Dec 8, 2013

If cats used logic...

Sometimes I really wish my cat Moby knew how to reason. Use a bit of logic in day to day life. Things like these:

"Hmm.. well it's two hours before my dinner time. I don't think I will start my incessant meowing just yet"


" I get yelled at when I destroy the screen and let myself in, better not do THAT again"


"4am really IS too early for breakfast."

and even this:

"I should probably not walk in between their legs, I could be a tripping hazard" 

Nov 6, 2013

Lady cave. (That just sounds so wrong.)

But seriously, I DO have my very own SheDen. Today I had delivered a cute little blue couch we found for $50 at the second hand shop. It even came with matching cushions. Now it is sitting in my art/craft/tv/xbox room with my furry little baby animal toys draped all over it. (Yes I have stuffed baby animal toys. Wanna make something of it?). I will explain the toys in a minute. 
I have my little laptop desk set up and also a shelving unit that gives me more storage space and a new place for the tv and xbox to live (replacing the big old bulky tv unit). Oh an I also have the wardrobe back. No sharing with the linen!
I almost feel guilty about having such an amazing room all to myself. Hubby got himself a nice big desk he has set up in our bedroom, so he is taken care of to.

Moby seems happy now. 
We did hit a little bit of a rough patch when he went missing for 24 hours. I was a mess, Hubby was freaking out and poor son was carrying around a little piece of Moby's fur, crying his eyes out. But just on evening, the damned cat wandered back like nothing had happened. I could have strangled him for making us worry so much! He stays inside at night now and has a kitty playhouse outside. Not that he seems interested in it. He likes to lay, stretched out, right in the middle of the yard. *rolls eyes*..cats... This afternoon I caught him racing around the yard like a maniac. Just for the fun of it.

So the baby animals... every time we go somewhere, like a zoo or fun park, I buy myself a little souvenir, in the form of a stuffed toy baby animal. I don't have a heap. So far I have, a white tiger from Dreamworld, a polar bear from Seaworld, a whale from Hervey Bay and a meerkat from Dubbo Zoo. We are thinking of going to Underwater World soon so I might pick up something there. Hoping for an Otter or Seal :) Hey I am allowed to have odd little quirks. It's what makes us not boring :)

Nov 1, 2013


So yesterday we were finally able to pick up Moby from his extended farm stay. He stayed inside for the night and is now comfortable with being outside. At the moment he is exploring the back yard. He has a nice big yard. A tree to climb. Boxes to hide in. Gardens to lay in. Sand to poop in. Birds to look at (they don't like him, he gets squawked at whenever he ventures out). He has also found out that he can sit on my craft room window sill and stare at me. Oh and a family to LOVE him :) What more could a kitty ask for?
So, when do I come back inside?

Oct 17, 2013

When life bites...

Heyho everyone. Wow I have not been on here for a while.. No excuses really, just purely didn't feel like it, was too busy, moved house, lost internet... Well, I guess they are excuses...make of them what you will. I probably wouldn't have even come back if a certain Ant friend of mine didn't suggest it. 

Anyway, since I last wrote we have moved into a house. Still renting, not by the ocean any more but still in the same area. It's a nice house, more room for us and our ever growing soon-to-be teenager. Hubby has finally got his shed and I have finally got my own art room. YAY! Actually it's my Art, computer, xbox room. But it's all mine. Oh I do have to share it with the linen but it stays in the cupboard, so that doesn't really count. Also I get Moby back because this house is Kitteh Friendly! BOOYAH!
Yes Moby is still holidaying on the farm. Apparently he is having a grand old time, and has taken a liking to herding cattle. Who would of thought my cat was a cowcat?

You know what I DID realise when we were moving? As I hauled the 100th box of our crap down the four flights of stairs I realised I am getting too old for this shit. I am going to be the big four-zero next year and I do not wish to be moving boxes and lounges and fridges. Hubby has finally admitted that moving ourselves is a very, very stupid idea and next time we shall hire movers.  HUZZAH! 

I am writing a book. Actually it's a fanfic based on an Xbox game I play so it will never be published. The friendly folks on my forum site seem to love it though so it's encouraged me to continue. So far I have written 40,000 words.

Yesterday was my all time favourite day of the year (apart from xmas and anniversary and birthday and all that stuff). What was it? I hear you ask excitedly.... It was CRAFT SHOW DAY!!! *sigh* Once again I battled my way through old ladies to hunt and gather more crafty supplies. Those old dears are ruthless! Anyway I have not taken photos yet so you will just have to wait on the edges of your seats for those. 

You're doing aren't you? Sitting there waiting for me to post pics... yeah I can tell.. ;) 

Now that I think about it, considering the length of time between this post and my last, I wouldn't if I were you. Maybe go for a coffee or something, do some banking, shampoo the dog... cause you never know when I'll be back again. heck I don't even know that myself....

Jun 5, 2013

Sir David Attenborough

So gutted with the news today that Sir David has had to cancel his Australian tour. He has undergone emergency surgery for a pacemaker. You all know how excited I was about seeing my hero. I am so disappointed. 
But, as you also know my Hubby has recently had a pacemaker put in, so I know full well the hard road Sir David has ahead of him. I can only wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully he can reschedule his tour, after he is feeling well again. 
I am yet to tell our son as he is away on school camp.. he will be just as disappointed. :(

May 29, 2013

A little research goes a long way.

I am so sick of people posting things on facebook without doing a little bit of research first to see whether it's true or not.
 I mean, it only takes one or two clicks to search the website. It's ridiculous and stupid. 
There. I said it. 
I get so annoyed when I see these things in my news thread, because they are from people I know.. even family. Some times I let it go, but other times, when the post is potentially harmful I need to say something and just politely point out that the post is a proven hoax.
People who click and share these "READ THIS! THIS IS REAL!..." type posts are just adding to the masses of unnecessary hysteria, and making more stupid people too scared to leave their own homes for fear of  having their organs harvested, knocked out by Ether laced perfumes, or my favourite, contracting Leptospirosis from a soda can that some rat peed on.
 Just the fact that it says "THIS IS REAL!!" in capital type, and followed by many exclamation marks no less, should give them a clue that this post may not be entirely true. Some of these hoaxes are so old, they have even had some editing done to them to bring them up to date with the times. So before you share these crap posts please, for the love of all that is left sane in this world, please do some research.

End of rant.

May 16, 2013

Dancing to your own tune.

Today I was stuck in peak hour traffic. Annoyed at being delayed and frustrated at the slow stop and start motions of the traffic. As I stopped at a set of lights I noticed a man at a bus stop tapping his foot.
 "How odd" I thought. But then as I continued to watch this man, who looked like he'd just been for a jog, he suddenly broke out some funky dance moves, right there on the busy street in front of countless passers by. He wasn't wearing a MP3 player. There were no visible signs of headphones either. He then proceeded to walk/dance down the street, stopping periodically to dance on the spot. The dancing man instantly made my day and lifted my spirits. He had some moves.
He didn't care who saw him. He didn't care if anyone thought he was odd or off his rocker. He was just dancing. Dancing like there was no tomorrow. 
Dancing to his own tune.
 I could do that.

May 9, 2013

Moby went to the farm.

No don't worry! He REALLY did go to a farm.. a real farm.. 
Here is the story:

You all know that Moby was staying with a friend of mine until such a time we were in a place we could have him. Well my friend had to go down south to be with her dying mother, and so the next door neighbour was looking after Moby.
Yesterday I got a frantic phone call from her telling me that Moby had gone feral. Ripping up screen doors and windows and annoying the neighbours. Also a man who lived across the road was threatening to kill him. He had already thrown pots and things at him.
It was typical anxiety behaviour. He was used to being inside and suddenly he was outside and he is getting old and the weather is starting to get cold.  He is a very sociable cat so he was also lonely. It wasn't his fault.

We didn't know what to do. None of the refuge centres would take him, and the RSPCA would only take him if he went on the TBE list (to be Euthanized)!! None of our friends would take him either. My son and I pretty much spent the day crying, and I made a few sobbing phone calls to Hubby. 

Then son had a brainstorm.. what about his friends place? they live out on a farm, they have heaps of animals, cats, dogs, mice, turtles, snakes, ponies, sheep...cows.... perfect!

Only trouble was, me and his mother kind of had a little bit of a falling out, and I was hesitant to ask her such a huge favour. But I was desperate and needed a home for my kitty. So I sent her a text and nervously waited for the reply.

"Sure!" she said.."no problem!"

Massive relief.

So today we collected Moby, gave him a flea treatment and took him to his new home. He has his own little section of the house, where he can see outside, look in through the window at the kitchen, and when he feels more settled, wander around the farm. They will have him there until we find a new place to live. Which needs to be in at least three weeks. We are looking at a place tomorrow so fingers crossed for us!

And what's also cool, is that we are all friends again. Which I feel really good about. 

So Moby went to the farm, but it's not because he met with an untimely demise. He is on holiday! a Farmstay holiday!

May 7, 2013

My first arty video

So here is my first arty video uploaded on to youtube. It's of my first art journal, and the beginning of another. Hope you like.. oh it's 7 minutes long.. sorry.. :) The first take I did I was talking, but I felt a bit silly and said "Um" a LOT, so I edited music over

feel free to like and comment on it over at youtube if you want :)

More videos to come...

Apr 29, 2013

Gym Junkie

Hi people! I know it's been ages since I last did a proper post, and not just went the lazy way with a cute youtube video...

Anyway, just haven't really been inspired to write anything. Not that there has been anything inspiring to write about. Life is pretty mundane right now and that is a good thing. No nasty surprises to ruin my little world of sparkly calmness. :)


To coincide with our new healthy eating regime I have joined a gym again. YAHOO! The gym I joined is one of those cool 24 hour ones where they give you a swipe card to gain entry and you can pretty much go whenever you want.. like even in the midnight hour.. not that I would.. that would be spooky :( But it's open every day which is cool, even public holidays.. so I could ditch the family on Christmas day if I wanted to...not that I would.. that would be rude ;)
Anyway...I have my new Addidas runners and I am hitting the gym every day.. well except for those two days I had that migraine... but I am hitting the gym every other day! WOO! GO ME! yesterday I did weight machines and today I have sore muscles all over my body.. like even my BEWB muscles are sore! I didn't know I even HAD bewb muscles..... I do now... stupid bewbs. (don't tell my husband I said that).

Been doing lots of paintning, and crafting. Have finished my very first art journal which I will make a video of and post on youtube so I can put it on here for you guys to look at and ponder.

Finally bought myself an Xbox and have been slightly obsessed with Skyrim. We now have three Xboxes in the house.. so bad :) We even send each other messages on them.. um.. hello, you are in the next room, just shout 
oh... maybe not THAT.. 
"sex?" (from Hubby) lol!

 We have decided we are sick of living here in this tiny unit and it is time to move back into a house.. So we are making plans.

and that's pretty much it for now :)
p.s. photos of my latest art projects coming soon.

Mar 18, 2013

So Freaking Excited!!!

After being on the wait list for pre-sale tickets for months...

exactly 9am I refresh the page and the [BUY TICKETS] tab comes up.. 

it directs me to the floor plan and I click on a seat...

it's gone! click..

Gone! click..


the next seat...YES! the seat next to it?
NO! It's gone to..

seats are disappearing right before my eyes..

Hubby is hovering behind me.. "Go to the next balcony!"

quickly click on that page and click on a seat... yes..

the seat next to it??


hurry up, click on [PAY NOW]...



Crap! quick! type.. type.. hands shaking..panic!   finished.. go back to booking..

OMG seats are still there!!!!!!!!!

click [PAID]

"Congratulations, Your booking has been confirmed. Your tickets will be sent to you via mail.......etc.."

YAY! YAY! ok.. breathe now... calm down...

(now off to dentist appointment that started 5 minutes

Well that was nerve racking. But the look on my sons face when I told him we are going to see our Idol Sir David Attenborough in June...


Mar 14, 2013

Miniature project

As you know I am a sucker for anything miniature, and since my other little projects (the curiosity shoppe, steampunk pin cushion, and whimsy lane) were so well received at the shop (they all sold at Christmas) I have been inspired to do more. This is my latest. It's another fabulous mini from Twiddleybitz. They market it as an ATC (artist trading card) hinged box, but, you know me..I like to think OUT of the box! 
I decided this would make a perfect miniature perfume cabinet. Hope you like it :)
first, this is how it comes, in pieces with instructions:

 and this is my interpretation. A beautiful little perfume cabinet!

 The shelving I added in..
 the perfume bottles I hand made from beads and metal bead ends, and miniature glass bottles.

 This bottom shelf has a recipe book in the back, a jar of rose petals, and a jar of lavender sprigs, all hand made by me. The lavender sprigs are so tiny. It's my favourite part of the whole piece.

Feb 14, 2013

Bloggers Block

What do you do when life stalls, or worse, takes over until you've almost had about as much as you can take?

You watch cat videos on YouTube, or, listen to three hours of mind numbing dubstep (or loose yourself in Skyrim).

Sitting here with my hands hovering over the keyboard, poised to write, aching to have that nice fresh new post spill out from my fingertips.  Something exciting.  Something funny, heck I’d even settle for something sad. But nothing is there.  Then I admit defeat, once again, and resign myself to the fact that I have the dreaded “bloggers block”.

I know I have been gone a long time. Not just from the blogosphere, but from myself in general. Not for any reason in particular. Life takes priority, things get busy, time seems to be lacking, the mood isn't right, the brain is too tired... etc.

I just have to remember that, this too shall pass.

p.s Happy Valentines Day. My house smells like roses :)

Jan 4, 2013

Good news, tidbits, and some funny s**t

Well hi!
I was going through my emails after we got back from holidays when I came across this one from YouTube...
Hmm.. I thought.. what did I say? must investigate. So I clicked the click here link and prepared myself to scroll through the comments to find mine, when, low and behold... I had hit the holy grail of YouTube commenters everywhere...

TOP COMMENT!! OH YEAH!! Exciting stuff there people. it sad I screen snipped it?
moving on..
Well I have sold FIVE..that's right F.I.V.E!! paintings at the shop.. Hubby is so proud he is ringing He is so cute.. So I need to get cracking and paint, paint, paint!

Holiday was a great get away, but we have arrived at the conclusion that holidaying in a tiny caravan in SUMMER is NOT fun. Good thing my parents had air-con in their little cabin. And the pool was great as it is always covered. It even comes with it's own pool ducks.. yes you heard me.. POOL...DUCKS. well I never saw them in the pool, but everyone else did. I only saw one and it was standing beside the pool, watching me creepily as I walked past it to the bathrooms.
For chrissy I got a sony bloogie which is a little pocket cam corder be prepaired for some more videos. (when I get around to it) I love it and it goes with me everywhere. I think Hubby loved his gift from me just as much.. I got him a "ten piece Kinchrome single wave metric spanner set" (try saying that before your morning coffee). Gee I am a good wife, buying him tools. You should have seen his little eyes light up. lol.

lastly I wanted to share something for all you gamers out there. My son shows me some funny things on Youtube. I have discovered a guy called Tobuscus who does these literal interpretations of previews for movies, and, games. Here are a couple of my favourites...


THE ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM (OMG I am totally addicted to this game!!)

anyway... I'll leave it to you if you want to watch more.. he's done "Iron man", "The Hobbit", "COD" and many more.