May 20, 2011

Project: Beanie

Well today I made the easiest and cheapest Beanie ever. Just two small balls of super soft .99c wool and treble (double) crochet and voila! One pink beanie to cover this frozen fairy's head. (wish I had had it on show night)
Hubby and son have put in their orders to. Just not in pink. :)

On my noggin.

Close up. It's actually a bit pinker than the photo. Stupid lights.
Have had my parents staying for a couple of days. My Dad got the all clear from the specialist so they are going to be off on their travels again towards the end of next week. They are going to head north this time and visit my little sister and big Brother in our home town. It was nice having them here for a while. I do miss them terrible some times.
Apart from that life in general has been rather slow. I am still not feeling well. I have started taking Olive Leaf Extract and I am feeling a little better, but then today was a warmer day. I think I have simple gotten allergic to winter, which is ironic because winter is my favourite month. Hubby wants me to go back to the doctor for tests and chest xrays. I've never been officially diagnosed with asthma but I have the ventalin inhailers the doctor gave me when I had broncitus. I really don't feel like going back to the doctor but I guess I should.

Hubby has been able to do a few hours to our bus. Remember Betty our bus? yeah I would have forgotten about it to if it wasnt sitting in our driveway like a big broken down....well... bus! We got some proper etch primer for it and hubby has been sanding and spray painting away. Its looking better and better. We still have a ton of work to do on it, but we've hubby has made a start on it again.

I have been working on a few arty projects that have taken up my time when I'm not running round doing everything else. I will show you when I am done. Oh and Hubby finally finished his bloody massive and weighs a tonne work bench :) So I will take pics of it to.

Today was a very dewy morning, I  found some weeds that had captured some dew drops in between their fluffy little flowers and they sparkled in the sunlight so prettily. SO I want to share with you my dewy morning..

The Bees loved it to
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I love your photography - and the beanie! I just got one from my Mum which she knitted, its all rainbow coloured! Hope you feel better soon! xx

  2. OO! Sounds super cute! Thanks Ruth:)

  3. The photos are exquisite! I can't believe a bee is out there in that weather!...Sorry that you're not feeling well. I agree with your hubby. Go to the doctor! Your health is nothing to play with!!

  4. 1. Adorable beanie! and pink!
    2. Why are your weeds prettier than mine?
    3. Go to the doctor.
    4. Is the bus in your driveway big enough to set up a boutique to display/ sell your beanies and other "arty things"?
    5. I hope your warm weather helps you to feel better. xo

  5. 1. Amazing beanie, but "pinker", how can it be more pink?
    2. Go to the doctor!
    3. Stop being superwoman and GO SEE THE DOCTOR!
    4. The pics are beautiful.
    5. That's winter?
    6. Doctor!!!!!!!!
    7. WV: "Nostr", see there's noooose in it. Doctor!

  6. @Poetess I think they were taking advantage of the warm day. They were going nuts on that bush.
    @Carole I think all weeds look pretty with glistening dew drops on
    #4 hmmm, yes, yes it is...
    @Ant I could be more :)
    #3 awwww but I dont wanna!
    #4 thanks
    #5 Yes. lol. Jealous?

  7. Love your beanie. Are you taking orders?

    Hot tea, brandy, lemon, honey. ;~)

  8. The beanie is soooo cute! I just adore hats and I think you did an amazing job. I could NEVER do anything like that.
    Your photographs are beautiful, you are so talented!
    I hope you start feeling better ((((hugs))))

  9. You could be more pink?
    I know
    You're welcome
    Does it show?:)

  10. @Nubian HA! Yes, but Hubby and son have put theirs in
    All at once? mmm..
    @Caren.. awww, thankyou! It was fun to crochet that one. I am now doing a scarf in fluffy stuff and it is a bit harder, cause it's so FLUFFY!
    @Ant I have no idea :)
    Yeah just a little..heheee

  11. I like the photos.

    Can he come over and fix our van/bus too?

    Beanie looks awesome.

  12. @Cheeseboy. Thanks.
    van/bus? What is it a mini bus..?LOL
    We are barely getting ours done let alone anyone elses.. :D
    It's nice and warm to :)

  13. Great photos and beanie. Always enjoy seeing your art.

  14. Thanks dbs. I enjoy showing it :)

  15. love that beanie. i'd have bought that from you had my face shaped for it.

  16. Aww.. thanks Aafrica, but I think anyone can wear a beanie. They make everyone look midly silly anyway :) And if it's cold enough who cares! LOL!

  17. hi again! this was where i wanted to comment before...
    the photos are great. what camera do you have? i'm looking into buying my first dSLR so any advice is appreciated :)


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