Apr 9, 2011

Dark Hallways - visual poetry.

First up, I wrote this years ago when I was in a not so good place emotionally. I am NOT feeling this depressed now. (Well maybe a little, but thats hormonal) Just thought I'd try putting a nice visual stimulation to my poetry. Let me know if it works. This is the first one.

So I have not been around much the past few weeks. I have been struggling with illness and just being busy and trying to get better. Apart from a bit of a sniffle and sore throat I am feeling a lot better. The sudden change in the weather really knocked me for six.
One week till school holidays. We are thinking of taking a small trip away somewhere. Not sure where yet, and Hubby is still broken, so it wont be huge. Just a nice little get away.
I have been busily crafting away and have a number of projects not finished. A material yoyo bag, two paintings, a hat, a crochet baby rug and three bears! I really need to stop starting a new project until the first one is finished. But I get bored easily, especially if I am in the mood I'm in right now, where nothing seems to thrill me. I have this solitary detached ambivalence going on right now that I know I will come out of. It usually lasts about a week and a half.
In the meantime I will stay here at my leisure.


  1. I really like the poem and that you superimposed it on a hallway that shows the light at the end.
    Works well together, well done.

    Ever thought of a static page, where you can have all your poems collected together? They're good Sprite.

    I work on multiple projects too, get bored, want to start something new or sometimes I need a different perspective. When it comes to personal art and craft, you the boss:) of when things get finished.

    Little vacation, good idea, although how is hubby getting around? Rambly Ant.

  2. Ant, thanks for the compliments!
    not sure what you mean by a static page?

    Hubby has this boot thing, that he can take off. It's like a large spongy sock, with hard plastic foot bit, going up the back of calf and secured with velcro straps. He can take it off at night for sleep and showers. He is walking ok with it, but still can't drive.

  3. OK did a bit of research on static pages. Will ask my IT Geek about it when he gets home. :)

  4. your poem is wonderful. You poor baby...I know how you feel. Sometimes I just have to withdraw myself...it all gets to be so much sometimes! Know that even if I can't always stop by when I would like to I think the world of you! xoxo

  5. Haven't done them yet, but looks straightforward. go into edit post, then edit pages will come up, they're the ones that have a tab at the top.

  6. Love the photograph that goes with the poem, the the poem itself is quite expressive. (That picture is inspiring me to get a new camera)
    I know how you feel with the multiple things that need doing - I have a heap of things need doing that I have no motivation to complete. I actually have time right now, but I thought I'd catch up on my favourite blogs!

    A security guard at uni just accused me of stealing my own laptop..ugh
    -_- As if I'd be sitting here at uni with a stolen laptop.

  7. @Ant..oh..ok.. didn't know blogger did it. What is it's use though? still don't get it. Do people see them?

    @Ruth thanks for the compliments.
    Haha...stupid security guard. At least he's checking though I guess..lol.

  8. Yes. I was thinking of using them to recommend books when I get around to it. Some bloggers have them on top, up to 10. Static just means that they always stay on your blog unlike "most recent post". Some put about me up there, it just looks like tabs going across the top. Trying to remember who has them...it might slow loading down though, don't know yet.

    Thought it was an idea to put one up where people can read your poetry.

  9. Ah yes. Ive seen those pages with the tabs up top. I always thought it was a feature of the template they chose. I will have a look at it. It sounds like a good idea.

  10. Holy...you're fast! :) I think you can copy and paste the others underneath it.

    Also a good idea, and crafts, and pics and paintings and....lol

  11. Awwww! I'm sorry you've been sick. I thought maybe all of the change in the weather had you busy or something. Maybe a little 'get away' is just what you need. Be well....And I can't wait to see your material yoyo bag. I had to put off the start of mine until May. This month is waaaaay too busy for me. Oh! But it will be done. It WILL be done!!! ^_^

  12. (continued) Oh Yeah!! I forgot to say I LOVE THE WAY YOU DID THE POEM!!! I'm going to have to have you do that with some of my poems!! :-) I just love it!!!

  13. Your poem is very well done. Love it!

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. :( Sending you get well vibes. :)

  14. I thought the poem was spectacular! I am sorry that you are not feeling well and that your hubby is broken.

    It was really kind of you to sign onto my other blog as a follower yesterday. You are following all three of my blogs. You are way too kind to me and just plain lovely!

    Tracy aka It's an Average Life aka As I dream it!

  15. @Ant yep, I don't muck around..lol. So many..... BUWAHAHAHAHAAA!!
    @Poetess. It's a good idea hey. I've got the bag bug at the moment..lol! (Bought a new bag pattern at the craft show. Just need to get the supplies)
    @Sunny...Aww.. thanks!
    @Loach I do to :)
    @AIDI :) Aww.. thankyou. But I just love all three of your pages..how could I not follow them.

  16. OO! Thankyou for following mine in return Tracy!

  17. Sprite, thanks for going first, liked it very descriptive, now I get to hang out here until the next post. LOL.


  18. You chose a perfect image for the background. Your poem has a good flow and captured my attention. The last stanza (?) is spectacular!

    Take care. Maybe you should catch a plane to our Island for a good long break.

  19. @Ant answered. Thats ok...I can't resist a creative writing challenge :)

    @Carole OO! Thankyou!
    Maybe I should, LOL! Your markets sound really cool.

  20. Replied. Before I forget check out the Funnyordie.com 'when harry met sally part 2" with billy crystal.

    off to comment on your new poem.

  21. Is that the one when they are really old and she's a vampire? I saw it somewhere the other day..lol.

    Hope you see the edited version... visual one didnt work on the front page...

  22. Yeah. Then zombies? Funny. Yup, saw both, still good.


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