May 23, 2011

Being a supportive Wife

After apparently sleeping through the Rapture and finding out that all is still right and wrong with the world, I found myself sitting facing Hubby today while he obsessed over our Bus, Betty.
Because Hubby’s health has not been very good lately, and because this bus is just way too far gone for us to keep at it, we have decided that it is time to get rid of it and look for something else. Well, by that I mean Hubby has finally listened to me when I told him WAY back that this bus was too big a job for him/us. I decided to stand back and let him go, because he was happy and had something to occupy his mind. He is also a dreamer.
But now we have come to the decision that old Betty has to go. But, we are still going to buy a bus. Just a newer one. Which may take some time. But there you have it.
Anyway back to my story. Hubby was sitting at the end of the table, obsessing about bus stuff. Rambling away like he does, his inner monologue spilling out for me to hear as well. While I sat there half listening, concentrating on my morning coffee (which I loved more at the time).
He then looked at me and asked “What do you think?”
I am very supportive. I like to give my opinions when I have one to give. So I answered...

“You need to shave. You’re starting to look creepy”



  1. HA ~ You are one sharp woman, I love it!

  2. Oooooh, Sprite, the man just lost his bus.

    I'm having a moment of inappropriate chuckling. Seriously, this is not funny.
    *lol*. Stop it. Something is wrong with me.*lol*

  3. @Nubian.. Hehee!
    @Ant Too mean do you think? lol...

  4. Like AC, I found this very funny.

  5. Ha! Ha! Ha! I've had those conversations with my hubby too, but it's usually the other way around...I'm rambling on, I ask him what he thinks, and he says: "You ever think about getting a Parrot?" ....O_0

  6. Too funny! Hey, he asked right?

  7. a wife's gotta do what a wife's gotta do.

  8. lol!! My Hubby and I had a very similar conversation this week! Awww... they know we love them. :)

  9. You're so much better at this than I am. I'm supportive of my wife and all, but sometimes, when she really gets to telling a story, I zone out, and then when she asks a question, I tell her that I had stopped listening a while ago. I've got to come up with some snappier answers. :)

  10. BYE BYE BETTY! Do they make SMART buses? Small, environmentally friendly & reno-ed in a weekend!

  11. @dbs Hehee..
    @Poetess LOL!
    @Leslie exactly, I had to say what I was thnking...
    @Aafrica, I know right?
    @Sunny hehee true..
    @Paul Oh I do that to! LOL!
    @Carole Unfortunatly no.

  12. Funny! I have that type of disjointed conversation with my Hubby all of the time, but mostly because he leaves entire paragraphs out of his stories. It takes a GPS to follow his train of thought. I came over from Mynx's party.

  13. Wise advice indeed. Wise advice indeed.

  14. @Laughingmom Hi! And welcome to my page :)
    I know the feeling all too well. LOL!

    @Cheeseboy. I thought so. Hubby did not.

  15. The Rapture DIDN'T happen? Whew! That's a relief. I just thought everyone I knew were A-Holes (including our minister) who weren't good enough to go home to JC.
    Next chance: October 21st.
    I'll bet those "End of the World Tour-2012" dudes are seriously hacked off, though.

  16. No Al it didn't. No Rapture. No Royal wedding. You are missing out this year my friend :)


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