Feb 14, 2013

Bloggers Block

What do you do when life stalls, or worse, takes over until you've almost had about as much as you can take?

You watch cat videos on YouTube, or, listen to three hours of mind numbing dubstep (or loose yourself in Skyrim).

Sitting here with my hands hovering over the keyboard, poised to write, aching to have that nice fresh new post spill out from my fingertips.  Something exciting.  Something funny, heck I’d even settle for something sad. But nothing is there.  Then I admit defeat, once again, and resign myself to the fact that I have the dreaded “bloggers block”.

I know I have been gone a long time. Not just from the blogosphere, but from myself in general. Not for any reason in particular. Life takes priority, things get busy, time seems to be lacking, the mood isn't right, the brain is too tired... etc.

I just have to remember that, this too shall pass.

p.s Happy Valentines Day. My house smells like roses :)