Oct 17, 2013

When life bites...

Heyho everyone. Wow I have not been on here for a while.. No excuses really, just purely didn't feel like it, was too busy, moved house, lost internet... Well, I guess they are excuses...make of them what you will. I probably wouldn't have even come back if a certain Ant friend of mine didn't suggest it. 

Anyway, since I last wrote we have moved into a house. Still renting, not by the ocean any more but still in the same area. It's a nice house, more room for us and our ever growing soon-to-be teenager. Hubby has finally got his shed and I have finally got my own art room. YAY! Actually it's my Art, computer, xbox room. But it's all mine. Oh I do have to share it with the linen but it stays in the cupboard, so that doesn't really count. Also I get Moby back because this house is Kitteh Friendly! BOOYAH!
Yes Moby is still holidaying on the farm. Apparently he is having a grand old time, and has taken a liking to herding cattle. Who would of thought my cat was a cowcat?

You know what I DID realise when we were moving? As I hauled the 100th box of our crap down the four flights of stairs I realised I am getting too old for this shit. I am going to be the big four-zero next year and I do not wish to be moving boxes and lounges and fridges. Hubby has finally admitted that moving ourselves is a very, very stupid idea and next time we shall hire movers.  HUZZAH! 

I am writing a book. Actually it's a fanfic based on an Xbox game I play so it will never be published. The friendly folks on my forum site seem to love it though so it's encouraged me to continue. So far I have written 40,000 words.

Yesterday was my all time favourite day of the year (apart from xmas and anniversary and birthday and all that stuff). What was it? I hear you ask excitedly.... It was CRAFT SHOW DAY!!! *sigh* Once again I battled my way through old ladies to hunt and gather more crafty supplies. Those old dears are ruthless! Anyway I have not taken photos yet so you will just have to wait on the edges of your seats for those. 

You're doing aren't you? Sitting there waiting for me to post pics... yeah I can tell.. ;) 

Now that I think about it, considering the length of time between this post and my last, I wouldn't if I were you. Maybe go for a coffee or something, do some banking, shampoo the dog... cause you never know when I'll be back again. heck I don't even know that myself....