Nov 1, 2013


So yesterday we were finally able to pick up Moby from his extended farm stay. He stayed inside for the night and is now comfortable with being outside. At the moment he is exploring the back yard. He has a nice big yard. A tree to climb. Boxes to hide in. Gardens to lay in. Sand to poop in. Birds to look at (they don't like him, he gets squawked at whenever he ventures out). He has also found out that he can sit on my craft room window sill and stare at me. Oh and a family to LOVE him :) What more could a kitty ask for?
So, when do I come back inside?


  1. I'm sure he's just as happy to have you all back as you are to have him.

  2. Now THAT is the BEST news EVER!!! He has been gone quite a long time, so happy he is back with all of you!

  3. So happy Moby is back! :)

    I would imagine there must be a few things he misses about the farm. A certain lifestyle, if you will. But it sounds like the big back yard and its accompanying distractions is a none too shabby tradeoff. Glad to see the family reunited!

  4. Thanks everyone. We got off to a rocky start. Moby went missing for 24 hours, and we thought he was gone for good, but he eventually wandered back as if nothing had happened. He now stays in at night. The laundry is his new bedroom.

  5. All's well. Happy for you all.


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