tested once and in Canada not until they were applying for college! Sounds like a lot of work.

  4. Ant, when I found it I knew you'd love it :) I think I am to :)

    Poetess, I wish everyone could have been there with me. It was truely lovely

    Carole, they only test the year 3s, 5s, 7s, and 9s. So we've got a couple of years before we have to do it again.

  5. I know of the NAPLAN (my Mum is a teacher), but when I was at school they called it the AIMS test. I think that was before it was national though...aims was just Victoria.
    I had severe blogger withdrawals! I thought for a second it was just my blog and that I'd somehow broken it (I've done this to my uni blog, so its always a possibility with me...)

  6. Ruth, at first I thought it was mine to, but then I looked up the status site and bloggers twitter page and was like.. ah.. ok. lol :)

  7. Yeah, it was tough. We all had to actually talk to each other.

  8. This was my first smile this morning. Thanks Sprite.

  9. Al, yeah,
    dbs, my pleasure :)

  10. i was so busy during the whole time blogger was down, but i kept wanting to check back in during brief breaks & feeling a sense of panic when it wasn't working! i'm glad it's back. it was almost as bad as when our power went out during the tornados here a couple weeks ago.
    do you get the results of your son's testing or any info on how he did? we haven't had to do any official testing yet.

  11. So often I wish I lived next to a big city to see all the art and stuff you all get to see. Sounds like you've had an ultra fun weekend. Glad Blogger came back for you to share it.

  12. Noticed you have a Zentangle section, like the new one that is there.

    Sounds like an amazing exhibit walking through a forest of lights. Through your description I could really visualize though.

  13. Sherilin, yes in September they send out the results.

    Cheeseboy, That's a shame you don't live near any galleries. Yep, it was a good week.

    Ant, After Blogger's hissy fit, I was able to make a new page (it wouldnt let me before) so one good thing came out of

  14. I'm currently on vacation, and had no idea that Blogger had gone down until tonight when I logged in and saw others posting about it.

    As I'm in beautiful southwest Oregon at the moment, I haven't missed the internet too much!

  15. Chocolateangel, it had a lot of people in a panic..LOL!

    lol =^..^=


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