Apr 14, 2011


As you can see I am still sick. I finally dragged myself to the Doctor and found out my nasty cold has turned into Broncitus. So I have a cold and Broncitus. Lovely :( I am starting to feel better slowly. Have had an attack of the gross snots today. After seeing the doctor again today I went to my favourite fabric store to pick up some stuff for my next bag project and basically snotted my way around the whole store. So. Gross.

Still, even though I am sick and tired and snotty I have still been busy. Running Hubby round the place and home schooling my son, and still looking after the house. I do get to have a rest sometimes, but it just dosent seem enough. I hate being the Mummy sometimes. Oh and no matter how sick I am, Hubby is always worse. In his eyes that is. I think I'd have to have a limb lopped off before he would acknowledge I am in worse pain than he is. And heaven forbid he should get a cold. It's the end of the world! Men. Such babies....

The front yard looks like a wild African savannah grasslands. I REALLY want to mow it, but would probably collapse in an ugly snotty heap if I tried to at the moment. I hate being sick and NOTHING gets done. I think it's more stressful than being sick. GGRR!!



Calm down sprite....


  1. Get well soon!! It's obviously going around in Queensland as well as Melbourne then!

  2. Yes, being sick is for the birds. I agree, men are babies when they are sick!

  3. Ha! Ha! Your grassland could be someone else's adventure park! Let it be so until you get better. Trust me, it's not going anywhere!! And Bronchitis is nothing to play around with!!

  4. Don't worry about the grass, give your little homeschooler self-check worksheets (they were life savers for me!), and get that hubby of yours a cane. Oh and a towel to whine on!

  5. I'm so sorry your not feeling well and can completely relate to hubby not understanding the extent that you feel like crap. It would definitely take a stay in the hospital for me to get any symphathy on being sick. And even then, it's questionable. My son was born a couple of days before Christmas and we were released from the hospital Christmas morning. When we got home, my husband expected me to cook the whole Christmas Eve feast that I normally cook. Apparently the fact that I just pushed an eight pound baby out of my body was not enough to warrant me taking a break and having someone else take care of things for a while. lol! Most men just aren't equipped with the symphathy gene.

    Take care and rest as much as you can. Don't worry about the housework. It'll still be there when you start feeling better.

  6. I LOVE the Before and NOW pictures! Get well soon. It snot easy being queasy.

  7. Leave the lawn alone, look how well Moby can hide and stalk.

    REST NOW, clean later.

    Al, Al...:)

  8. @Leslie, Hi thanks for visiting! LOL, yes they are!
    @poetess it's Moby's adventure park at the moment...
    @Carole gave him the day off..he didn't argue. lol.
    @Hannah WOW! I would have blown my top! LOL! Hubby has been through an aweful lot of pain over the years, so I guess he is immune to it to some extent, so he tends not to be sympathetic to anyones elses pain..lol.
    @Al, you're a poet.. :)
    @Ant I know, I know... Yes.. Al :)
    @Loach, thankyou, starting to :)

  9. sorry you're icky sicky. but hey, green grass is a wonderful thing, even if it is too long. our onion grass & dandelions are getting super long & taking over the yard.

  10. I do hope you are feeling better soon :-) Love the before & after pictures! =^.^=

  11. There's nothing I want more then a clean house when I am feeling sick. For some reason, I feel it adds to the sickness. Feel better- and good luck in the jungle!


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