Apr 27, 2011


Thanks to my friend antares cryptos I have a couple of new awards. Firstly is this one:

Which is so incredibly cute! I dont know if my blog is "Beautiful" but I'd like to think I put in a bit extra now and then. I know I have some blogs in mind when I think Beautiful. Not just because they look pretty. But because they contain that extra something that makes me smile, or laugh, or even cry. People who touch my heart for whatever reason deserve this award. You truly insprie me each time I read your posts. Thankyou for the contribution YOU make to enriching my life. The award goes to....

1. antares cryptos (of course back at ya, please don't feel obliged to do another post though..LOL!)

2. Caren at Caren and Cody @ Cat Chat  ( I am so glad to have met you. Your passion and caring for others and especially animals warms my heart)

3. dbs @ thinkstew (your posts are not usually very long but you certainly pack alot into them. You are thoughtful, and thought provoking. Also you're my fav Canadian Homie)

4. poetesswug ( I love your energetic, packed to the hilt posts. You inspire me to get crafty!)

Now for the other award. It was not my intention to lure a bevy of "followers" to my page. I just wanted to write, connect with people. The rest just sort of happened. I admit, that it is nice to have you comment on a post. Particularly one that means a lot to me. I have had nothing but support from all of you during my ups and downs and for that I thank you. Some of my favourite comments are left by these people who get this award, made by Ant:

These people are:

1. Ruth @ "...let's be splendid about this.." (You always leave me comments, no matter how busy you are)

2. carole reid artist (I love your sense of humour, you always make me laugh)

3. paulsifer (Your comments are thoughtful and kind, just like your blog)

4. Antares cryptos (again yes I know, but I HAD to. Some of our comments go back and forth for DAYS!)

So there you are. All of you who take time to come over for a visit I thank you. All of you who inspire me everyday, I also thankyou.
Do with the awards what you will. But know you deserve it.

P.S. I also got another I Count on You award from Ant. Thankyou so much! I must really make you laugh. Hope it's not at my abismal spelling..lol...

Just wanted to show you another Zentangle I did called EASTER...



  1. Oooooo! Congratulations on the award!!! And Awwwwww! Thank you for my award!!! ^_^ I've been checking out the blogs you mentioned. Now I know why you like them so much!! :-) Have a good day!!

  2. Thanks Debbie! You deserve it :)
    Oh and its bed time here..LOL!

  3. Naww, thanks Sprite :) That's so awesome!
    Funny you mention being busy haha - I will do my own post when the presentation I thought was due next week but is actually due Friday, is finished. :S I'm a doofus, haha.

  4. Congrats to you for the awards! Thank you for mine. My hubby will laugh when he hears the title of the award (commenting is a skill I have)! xo

  5. Oh and I think you are a star Zentanglist!!

  6. Thank you Sprite, I'll eventually do a post, not for a while though :)
    Wow on the Zentangle, I think you should submit it to Zentangle, like the colored shading and well the whole thing.

    Commenting needed to be rewarded;)

  7. OMG I AM SPEECHLESS! THANK YOU!!! What you wrote touched me more than you could possibly know. THANK YOU! I am honored and feel the same about YOU!!!!!

    THANK YOU! xoxoxo

  8. That is awesome! Congrats on the award and such a cool design.

  9. Your blog is beautiful. Congrats on the award.

  10. Thanks Sprite. You are my fave Aussie. And you are the best grinputter too. Plus you're spriteous!

  11. Great job, Sprite! Congrats!


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