May 6, 2011

Hello again...

Well life is back to normal now. My little sister is back home after spending the week here. She had a couple of days spare at the end to spend more time with us. We shopped, visited our parents, and shopped some more. Boy can she shop! She was buying things for her New Zealand skiing trip in a few months. Gee, thermal underwear is not cheap! LOL...
We had to take her hire car (An Audi A7!!) back to the Airport on Sunday night. I followed in my car. Had a good run until we got to Airport drive and then the traffic was massive. There was seven lanes with big signs directing traffic to the places they needed to go. Luckily I took the right lane and pulled up to pick my sister up, just as she left the hire car place. This is the Zentangle I made of the experience..

So I have been slowly catching up on your blogs when I can. That's about it from me at the moment. I promise I'll have something exciting to say next Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I wish I could draw like that - I can't even use photoshop properly (some media student I am, haha). Nice week by the sounds of it. :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a good visit with your sister! And're not going on the ski trip?!! LOL Have a good day right where you are then! ^_^

  3. Is that a parking lot zentangle! That might just be the newest thing......while waiting in traffic a traffic attendant could hand out paper and pencils to everyone and give directions on how to draw a zentangle. Great way to fill in time! :)

  4. I love the art....Zen at it's best!

  5. Welcome back! What a cool picture!

  6. @Ruth I didn't think I could as well, but it is easier than it looks :)
    @Poetess, no, no skiing, I've never even seen snow :(
    @Loach thankyou!
    @Carole..LOL! Well it's the traffic lanes, but yeah it was so busy it could have been mistaken for a parking lot..
    @Jules, thankyou, and hey nice to see you again.
    @Cheeseboy, Thankyou!

  7. I really like it, you're developing your own zentangle style. LOL at the arrows going in both directions.

    Glad you had a good time.

  8. @Ant thanks :) Yeah I think I have put my own spin into it.

  9. glad you had a super busy (but it sounds like it was a FUN) visit with your sister!

  10. @Caren me too, but it makes me miss her every time she leaves :(
    @dbs Thankyou!

  11. such a fun piece. what's the medium? i wish i can draw ...

    btw, thanks so much for stopping by. that's one of my cats, daisy. she's lovely and all but she is a serious skinny bitch, to borrow a phrase from you. lol! i love her anyways.

    and your moby is so majestic and fluffy =^.^=

  12. @Aafrica HI! I used a white gell pen on black paper for this.

    Daisy is lovely and very photogenic :)

    Yes, Moby is fluffy. Very fluffy!


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