Nov 6, 2013

Lady cave. (That just sounds so wrong.)

But seriously, I DO have my very own SheDen. Today I had delivered a cute little blue couch we found for $50 at the second hand shop. It even came with matching cushions. Now it is sitting in my art/craft/tv/xbox room with my furry little baby animal toys draped all over it. (Yes I have stuffed baby animal toys. Wanna make something of it?). I will explain the toys in a minute. 
I have my little laptop desk set up and also a shelving unit that gives me more storage space and a new place for the tv and xbox to live (replacing the big old bulky tv unit). Oh an I also have the wardrobe back. No sharing with the linen!
I almost feel guilty about having such an amazing room all to myself. Hubby got himself a nice big desk he has set up in our bedroom, so he is taken care of to.

Moby seems happy now. 
We did hit a little bit of a rough patch when he went missing for 24 hours. I was a mess, Hubby was freaking out and poor son was carrying around a little piece of Moby's fur, crying his eyes out. But just on evening, the damned cat wandered back like nothing had happened. I could have strangled him for making us worry so much! He stays inside at night now and has a kitty playhouse outside. Not that he seems interested in it. He likes to lay, stretched out, right in the middle of the yard. *rolls eyes*..cats... This afternoon I caught him racing around the yard like a maniac. Just for the fun of it.

So the baby animals... every time we go somewhere, like a zoo or fun park, I buy myself a little souvenir, in the form of a stuffed toy baby animal. I don't have a heap. So far I have, a white tiger from Dreamworld, a polar bear from Seaworld, a whale from Hervey Bay and a meerkat from Dubbo Zoo. We are thinking of going to Underwater World soon so I might pick up something there. Hoping for an Otter or Seal :) Hey I am allowed to have odd little quirks. It's what makes us not boring :)


  1. I envy you having your own... um... hideaway. You would not believe how many words I had to go through in my head that didn't sound wrong as well. I have a very dirty mind, it seems.

    I bet Moby's just getting used to the new environment. I won't judge you on the stuffed toys. Mrs. C has more than her fair share.

  2. Lady Cave does sound wrong, but that room sounds nice. I'd like a den at some time, to put my doll collection... I mean, my sword and spear fishing equipment in. Yeah, I spear fish... in land locked Utah...

    No, but seriously, that room sounds nice and there's nothing wrong with a few stuffed animals. Now, if it gets to a point that they're falling and nearly suffocating your kid, then you have a problem. :)

    And what do you play on Xbox? I'm on Xbox too.

    1. Hi Paul! I play Skyrim on xbox. I also have Fable and DragonAge: Origins. I haven't started DA yet, but I've heard it's pretty good. Not as addictive as Skyrim though.

  3. I have a girl cave and I love it. Every woman should have a space to call her own, too often we neglect our selves while busily looking after everybody else.
    Fill it with things you love and that make you happy. It is good for the soul


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