Apr 30, 2011

Weird cat, little sisters and presents!

Ever since Moby was a kitten he has slept in weird places or in odd positions. Lately he has taken a liking to the two pot plants I have outside. Even when it's pouring down rain, he sleeps there. Well, he doesn't get wet but surely it can't be cosy...
hmmm.. sleeepy...


So my little sister is staying with us for a few days while she does her Uni Prac. I'm not entirely sure what she is studying, something to do with animals, and farming, and stuff. It's nice to have her here, even if I am only seeing her in the evening. But at the end of it she has left a couple of days free, so we can spend some time together, and go visit our parents. We exchanged birthday presents we wernt able to give before. She gave me a voucher to a candle shop I love, plus some other nice girly smelly stuff. And a cute little retro looking shower cap that made my Hubby laugh when I put it on. I gave her a wheat bag. You know the ones you heat up in the microwave and put on your sore bits? well this one is actually a fluffy pink Bunny! She loves bunnies. Anyway I thought it was cute and quite hilarious that you would have to put the bunny in the microwave a la fatal attraction style... But after reading the instructions which state:
1. DO NOT put bunny in microwave.
Awww.... oh well. :) You just put the wheat bag insert in the microwave. Well the poor thing is suffering from a sore back at the moment so my bunny wheat bag is a much appreciated gift. Plus it is so damned cute :)
After a very busy day driving into the city, I came home to find a parcel for ME sitting at my front door. It was my bumper sticker from Caren . I was so excited because it looked like a lot more than just a bumper sticker. She also included TWO mousie catnip toys for Moby, and a beautiful kitty card for me. Thankyou SO much Caren. And a pressie for you will be on it's way when I finish it :) So I was going to have Moby pose with it but I could not find him anywhere..... Strange..LOL!
Our Goodies from Caren


  1. Cat in a flower pot. LOL.
    If there's a box, someone will sleep in it. They sleep in the strangest places, even though there are softer options around.
    Bunny boiler, you're funny. Glad you're having a good time.
    Nice goodies from Caren to Moby:)

  2. I've heard those wheat bags are awesome. I should look for one for Hubby; he could use it for his back!
    Bazinga doesn't have any odd spots - yet! - that she likes to sleep in. The back of the couch or a paper bag are her choices at the moment. Moby looks so adorable squeezing into the top of that pot, lol!
    I wish I could visit with my sisters. Enjoy spending the time with yours :-)

  3. How precious little Moby is!! Awwww! I wanna sleep in my potted plant holder too now!! ^_^...Enjoy your sister this weekend!

  4. @Ant the smaller the box is the more Moby will try to squeeze into it. He once got himself into a box for a slimline dvd player...

    @ChocAngel, they are really good. you should getone and try it. The one I got my sister has lavender in it to.

    @Poetess, he makes it look comfortable but I don't think it would be..lol.

  5. your moby is a funny boy. a slimline dvd box? impressive.
    we have some cat beds around the house that ours won't sleep in, so a pile of paper got tossed into one - now it's the favored sleeping spot for the cats. i prefer to swoop the stuff OUT of my bed before i climb in!

  6. one of my cats,Kitty, sleeps in odd places and positions like that too.

  7. @Loach that he is
    @Sherilin That's always the way. They never sleep in anything you provide for them..lol
    @IWBY Don't you love em? lol.

  8. Your Moby must be my Isabelle's twin. She loves to sleep in the big flower pots in the summer. The soil must feel nice and warm and I'm guessing soft?

  9. You're kidding. How much of himself did he squeeze in? A paw? He's got Maru genes. :)

  10. Ant, he got all of himself in. I have a photo somewhere of it. Will have to find it..

  11. @Carole, Yeah that's what I thought. Must be comfy in some way..lol.

  12. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just saw this!! you are the sweetest!!!!!! I wasn't online to read blogs til today and you just made my day! What a great photo!!!
    Are you sure Moby isn't peeing in that pot???? MOL!
    Also that bunny is too cute...when you mentioned Fatal Attraction you had me dying laughing!!!

  13. Sometimes I crawl up in a pot like that for comfort. Or is it that I do pot? Can't remember. Do you have any chips?

  14. @Caren Thanks! Yep she loved the bunny.
    @Ant I'll try and find it, and replied :)
    @cheeseboy, yes, and cookies. But I do not partake in the wacky weed... LOL!


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